• Unfinished DPWH diggings and floods of money


    While another poll-survey of 1,200 respondents indicates their improved satisfaction with government services, millions of commuters continue to be pestered by unfinished road projects, particularly in Metro Manila.

    Some may imagine that the government has done better at one point in time but commuters who travel daily to work, business or school, either by private or public transport cannot be imagining their ordeal, courtesy of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), to be improving in any way.

    No less than the most distinguished Metro Manila commuter, in the person of MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino, has repeatedly complained about the unfinished road diggings all over the metropolis and nearby provinces.

    Needless to say, these perpetual DPWH projects have aggravated the traffic gridlock and the flooding.

    That’s not to mention the danger these excavations pose because are usually left unsecured by proper fences and early-warning devices.

    I empathize with the MMDA boss as he and his agency largely get blamed for the agonizing traffic congestion and deeper floodwater in many areas.

    One of these days, Social Weather Station (SWS) or Pulse Asia should do a survey with the following questions:

    “Are you satisfied with the pace of the work on government/DPWH road projects? Are you happy that the government spends for the same road works repeatedly? Are you ecstatic about the continued flooding despite these repeated excavations to upgrade the flood control?

    Metro Manila commuters, who are crying for blood, would passionately like to answer these questions, I think.

    Or you may answer these questions thru my email, indicated hereunder.

    I can also imagine hearing unprintable remarks being uttered by motorists and passengers on taxicabs, buses and jeepneys.

    But, allow me to butt in for now.

    With due respect to public works and highways Secretary Rogelio Singson, I would agree with Chairman Tolentino that DPWH, as implementing agency, and its contractors, must not ignore the difficulties and inconvenience that these road obstructions cause day in and day out.

    Just because commissions or “kickbacks” have changed hands at the onset of projects worth millions and millions of pesos, can DPWH projects drag on and on.

    What frustrates the public is the obvious fact that the same major thoroughfares and streets are being dug for drainage repair or upgrade over and over.

    Napapansin po iyan at hindi tanga ang publiko, especially during these times when such rackets as “tuklap-kickback” have been exposed.

    The public, particularly the commuters who have to put up with this daily aggravation, already know that each DPWH digging may simply translate to somebody digging for money.

    When the unfinished work and clogged drainage system start to worsen the flooding, it simply means “bumaha na ng pera sa DPWH.”

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    1. I do not understand why Filipinos would even trust DPWH to do an honest to goodness job of building quality roads. Just take the NCR chief engineer, with a name like Tagudando you immediately get shivers down your spine. There is this decades-old DPWH scam where they will award road repair contracts to fix roads that are still in relatively good shape just so they DPWH will get their usual commissions. Even Tagudando admits to this in an interview on TV5. Even though it is very hard at this stage to prove culpability, I am 100% confident tha even Tagudando is on the take on these scam road repair projects. That is always how things have been at DPWH and that is how it always is going to be.