Unfair BIR ruling


Napaka unfair talaga itong bagong kautusan ni ms. Henares. Sana naman maging mahinahon sya.hindi biro itong sinasabing multa para sa aming maliliit na nagnenegosyo. Sana ipagpaliban muna ito. Hayaan munang maubos ang mga resibo na wala naman malaking dahilan para palitan.ang importante e ag iissue ng resibo at base sa resibo e nag fifile ng taxes buwan buwan…
Tusing Bado


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  1. Well, that’s a normal reaction from everyone who used to the old ways. Our mindset is still dwells to the old corrupt style of pinoys, rejecting reforms that is beneficial to the present and next generations. We tends to appreciate only the present but failed the future of the betterment of our country and our people.

    It is a small price to pay to gain reforms, as the saying goes, no pain no gain. We will not be transform to righteous living if we keep on resisting policy that will put into order our government. Sometimes it shows our selfishness and arrogance for trying to justify our invalid reasons.

    Like a general manager of a water district in pangasinan, who persist to resist the putting up of the first office of Commision On Audit in his office compound without any valid reasons. He reason out that no fund is available for the small office of COA but strongly suggested COA office will be provided by renting an office space outside in the city proper outside his office compound. What a waste money and moronic decision making. Is this GM lack knowledge that office rental in this city cost a lot for the government, add to this all the miscellaneous that comes on it. Did he not realized that building a small office space inside Water district compound is much much more prudent and less of cost due to this will be permanently house the present COA staff. What’s the heck is he trying to prove here, that his decision is correct? In the first place it is against the government law and COA guidelines that states any government entity must provide the needs of COA staff inclusive of office within the premises of its office inorder to have immediate access to officers and officials reports and documents including monitoring its daily activities related to what is prescribed in their COA APP.

    His reasons contradicted the present financial status of his office in terms of overhead expenditure and etc. He should be reminded that COA is under the Office of the President, and separates from any government agencies, and don’t deserve any bullying, harassment, pressure worst is intimidation. As COA is refrain of socialize with the agency officers foremost the head but they are instructed to maintain good working relationship with them as define under COA APP.

    Both agencies must maintain a neutral approach on how to toe the line of the President Aquino program of “MATUWID NA DAAN”.

    Further,I don’t find the wisdom of the water district GM acceptable. In fact all of the other GM in pangasinan localities agreed and advising him to provide COA office and were wondering why he was strongly against the putting up of small COA office inside the compound.

    There must be something that deserve a closer look from both Central Head offices of LWUA and COA leadership to put it into order so as not to disrupt the agencies works.