• Under Aquino, we’ve become the most violent country in Asia, next to NKorea


    That’s according to the 2015 rankings by the “Global Peace Index” of 162 countries done annually since 2007 by a panel of international experts in the Institute for Economics and Peace. The Institute is considered to be the world’s leading think tank in developing metrics for analyzing peace and to quantify its economic benefits.

    The overall index uses 24 indicators to measure a country’s peace index, among them, its level of safety, crime incidence, terrorism, and intensity of internal conflict. The Philippine index was low, largely dragged by the indicators for “perceptions of criminality” and “violent crime,” both of which registered a 4 on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the worst.

    Under President Aquino, with his “daang matuwid” nonsense, the Philippine ranking has fallen steeply to 141 this year from 130 in 2010. That means countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Iran, as well as Congo and Honduras, have been graded as more peaceful than the Philippines, according to the panel of experts. Another way of putting it: Since 2010, countries such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe have overtaken our country in the peace rankings.

    In Asia-Pacific, war-ravaged countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar were regarded as more peaceful than the Philippines. The Philippines is now competing with only North Korea for the dubious distinction of being the most violent country in Asia.

    The assessment isn’t at all surprising for anyone looking without yellow glasses on at the sorry state of our nation under Aquino. According to the latest statistics of the Philippine National Police’s Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management, index crimes (murder, homicide, and robbery) for the first six months of 2015 increased 37 percent to total 26.592.

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Benigno Aquino 3rd: Other than owing their posts to their parents, they now have something else in common.

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Benigno Aquino 3rd: Other than owing their posts to their parents, they now have something else in common.

    Watching TV news these days is sickening: there isn’t any news broadcast when no violent crime is reported, with street murders carried out by killers riding motorbikes’ pillions having become commonplace. Given the ubiquitousness of closed-circuit television, every TV news program now has a “CCTV” segment,” which depicts a metropolis in an unending crime wave. The rape and murder of teenaged girls no longer shock us, and journalists now seem to be routinely assassinated. Even our airports have become a dangerous place to be, with travelers so relieved when they get on their planes without being charged with carrying a goddamn bullet in their bags.

    In early October, criminals who claimed to be Abu Sayyaf Islamic jihadists kidnapped two Canadian tourists and a Norwegian resort owner. The kidnappers threatened to behead their hostages in a video that had a black flag looking similar to what the barbarous ISIS in Iraq and Syria have been displaying.

    Quite shockingly, Aquino doesn’t seem to care, treating it as just a crime incident.

    Doesn’t he realize that this could be driving away not just tourists but foreign investors as well? If this happened in past administrations, as it did under President Arroyo’s time, a high-level crisis committee would be organized, and the rescue of the hostages would be the most important concern of the presidency.

    Not under this president.

    The assessments of the country by international panels obviously are so different when we don’t pay for them, as we did in the case of credit rating agencies such as Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch. So far, the Aquino government has spent P3 billion for these agencies’ fees and expenses (including first-class fare and accommodations for their staff) for the 12 ratings it has requested them to issue since 2011, all of which painted a rosy picture for the Philippines’ creditworthiness.

    level of peace

    But of what use are these if in the past years interest rates in the world have been dropping, with international banks and investment funds falling over themselves in pushing cheap loans? Of what use are these expensive ratings if the Philippines is perceived as one of the two most dangerous places to live in Asia?

    In another ranking system, which we don’t pay for – the World Bank’s ease-of-doing-business report – the Philippines slipped six notches to 103rd from last years’ 97th slot among 189 economies, primarily because of increasing corruption and red tape.

    A lot of people have been foolishly claiming that we aren’t getting enough foreign investment because of constitutional restrictions. Can’t they see that “foreign investors” are not abstract entities, but executives or capitalists (with families) who, like everyone else, value their life and limb?

    Why on earth would they want to do business here when other Asian countries with lower wage rates are much safer places for them and their families to live in? Indonesia, for chrissake, was ranked 41 on the list, or 95 notches above us in the global peace index; even Vietnam stood 85 ranks above us at the 56th slot.

    And next to Aquino, who is mainly accountable for the country’s slide to the lowest peace rank as the most violent place in Asia after North Korea?

