Understanding that golf is a special game



When I was five years old, my dad gave me a kiddy golf toy set. It was a 3-piece set with three rubber-like golf balls that you can use on almost any surface. That little toy golf set, started my journey into playing this game I love most.

The game of golf has always been fun for me. This is how I have thought and felt ever since. One really good thing was my dad never pushed me hard. He simply told me to practice in order to get better and better. As a consequence, I absolutely enjoyed it!

As I played with my dad, his friends and business partners, I started to learn the rules and etiquette by merely watching them. The great part was, I felt that I was equally treated as an adult. As if I was the same age as them. This bonding that I have built with my dad was something that I will always cherish.

Competitive years
As I have become more competitive, I have noticed that my level of commitment has tremendously increased. Emotions are more expressed. Thinking mode has become so much more critical. Psychological inquisitiveness became a norm. Practices have become more serious and frequent. The thirst for knowledge has also increased. But, just the same, I loved every bit of it.

Competition is really good to most people. It can be healthy in various ways. But for me, it has a negative impact. Because, it makes you want to beat another person. I personally don’t want my thoughts to get into this pattern.

I would rather create my sincerest desires by way of doing the best I can. To intensely focus on the intentions and actions to achieve my goals, or your goals for that matter.

The path to maturity
During my early years of golf and through the course of a long series of competitive play, I have realized that I have become a totally different being. I felt more whole than ever. My perspectives in golf and in life seemed to have gotten deeper, sometimes unexplainable.

I have noticed that in the latter years, my thirst for competition had extremely diminished. I have started to focus more on creating quality shots and less on scores. There is that certain sensation upon striking the ball that is heavenly. Since then, I have enjoyed playing this game even more. All the while it’s all about ball striking, whether it be a putt, an iron shot or a drive.

I believe this game is really special. There is that certain magic, each and every time you strike that ball straight and pure. Each shot is the most important. It deliberately allows you to put your whole world into that particular shot. It makes you realize the value and essence of that moment.

Golf is really special
Just like any sport, proper training, developing mental toughness and physical mobility are a plus. There are several differences though when it comes to comparing golf to other sports. Golf is considered to be the most difficult and most time-consuming sport, based on the following aspects:

Physical aspect – The swing mechanics must be done in a certain manner and must be repetitive. It cannot be natural. So, it is an advantage to understand the swing as an engine. It must be constant and efficient.

There are different swing sizes at various tempos, about fourteen clubs to use, and infinite target distances to deal with. A great deal of time is necessary to reach your peak. According to research, it takes about three years. This means that this is really a tough sport to master.

Emotional aspect – The effects of emotions while playing the game spans about four to five hours. It has an up and down cycle that needs to be controlled in order to sustain a desirable game. Developing emotional stability can be the most difficult to achieve. It is mostly dependent on the thoughts that you create.

Mental aspect – The mental side is the base of this game. It includes a thorough knowledge about the swing mechanics, game plan, and how your shots and emotions affect your thoughts. The very basic challenge is to maintain and regain a standard to consistently play optimally.

Most importantly, all of these aspects funnel through the realization of virtues, values and principles. Also, since golf deals with critical thinking and emotions, it enhances your gut feeling or intuition. Thus, it is good for your mind, body and spirit.

At the end of the day, since golf is a game, simply enjoy it and feel good. This is exactly what I do each time I get the chance to play. If and when you don’t enjoy it, then don’t even dare to play.


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