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Jockey revives fashion underwear movement

Jockey encourage men to be confident with their skin by urging them to drop their pants and show “they’re Jockey”

Jockey encourage men to be confident with their skin by urging them to drop their pants and show “they’re Jockey”

 A century ago, men only wore undergarments for necessity. They were never proud of their briefs.

This was the revelation of Enrique Cardenal, senior brand manager of Jockey Asia, when he visited the Philippines to launch the brand’s new and exciting global campaign dubbed, “Show You’re Jockey.”

“In the 1800s, people were uncomfortable with their underwear. This attitude continued until the early 1940s,” he elaborated.

Cardenal claimed that it was also the brand Jockey that eventually taught men to be comfortable in their own skin thanks to the company’s early underwear innovations including the briefs and branded waistband.

He explained it was Jockey that invented the brief, a short undergarment that provided masculine support in 1934. A year later, the company released the Y-front brief, a classic design, which the world embraced for many years to come.

In 1947, the company stitched its brand onto the waistband, which was also a first in underwear history. Today, the branded elastic waistband remains popular across all other underwear labels.

With all these as part of its 137-year history, Jockey has every right to urge men to wear their briefs confidently, the very reason behind the “Show You’re Jockey movement.”

Are you a Jockey?
Men think they’re macho but can they actually drop their pants and show their Jockey?
That was the question Cardenal posed at the launch of the “Show You’re Jockey” movement. Said the executive, it is this fun and brave attitude that Jockey wants to rouse in their wearers.

“With men and women having playful fun—dropping their outerwear or showing just their waistband—we are communicating a personality for the brand that is positive, upbeat and pure Jockey,” Cardenal shared.

Enrique Cardenal, senior brand manager of Jockey Asia

Enrique Cardenal, senior brand manager of Jockey Asia

He then explained that “Show You’re Jockey” is a modernized take on the company’s memorable 1990s campaign called “Let ‘Em Know You’re Jockey.”

“The Let ‘Em Know You’re Jockey was a very successful campaign in the United States back then that showed groups of people such as soap opera stars, doctors, snowboarders, firefighters and athletes, all with their pants around their ankles proudly displaying their Jockey underwear. We went back to that and connected it to today’s modern times,” Cardenal explained.

And as a marketing tool, “Show You’re Jockey” also comes alive with online activity, print ads and billboards showing a variety of men and women from different nationalities confidently revealing their Jockey underwear.

But more than the ads, what Jockey really wants to see are everyday individuals showing “they’re Jockey.”

Cardenal enthused, “We invite people to drop their pants, take their photos, and submit it to the Jockey website. We want to showcase normal people showing they’re proudly wearing Jockey. It’s about feeling the Jockey attitude.”


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