    Manuel Araneta Roxas II – that’s who – as he had been since September 2012 secretary of the interior and local government department. The post automatically made him chairman of the National Police Commission, and therefore, in command of the police. He has also been after all, Aquino’s sidekick in the past five years.

    Where does Roxas get the audacity to think he should be president, when he has utterly failed in his task of making this country a safe place to live in, so that we have been ranked second only to North Korea as the most violent country in Asia?



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    1. this is really the most exciting election ever..LP against the coalition of the magic 4 monster candidates..with one strong evil force..but their drama’s have not achieve anything very significant..it just went dissolved and went to naught..with the absence of solid basis…all they can do is throw spitting words..for each attempt failed…lets wait and see which side will God favor the most..and give that magic blessing..yes, coz in this time of too much trouble and uncertainty that our country is facing..may God intervene..may be we should pray harder for peace and love to touch each and every filipino heart.

    2. this article is another demolition job to aquino admin..but any demolition job will not succeed without people empowerment..and people empowerment can only be achieve with the right ideals..

    3. Do not blame it on whoever the president is. Whether its Marcos, Aquino, Arroyo Etc.. You did not mention the criminals.. Those that are doing demonic acts. Those terrorist, And millions of Filipinos who have this inclination of doing something bad.Those poor people that has nothing to feed to themselves ay anak pa ng anak for which their children end up as snatcher, hold upper, etc. May be we should go back and learn the basic values and respect to human being and be a good filipino citizen.

    4. Am a Norwegian who lives here in The Philippines. I have been reading all those comments here. Sorry to say but a citizen, can’t go around snatch, rape, murder, kidnap, etc and blame it on your president. The population, is the majority. Here I did read some comments about overpopulation. Yes but how come that China is safer? I agree that poverty here will grow as the population grows but that is also something each citizen here has to understand but still the poorer you are, the more kids you make! Excuse me but do you really need a law to make you understand that?
      I also read a comment say that Philippines is the only Christian country in Asia. No one mention anything about Catholic church and their business. Of course is good to their business to have an overpopulation live in poverty and where more people go to church to get forgiveness. If example 1 million citizens go church on a Sunday and give one peso each, that means 1 million pesos to the church. Believe it or not but find out our self, what church who most wealthy in this world! Want to hear the answer? Church of Manila! They have lot of foreign bank accounts with so much money and also so much gold. How come? How can they be world wealthiest church in a country as Phillippines? Crime and corruption?
      On an intervju on BBC, hardtalk earlier this year, did the cardinal from church of manila said this; During child abuse in our church, we don’t report this to the police. We have our own group, who investigate each case!
      Who call this justice?
      Like I said; You have many problems to solve but no need for a majority to sit on your back and blame it on a president. If the majority don’t change to the better, nothing won’t chance to the better..

    5. The Philippines huge population of over 100 million people, with a growing poor unemployed or underemployed population of about 40 million should not be surprised with the country’s increasing violence. I would not be surprised either if the Philippines is called the filthiest, the most dishonest, the most misbehaved and we can go on the list of worst things because at the end of the day all of these bad things can only be attributed to one thing…overpopulation.

      It would not matter if the name of the president is Aquino, Marcos, Arroyo, Quezon or Rizal, if you have an out of control population, you know there is big trouble. Filipinos don’t need an Einstein to know this. If the poor continues to populate the country and not be part of the solution to the problem, then a president will have to make policies that benefits the population that are “willing and able”. The poor will continue to be left out because they have taken upon themselves not to be participants with the willing and able population.

    6. Hostage taking, Tanim -bala scam, mamasapano carnage. MRT woes, yolanda rehab and relief ops, bilibid management, EDSA and metroplis traffic, BOC smuggling and corruption etc….etc… Pnoy/LP always put the blame on media for over sensationalizing – ISOLATED! NON FATAL issues….. waaahhh! After 5 years, still working as student council government.

    7. Oliver Floralde on

      Ranking 141st in the Global Peace Index is an embarrassing citation indeed. But this article is also not being honest itself. A quick look at the actual list (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Peace_Index) reveals that there are about 9 more Asian countries below the Philippines, including India and Israel, which both arguably has two of the best armed forces in the world. But that would seriously mess up the article’s obvious intention to connect N. Korea’s Kim Jong Un to BS Aquino.

    8. This list is bogus, I don’t see tourists getting murdered left and right in north Korea like how Koreans getting murdered left and right in the Philippines. Stop demonizing north Korea.

