Is there no limit to the graft and corruption that occurs in our government?

We must ask this following reports that the bunkhouses being built for the survivors of Super Typhoon Yolanda have been overpriced. Surely only the most ghoulish among us would dare earn dirty money out of the sufferings of our fellow Filipinos.

As of now, the reports remain sketchy. And we dare hope against hope that the overpricing is nothing more than a foul rumor. Still, there remains a nagging suspicion that some government official or officials are so bereft of conscience as to believe that he, she or them can manage to pull off the unthinkable.

This is not the first such report, we are sad to note. Recall that there were also rumors about some of the relief goods sent to the Philippines by well meaning global donors had found their way to stores selling PX goods.

We still do not know how true this is, but an unknown general was named as being the mastermind behind the scam. The administration would later say that the goods being openly sold were earlier donations to previous humanitarian crises.

This is the sad part about it. The undeniable fact is that those relief goods were indeed being sold to the public, when they should never have found their way to retail shops in the first place. We now have to wonder why so many ukay-ukay stores are sprouting all over the metropolis. Could the clothes being sold be donations for victims of the recent super storm and/or the Bohol earthquake?

Now comes the news that bunkhouses being built for the survivors of the worst natural calamity to hit the country, if not the world, in recent decades have been overpriced.

Someone must have thought that since billions of dollars have been pouring into the country that it is perfectly all right to skim a little bit off the top. After all, since there are so many obviously corrupt officials in government living like kings, why not join the fray?

This is a sad reflection on how we as a people have come to accept that “a little bit” of graft and corruption is acceptable.

What is it that one politician said decades ago? What are we in power for?

Yes, too many government officials believe that earning some extra money on the side is part of the Filipino way of life.

Consider the suspects in the pork barrel scam are still acting as if everything is perfectly fine. They still attend Senate sessions and still maintain their innocence despite the mountain of evidence that says otherwise.

In other countries, they would have been expected to at least go on leave. Or better yet, commit hara kiri.

But no. This is the Republic of the Philippines. We do things differently here, don’t we? We consider those who enrich themselves while in government service as being blessed with exceptional ability, or maabilidad in the vernacular.

We cannot and will not tolerate any parties enriching themselves at the expense of the victims of Yolanda. We expect the Aquino administration to ferret out the truth, and if there is basis for the reports to throw the book at the perpetrators.

Too bad we can’t force them to commit hara kiri.


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  1. The contractors were given building specifications that must be done before any payment can be given to contractors. Rumors about overpriced bunkhouses were likely the work of politically motivated individuals.

  2. The whole world has had the chance to renew their love for our country, why can’t the government of the Phils do something to stop this corruption.
    The predators in our own country, the PEARL of the Orient, should be put to jail.

    What our country’s predators have been doing and portraying is very very inhumane to every single victim of poverty. This is extremely shameful, indeed.