Understanding Palace’s stance while people suffer

Efren Danao

Efren Danao

I fully understand why President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino The Last, I mean The Third, refuses to meet protesting victims of super typhoon “Yolanda” who trooped to Malacanang last Monday. The victims could bellyache for all he cares, because he has already done everything that he can do, and he just can’t please everybody.

The administration has already given victims substandard temporary shelters but they’re definitely hard to please. As one official noted, the shelters may be substandard but they’re definitely better than the tents they’d been staying in. Give them less than habitable shelters and they’ll be shouting for better ones. How ungrateful, unappreciative could these victims be?

The Aquino administration has already distributed some of the financial and food aid donated by foreign governments and private donors and the domestic private sector so why are the victims still complaining? The government is so transparent on the aid it has received that it even itemized this on-line. Now, those hard-to-please victims are asking how the foreign aid and government funds for relief and rehabilitation were spent or distributed. The nerve! Understandably, the administration is ignoring them.

So what if corned beef and luncheon meat got replaced with sardines in the repacking? So what if all donated food from abroad were segregated at the Rizal Memorial and made off-limits to media? The amount and goods received had already been itemized. That should suffice; there should no longer be any accounting of how they’re distributed to stores, I mean to officials, I mean to – never mind. The administration is simply asking people to have faith in its honesty thru its “tuwid na daan.” Is this too much to ask?

Foreign donations were included in the accomplishment report of the Department of Social Welfare and Development in a show of transparency. Now, some fault-finders are questioning why the DSWD was claiming foreign donations as if they came from the national government. Don’t they know that DSWD and the administration are against epal on others? That should please everybody but doesn’t because some want this anti-epal campaign to cover the DSWD and the administration also.

What makes the protests incomprehensible is that the victims are supposed to be satisfied with how BS Aquino The Last, I mean The Third, actually responded to “Yolanda.” Didn’t they read or hear of the results of a survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations? This and every result favorable to the president is considered “ex cathedra” by the yellows. Why can’t the victims accept it also?

Now, other hard-to-please people are furious over the Metro Manila traffic gridlock that’s expected to get worse. These critics who’ve made denigration of the administration an “industry” couldn’t even appreciate the surfeit of major public works projects being undertaken in the last two minutes of the president.

Communications Sec. Herminio Coloma has asked commuters and motorists to “share in the burden of sacrifice and bear the short-term inconvenience.” This shows that Malacañang really cares for them. What’s more Malacañang has shown its trust and confidence in the motoring public’s sense of direction by not putting up signs telling them where they should go to ease the traffic. Former Public Works Secretary Ping de Jesus showed such distrust of the motorists by putting up signs in strategic places to guide them during the construction of the Ortigas flyover. No wonder, Benigno Aquino The Last, I mean The Third, found no need for the further services of Secretary Ping de Jesus.

It’s also no wonder why the administration has harnessed the services of former Leyte Gov. Carlos Jericho Petilla as energy secretary. It needs somebody who works as hard as the President (10am to 5pm except holidays) and with equal dedication to the work at hand. This is why I can’t understand why critics could still fault Petilla for not knowing that he could harness the Malaya plant to mitigate hikes in power rates. What else do they expect from a member of a student council government?

Then, there are those who chide Petilla for blaming the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM), among other entities, for the record power rate increase last December. Please don’t be too hard on him. This newest member of the Cabinet may have forgotten that he’s vice chairman of PSALM (the chairman is Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima) so blame it on his “junior moments.”

Now, if the public still couldn’t appreciate what the administration has been doing to make them suffer, I mean to make their lives bitter, I mean better, then they shouldn’t be surprised if Malacañang reiterates its loving and caring words for those who complain a lot: Buhay pa kayo, di ba?



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  1. Oh my, my decision to not accept a relatively good position in an oil company many years ago was decided not by the pretty low salary nor the the fact that I would have to wear a necktie most of my life but by the fact that i will have to ride upright for hours a black smoke belching bus day in/ day out along our rickety EDSA on my way to a slum called Makati. Oh my….

  2. Halos tumulo po and luha ko, ay sipon po pala sa inyong paglalarawan sa inaasal ng pangulo, ay pang-ulol pala sa kaawa-awang bansa natin. I am thankful to God for gifting us with persons like you who are fearless in saying the truth, and nothing but the truth with a pinch of humor, in the like of “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him…” I only hope the result would be the same eraption, ay eruption po pala.

  3. Ka Efren,

    Napakaganda ng pagkakasulat mo at tamang tama ang timing, Kahapon
    ata nagsalita ang Pang-gulo na di niya maubos maisip na sobra sobrang
    ayuda at napaka-galing daw ng mga gabinete niya na 110%
    na nagampanan lahat at sobra pa, “suksok liglig” ang mga ipinangako
    niyang gagawing para sa ikakaulad ng Pilipinas at ng mga mamayan.
    Ngayong naka kalahati na siya sa kaniyang termino, masaya siya at
    nagawa niyang maakay sa tuwid na daan ang bansa, patunay daw
    nito ay ang pagtaas ng GDP ng bansa at pinaka-mataas sa buong Asia.

    Dalawang bagay ka efren, nanaginip ang pang-gulo at binabangu-ngot,
    o dahil di siya lumalabas sa Palasyo, na-loko na naman siya ng mga
    gabinete at mga dibulong niya at komo wala siya naiintindiah sa hirap
    na hirap na mamayan, sampalataya siya sa mga amuyong ano man
    ang sabihin sa kaniya. Kawawa naman ang Pilipinas.