    9. We RPeans must be true to ourselves…come 2016 let us vote with conscience. Vote for the RP Pres we deserve and if you believe that no candidate deserved to be RP Pres in 2016 then let us not vote. The right of suffrage carries with it the right not to cast vote. I solemnly believe that nobody among the candidates can turn around RP from its current situation. No matter how hard he/she try will all be in vain; the contributing factor among all the problems RP is facing is the POPULATION…and we are still growing in numbers. Sad to say this cannot be controlled, many tried and many gadgetries were introduced but failed. Do something drastic about population growth and there will be hope for RPeans.

    10. To stop this nonsense, I urges every true blooded Filipino to give LP a no vote this coming elections 2016, local and national. Don’t keep voting for these weirdos. Let us bury these werewolves 6 feet below the ground, finish them all using silver bullets. That’s it.

    11. I hope all the filipinos will choose a next president who has a heart and maka pilipino.. Not maka pili

    12. As a matter of fact.. Its ashame to be a filipino right now.. Because of our worst scenario happening in philippines… The only consideration we have as a filipino… Is we have beautiful filipinas, a boxer.

    13. Hence, we can not wait for election to change the country. Change has to be effected soonest. Hopefully, our patriotic businessmen can get together and put up the fund to finance a coup d’tat just to remove all corrupt and inefficient politicians and bureaucrats and thereafter leave the government to the National Transformation Council to effect the changes. The real will of the people can only be expressed when we have an election that is clean and transparent. When we have an election system that is stacked against the true will of the people, we will have another benigno II administration – another six years of incompetence and mediocrity. Do we need to wait until Putin becomes a victim of laglag-bala when he comes thru NAIA to attend the APEC or wait until one of the more known businessman is shot in broad daylight in Makati?

    14. Our government needs to ADMIT that we have problems first or they won’t be solving anything at all.

    15. With this apec brouhaha, wherein pnoy wl once again blow hot air, and the citizenry will be in a standstill with no classes, no fly zone, truck ban n no port operations. And after apec, we will be back to our gates of hell.

    16. Poverty and mass media are a potent mix to bring out the basic instinct in man. Particularly, his violent streak. Add to this the prevalent impunity of lawmakers and law enforcers breaking the laws themselves.

      What we have is a logical consequence of a Daang Matuwid paved with incompetence and indifference.

    17. If we really love and want a good future for our country in the next 6 years, let us all work towards a common candidate to support. Let us spread the truth behind this administration. Let us not be carried by the lies and propaganda they continously barrage the Filipino minds now a days. God and fellow Filipinos save the Philippines!

    18. isidro c. valencia on

      Both have psychological, personality and character flaws.

      The Great Sidekick MAR umi Roxas Ahas has the gall, temerity to say:
      “Ako sa MAR umi Roxas Ahas, tinatangap ko ang hamon ng DAANG PALPAK, MANHID, GANID SA LAMAN, GANID SA KAPANGYARIHAN, AT GANID SA YAMAN.
      Kaya tawagin na lang ninyo ang LP na Lapiang P_ _ _!


      You hit the bullseye Mr. Tiglao. Worst airport, dangerous airport(laglag bala), holiDAP,
      rank as one of the worst armed forces, etc.That’s what we get for electing an abnoy, who is not only incompetent, corrupt, liar, vindictive, irresponsible and what have you.
      These Aquino’s are only riding on sympathy for the death of their kins. When the father
      died the wife became president mainly because of sympathy votes. When the mother
      died, the son also became president mainly because of sympathy and the PCOS
      machines. We must understand that there were already two aquinos who became
      president but they never bothered to investigate and identify the real killer of benigno
      aquino, sr. Why? Because they are benefiting and profiting from these cases.
      If the real killer is identified and found to be not Marcos, tapos na ang maliligayang araw ng mga aquinos. It’s just simple as that. Kaya, these aquinos cannot be interested in knowing the truth.

      • Lalo na kapag ang mastermind e isang Cojuangco, which is likely. They probably balked at further investigations when findings where going to that direction.

    20. PinoysLoveAmerica on

      And we Filipinos are proud to be the only “Christian” nation in Asia?

      It’s not the just the government, it’s us Filipinos who made this country whatever it is today.

