• UNA says Binay critics to disrupt Pope visit


    THE United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) on Wednesday warned that critics of Vice President Jejomar Binay plan to disrupt the visit to the Philippines of Pope Francis in January by continuing their attacks on the country’s second highest official.

    Binay’s critics, according to UNA interim president Rep. Tobias Tiangco, want to “exploit” the period of preparation for the papal visit to embarrass the Vice President and put him on the spot.

    “We know that part of their plan is to disrupt the visit of His Holiness, the Pope, and convert it into another forum for politics,” Tiangco said. “Ganyan kadesperado ang mga kaaway ni VP. Itutuloy nila ang pagsisinungaling at panloloko sa panahong dapat suriin at balikan ang pagiging Kristyano [That’s how desperate they are. They will continue peddling lies and fooling the public at a time when we should all be focusing on how to be Christians],” he added.

    Binay, in a radio interview also on Wednesday, said demolition efforts of his detractors are meant to pull down his high survey ratings. He added that part of the “grand plan” of his critic is to destroy and eventually weaken UNA.

    The Vice President expressed belief that his detractors will continue to spread lies to make him look bad in the eyes of the public.

    “Alam n’yo po mga kababayan, hindi naman ho kami tatantanan niyan. Hindi naman po nila mapapatunayan. Alam ho nila na ‘yan ay kasinungalingan lang. Pero bakit nila ginagawa ‘yan? Upang masiraan lang po ang aming pangalan at ang tingin ng taong bayan [The attacks against us will not stop even if they know that their accusations are all lies. But why are they doing this? To destroy our reputation and make us look bad to the public],” Binay said.

    He appealed to the public to wait for the outcome of the cases filed against him in court.

    “Ako ho ay umaapila sa inyo na tignan muna po ninyo kung ano ang mangyayari sa mga kaso. Ito ay mga pang-survey lang. Sisirain ang perception mo, so bababa ang rating mo.
    Kasama na dyan ‘yung ginagawa ng Senado. Hanggang ngayon wala namang pruweba.

    Talagang paninira lang. Ito ay paninira sa perception at pagtingin ng tao [I appeal to you to follow closely what will happen to the cases. These cases just feed the surveys. They will cloud your perception, and so my ratings will go down. What is being done by the Senate is aimed at destroying me. This is nothing but a smear job. This is a smear job aimed at people’s perception and judgment]” the Vice President said.

    Being charged in court, according to him, does not mean that the person indicted is already guilty.

    The Vice President had vowed to confront his accusers in court after a plunder complaint was filed against him and his son, Makati City Mayor Erwin Jejomar “Junjun” Binay Jr., over the allegedly overpriced Makati Science High School Building.

    “Yung kaso po ay bintang lang ‘yan. Alam n’yo po mga kababayan, kung galit po sa inyo ang isang tao, sisiraan kayo. Pupunta rin ho ‘yan sa piskal, pupunta sa Ombudsman, ihahabla kayo pero hindi naman po ibig sabihin noon ay may kasalanan na kayo [That case is just an accusation. If someone is really mad at you, he will ruin your name. He will file a complaint but it does not mean that you are guilty of any wrongdoing],” he said.

    In a recent Pulse Asia survey, Binay’s rating dropped by five percentage points but he remained in the top position among those seen as candidates for President in the 2016 elections.
    Binay’s camp earlier said the “marginal” five percent drop proved his detractors wrong and showed that the people are aware of these critics’ “political posturing.”

    According to Binay’s spokesman, Joey Salgado, Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th had “bragged” that in the latest survey, the Vice President’s rating would drop by as much as 10 percent.

    “The 5-percent decline is marginal, according to Pulse Asia. This is welcome news because the survey was taken at a time when the VP’s detractors were aggressively throwing mud at him in the Senate and in media,” Salgado said.

    On the plan of his detractors to obliterate him and the opposition, Binay said: “Yung pagwasak po sa aming mga oposisyon ay kasama sa plano. Plano po lahat ‘yan. Pero uulitin ko po, ma-suspend man o maihabla, hindi naman po ibig sabihin no’n ay may kasalanan na. Sa Diyos at sa tao, talagang wala po kaming kasalanan dyan [Their plan includes dismantling of the opposition. But whether I get suspended or brought to court, it would not mean that I committed any wrongdoing. Before God and the people, we have not done anything wrong].”


