• Unethical and unparliamentary behavior backed by ‘committee de konsintidores’



    I have known Senator Gordon for decades and I can say that this man speaks with courage, direct to the point, spiced with legal agility, backed by meticulous research. He will always stand his ground against anybody.

    His recent spat with “that senator from Bicol” wielded those virtues that was expected of him when he was chosen to head three major committees – government corporations and public enterprises, justice and human rights and accountability of public officers and investigations (Blue Ribbon.)

    He is that kind of person who will not be pushed over by any mischief, silly maneuverings or wild attempts to dilute or divert any issue being discussed.

    He was right in saying that the panel was “here to investigate real things,” adding that Senator Trillanes wanted to divert the investigation from the drugs smuggling issue to attacking the administration. He will of course deny any attempt to “politicize” the conduct of the committees under his stewardship. To allow these shenanigans to spoil the quest for truth is definitely not Dick Gordon.

    He openly criticized all the presidents and their administrations whenever he saw something was wrong. Yes, he is agitated whenever he sees that the country and the people he serves are being shortchanged and manipulated by a few.

    So much for Gordon’s track record. Let us scrutinize Senator Trillanes.

    This is the same Trillanes who has been notable for spewing venomous and libelous words against invited resource persons (and even peers) to suit his technique of getting favorable results to his expected answers.

    It was Trillanes who told Cayetano, “hindi kita papopormahin.” And it was also him who turned off Cayetano’s microphone.

    It was Trillanes who got the ire of his fellow senator Manny Pacquiao by saying “Kagaya nung ibang senator na nagki-claim na nagkaroon sila ng spiritual renewal, naging santo ba sila pagkatapos nun?”

    It was his rude behavior that shocked all PMAers when he arrogantly censured the late General Angelo Reyes as if the latter was a worthless soldier. Ever wondered why a long list of PMA graduates (Officers and Enlisted Men) publicized an open letter disowning him?

    It was the same Trillanes who was part of that year-long inquiry that ganged up on former Vice President Jejomar Binay and his family. That is why former Makati Mayor JunJun Binay filed a libel suit for his bribery claims. He even maliciously accused Court of Appeals justices of connivance with the Binay family.

    It was Sonny Trillanes who tried to stop us from defending our territory, claiming to be a top-notch expert in foreign relations. Just like that, he went to China 16 times, claiming “presidential annointment” as China border negotiator bypassing the then Secretary of Foreign Affairs and the late Chief of Mission in Beijing — Sonia Brady.

    An added stripe to his ever-growing list of misdemeanors was his interview with BBC’s anchor Stephen Sackur where he disputed the popularity of PRRD and downplayed the results of all surveys. Of course we understand that. He denied being a democrat but one who belongs to the Nacionalista Party.

    He was also the same guy who professed during the campaign that Mayor Digong has hundreds of millions in one or two banks but was not able to prove anything. A name besmirched is all in a day’s work.

    Accusing Senator Gordon and others of badgering or lawyering for PRRD and his family smacks of one index finger pointing to others with the rest pointing to himself. Of course, the minority block will always defend him to the hilt. Their group’s minuscule number is obligated to join the fray to remove PRRD and push their only hope to regain power to claim the number one slot.

    Trillanes being labeled as just a rowdy neighborhood toughie is being kind. Oakwood Mutiny and Manila Pen siege are memories that show his ambition is much, much bigger than the usual. And that is the reason why he will move heaven and earth to please his patron St. BSIII for that presidential pardon that came from heaven. Now you know why.

    * * *

    Other bits and pieces:
    Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog showed off his home as early as November 2016 to counter reports that his wealth came from illegal activities. He claims that it is not “palatial” as described. Former city administrator Manuel Mejorada pegged the cost of the house at P100 million but Mabilog claimed his family only spent P8 million to build it. P92 million is a huge difference if you ask me. Will Mabilog sell it for P8 million?

    * * *

    Duterte calls Trillanes’ evidence trash. We presume that the trash came from the garbage bin named after the latter.

    * * *

    Broker clears Duterte family in Customs mess. This broker embodies a crook that will always go for broke to corrupt people. Malicious name-dropping spree to exhonerate one’s self could be his way of observing the 3-o’clock habit.

    * * *

    100 IS militants spotted in Buldon, Maguindanao – MILF. This should open the eyes of those opposing martial rule in the whole island of Mindanao. It is the MILF’s statement, and they are not from Luzon.

    * * *

    NBI concludes: Kian was murdered. To those rallyists seeking justice for Kian, what now?

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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