Uncertainty for remaining Calais kids over UK transfers


PARIS: France on Tuesday denied reports that Britain has stopped taking in migrant children relocated from Calais, saying London has taken in over 450 minors since the “Jungle” camp was razed and that the transfers were “going well”. The French interior ministry said Britain had accepted 866 unaccompanied minors since the start of 2016, 468 of whom were whisked across the Channel after the sprawling Jungle was demolished in late October. “The cooperation is going well,” the ministry said, denying reports that Britain had pulled up the drawbridge on children who had traveled to Calais in the hope of reaching England. French authorities in October cleared the squalid camp near Calais port and moved the thousands of migrants — mostly Afghans, Eritreans and Sudanese — who had been living there to shelters nationwide. They included around 1,900 minors.


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