• Unabated criminality in Sampaloc, fairness in Meralco TRO

    Ej Lopez

    Ej Lopez

    The recent ruling of the Supreme Court extending by another sixty days the temporary restraining order (TRO) it imposed on the Manila Electric Co.’s (Meralco) planned power rate increase is justified. Not for any other reason or just being sympathetic to any interest groups, the Supreme Court has seen the light at the end of the tunnel, granting due credence to the pleadings of the consuming public.

    The issue on power rate increase had become a battle of reason and power; the consuming public on the side of reason, where they become victims of misappropriations and misjudgment by the powerful monopoly who dictates what should be the system as well as the price they want to charge on consumers. The powers that be are “unmistakable,” and have all the right and privilege to earn the profit they “rightfully “think as theirs.”

    On the side of reason, the consumers are exposed to the vulnerabilities of circumstances that affect their life; always keeping their fingers crossed that justice finally reins in their quest for a sustainable or better life, given the limited resources that they have in their battle for their daily survival.

    At the end of the day, it is not about who will prevail in this quest for justice. Whether it is reason or power, the outcome should be for the betterment of both parties; for in the final analysis we are all victims of incompetence and inefficiencies of a system that was supposed to have been concluded before, but never been because of political resentment and vendetta.

    Increased criminal activities in Sampaloc, Manila
    I wonder what the police authorities have done to improve the peace and order condition in Sampaloc, Manila? Innumerable times, we have called the attention of policemen to act on these criminal activities that has increased by the day. This is an area that can be considered a haven for snatchers, hold uppers, kidnappers; name it and this place have it. Whereas before you can safely walk at anytime of the day without fear of being victimized by these rascals, now they attack their targeted victim even in broad daylight. And to think that this area is where our young people converge because this is where the university belt can be found.

    For instance at the University of Santo Tomas alone, it has around 44,000 students and as such, news of snatching, students and jeepneys being held-up and the likes become an ordinary occurrence in the area, right at the very nose of police authorities.

    Yet, we are hearing grievances from concerned people that despite repeated pleas and complaints from parents and victims, nothing significant has been done by police authorities to curb the acts of criminal characters.

    Previously, you can see police outposts being manned, especially during the opening of classes, but that supposed stations disappears much faster than it appears.

    Sometimes, what is left is the outpost in its solitary state. Many have documents of their supposed encounter with these kinds of incidents, and this place (Sampaloc and Santa Cruz ) if left unattended will become a bliss for criminals, if the police authorities will not be proactive in their stance on this issue; for after all, it is their sworn duty to protect the people and not their selective interest. These are perennial problems that have never been concretely addressed. Many police chiefs have come and gone, many heads have rolled, but still no solution was seen in sight for this perpetual dilemma in Sampaloc and Santa Cruz, Manila. I hope that with the very active stance of the current Philippine National Police chief, Director General Alan Purisima, and the proactive stance of President Benigno Aquino 3rd, we can see a solution in sight for these menacing incidents that have hounded the people of the area; and to think that the area is a mere stone’s throw away from the seat of power.

    Senate drama
    The long-running soap of the two giant networks that has reaped in a lot of profits, and has become a commercially viable piece that has attracted a lot of commercial exhibitors has finally found its match. The Senate “soap” that has become a series of actions and accusations among several big personalities in the political front has continuously opened a “can of worms.” Whereas previously, we merely speculate on matters pertinent to our personal accusations and doubts, but now we can see the real protagonists and culprits in what we may term as a “colossal scam of the century.”

    The continuous finger-pointing being done is an action that favors the people, because it affirms the reality of the real intention and character of the people that we elected to sit in the government.

    “Unless and until the voters will change their attitudes and treat their right of suffrage as sacred as their religious ideologies, then we will forever be submerged in the morass of leadership miseries hounded by corruption and political immoralities.”

    Happy Golden Year to a dear friend, Asst. Prof. Nicky Salandanan of the UST Arts and Letters.

    “Age isn’t how old you are but how old you feel . . .”

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