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    1. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      People can separate Binay from the Pope; guni-guni lang nag mga supporters ni Binay ang panggugulo nga mga critics.

    2. Matutuwa nga ang lider ng roman catholic hierarchy kasi di ba sinasabi nila “The truth will make you free.”. Binay and his spokesmen should stop fabricating lies. Hindi naman lahat ng Filipino kasing ignorante noong mga bumoboto sa mga katulad ni Binay. Huwah namang ganyang kababa ang tingin nila sa atin.

    3. Teddy Calingasan on

      Iba na ang panahon ngayon lalo at may social media na. Mga tanga na lang ang naniniwala sa sinasabi nila.

    4. Sagrado ang pagbibisita sa Pilipinas ni Santo Papa kaya yong mga demonyo na katulad ni Mr.13%VP Binay ay di dapat lumapit sa Santo Papa.

    5. I for one have no sympathy towards binay, he has had chance after chance to go before the senate & give his side but he refused to do so. So the people are right to keep it in the headlines. If you dont answer the allegations most will assume you are guilty, like i do. Then i look at binays wife & her role in the hospital beds, i look at the difference in prices to what should be paid for a hspital bed & the price she paid, then i ask why is she purchasing these hospital beds, surely someone from each hospital would do that. Then i look at who she purchased them from, he wasnt even a medical devices dealer, so why would she use him. All the sigs for both binays are they are guilty. Let the pope know his family , who hold a lot of political power are being charged with so many crimes against the poor of this country. Then he says before god & the people we have not done wrong. They always bring god into it, just like corona, yet he had P180,000,000 in a dollar account in his name that he said belongs to others, who puts millions of pesos into someone elses accounts. No one, but these people know in the past telling people you are richjeous & god fearing will get them on your side. Today the people arnt so easily swayed.

      • Dustin, I agree with you totally. The whole nation knows the open-secret of the Binays. The corruption of the Binays will not be tolerated by the Filipino people most especially God. One time Binay blamed the media for his low results in the survey allegeing that the media was paid. But it the Binay camp that pays almost all of the media to shut their mouth about the corruption of the Binays. Let us all pray to save the Philippines from the Binays. (this reply will soon be deleted by MT in a few minutes).

    6. For defense lawyers it does not really matter whether an accused is guilty or innocent of the crime charged but only whether the prosecution is able to prove the charges in court. In a jury system whether the prosecution can convince the jury that the accused is the real perpetrator of the crime with convincing evidence. This is why the three senators already charged with plunder continue to harp on the lack of or he weakness of the evidences being presented. Having said that I agree that it is not the real intention of the critics to pursue charges all the way in court against binay as tiangco also harps “Hindi naman nila mapatutunayan any bintang” in court. But for us voters they merely want to create a negative image of binay to thwart his presidential bid. After the elections all these charges will be abandoned whether binay wins or not more so if he wins. Somebody surmised that binay had to resort to accumulating “dirty money” because he is on his own pursuing the presidency unlike roxas and other fairhaired boys/girls who will be supported by the elite business people. Be that as it may the end does not justify the means and it s still wrong by me to earn through cheating and corruption. I will not vote for either roxas or binay come 2016.

    7. UNA will make more excuses to avoid answering the charges against the Binays. Critics will not disrupt the Pope’s visit. Instead it will solidify the church’s Christmas message ” HUWAG KANG MAGNAKAW”. Alam na ni Pope Francis ang kasinungalingan ni Binay. Para patawarin si Binay ng Diyos ay dapat isauli niya lahat ang ninakaw niya at saka dapat magbitiw na rin siya kasama ang mga anak niyang magnanakaw din. UNA, don’t make statements to get the sympathy of the Filipino people especially this Christmas time by making all the hypocrisy and lies you want to make. It is already an open-secret and common knowledge around the Philippines that the Binays stole money to make them rich. Kayong mga UNA, nasaan ang konsensiya ninyo at ipinag-ta-tangol ninyo ang kasamaan ni Binay.