    21. “In early October, criminals who claimed to be Abu Sayyaf Islamic jihadists kidnapped two Canadian tourists and a Norwegian resort owner. The kidnappers threatened to behead their hostages in a video that had a black flag looking similar to what the barbarous ISIS in Iraq and Syria have been displaying.”

      As a Canadian living in the Philippines i am most concerned with this governments’ inaction on this matter. Even more concerned after the initial week of their capture there is hardly a peep from any news media on this story…its as if its all forgotten and their fate is sealed. Seriously pondering leaving this country without looking back. With one million Filipinos living in Canada, treated as equals, one would presume that tiny island would be saturated with AFP and these terrorists wiped from the map.

      When this country was in trouble with Yolanda Canada gave 40million USD, sent over doctors and rescue teams. Norway gave 41.5 million…. i think Filipinos have short memories as to who their friends actually are.

      This clip from today’s Global news Canada….

      “In early October, criminals who claimed to be Abu Sayyaf Islamic jihadists kidnapped two Canadian tourists and a Norwegian resort owner. The kidnappers threatened to behead their hostages in a video that had a black flag looking similar to what the barbarous ISIS in Iraq and Syria have been displaying.”

      I can hear vacation plans being cancelled….what a shame this government is!

    22. then… here’s Mar Roxas who candidly blessed by His excellency (Mr. President?) to continue his legacy?

      This is the time when Filipinos need just not to think about the good president but the best who can face these issues. Who can speak and move boldly not for himself but for those who are hungered of pure justice. The one who justify the law not just making laws, the one who never pretends but the one who will take responsibility for his actions.
      and as of now honestly speaking no not one of this presidential candidates is manly enough to be a father of this crooked nation.
      correct me if I’m wrong but you already knew.

    23. Nkakahiya man po pero ito ay totoo, lalong dumami corrupt, crimen, namatay at patuloy naghihirap c Juan, walang maipagmamalaking ngawa at maiiwan c boy sisi . sana wag ng magbulagbulagan pa ang mga filipino lalo na yung mga ilan pang natitirang followers nla ni Mar. Maawa po kayo sa pinas!

    24. To solve this crisis once and for all, let us unite via ballot revolution. Don’t vote any candidate that associated with Abnoy past and present , but a candidate who has a revolutionary mind and action to bring back this nation be great again and make a better and safer place to live.

    25. Do not blame anybody but ourselves. Our culture is very violent. It is Pilipinos that murdered Andres Bonifacio. We are also very lazy people like the movie Juan Tamad. Instead of working decent low paying job, Pilipinos chose to drive by shoot and kidnap wealthy Chinese and foreigners. Just look at Mindanao, who wants to go there? We are also very dirty people, garbage thrown everywhere. Squatters all over the city. Rampant criminality.

      • I agree with your blog. Sana matuto na ang mga butante natin, hindi yong paghanga sa hitsura ng isang kandidato kundi ang kaniyang sinseridad sa kanyang mga sinasabi tulad ni Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Action and result ay mararamdaman.

    26. “Little else is required to carry a nation from the lowest level of barbarism to the highest degree of prosperity, but peace, fair taxes, equitable justice, and honest administrators: all the rest will occur as a natural course.”
      Adam Smith
      Wealth of Nations 1776

      In aquino and roxas – dick and dom – the country has an ‘undertaker’ who is burying the country under 6 feet of hypocricy, incompetence, and corruption, and a ‘caretaker’ who needs a mommy to make decisions for him and a nanny to dress him.

      What the country needs is a ‘changemaker’, who is also a unifier.
      Aquino and Roxas are the exact opposite – to them the status quo is paramount, and their mantra is ‘divide and rule’.
      The only peace prize aquino would win is ‘the adolf hitler prize for inclusion & empowerment’

    27. Of course, basing in the credible information of Amb. Tiglao, all of us, the public and ordinary citizens of this country are ashamed. And who will not be? Definitely, the PNoy led administration will not be ashamed and for sure they are going to ignore this survey result and make their own judgment and denials. As usual, of course.


    29. A painful truth about this insane president who have done nothing to stop the killings and violent attacks against civilians.

    30. We will wait until the APEC guests will arrived and find out what will he talk about. For sure he will not mentioned about laglag bala or planting bala in many of the OFW’s and tourists who will depart NAIA.