• Unforgiving stance of prayerful actress baffles friend



    GUESS WHO? A popular artist manager (PAM) has opted to keep his yawning distance from a premiere comedienne-friend (PCF) if only for her unbecoming behavior of a “prayerful person” she professes to be.

    Vignettes is privy to their phone conversation as PAM repeatedly told PCF not to be too hard on a famous TV host (FTVH) she was once close to.

    “Mare, pabayaaan mo na siya (FTVH). Anyway, nakabangon ka na naman,” PAM coaxed PCF. Unfortunately, not only did PCF take offense at his piece of advice, she also questioned PAM’s loyalty, “Kampi ka sa kanya, ano?”

    The PAM vehemently countered, “Of course not, mare. Ang akin lang, since you have a career going for you again, enough of negativity. Shouldn’t you be grateful you were able to bounce back?”

    But the PCF would turn a deaf ear, “Hindi. Kampi ka talaga sa kanya!”

    At that juncture, the PAM thought best to terminate their phone chat as arguing with PCF was going nowhere.

    * * *

    This male TV personality (MTVP) must have learned a valuable lesson or two about falling in love.

    From the looks of it, the MTVP appears to have moved on with his life putting behind a “traumatic past” with a pretty on-cam girl (POG).

    Once straight from a tedious TV work, he swooped down on the POG’s house to surprise her with the perfunctory bouquet of red roses and imported chocolates. However, it was he who got incredibly appalled to see his POG-girlfriend entertaining a male visitor believed to be more than her suitor.

    Nah, the MTVP didn’t lunge at his karibal, instead he went straight to the kitchen, grabbed a blunt object in sight and slashed his wrist. Fortunately, the MTVP didn’t sustain a deep cut (of course, he didn’t mean to end his life!) but the sight of blood oozing and trickling down the floor had made the POG panic as she resorted to “call a friend” for help.

    * * *

    HARDLY does showbiz know that a popular singer-actor (PSA) was born with a literary gift, but anytime soon he will release a book he wrote himself.

    But this is not the catch.

    Vignettes gathered that the book is a tell-all, no-holds-barred piece which includes—hold your breath—his rumored romantic liaison with a hunk actor (HA). You heard it loud and clear, the PSA is ready and hellbent to (finally!) spill the beans about his sexual orientation regardless of the repercussions it might cause upon his bullish career.

    Was consulting with his career strategists initially taken into account? Was his family also told about the PSA’s dauntless move, or are they privy to his gender preference to begin with?

    And yet another equally crucial concern, is his erstwhile HA-partner aware he’s in the book? Will he not do something to stop its publication, or is he willing to buy even the last existing copy of it so nobody gets to read it?

    Let’s face it, between the PSA and the HA, the latter stands to lose more. Isn’t there a “morality clause” stipulated in the contracts of his commercial endorsements?


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