• The unholy trinity: The Church, the Yellows and the Left



    CLENCHED fists? Curse warning? Oust somebody? And we ask for healing?

    The Church
    Question: Should the clergy be involved and participate in condemnations of political acts or should they only be mindful of shaping the moral values of their flock by way of gospels relayed through homilies?

    We all remember during the Spanish era that the friars treated the state as its instrument or tool. Participation in the political world is deemed rejected today as the religious spheres are pluralized and religious institutions are as varied as they can be.

    Sad to note that instead of the pulpit being used, members of the clergy are seen marching in the streets to be seen with throngs of unlikely allies using megaphones and media cameras to project their influence. Healing is the remotest word you can connect with these actions.

    The public square of opinions is now “pluralized” and the role of “influencers” being taken by the church and using their “rights” to conceal hidden “elitist purposes” is not being accepted anymore by the more educated sectors of our society.

    “Politicking” is when you use your religious influence to put people into office or throw them out at will. The Church is not supposed to be in that business. It is supposed to be in the business of upholding moral values in its “own” secular space.

    The Yellows
    “Been there, done that” is maybe the wrong slogan to use and command respect and patronage from the people who were directly hit by that six-year phenomenon of questionable incompetence and zero achievement.

    Their color-coded tenure was marked by injustice and strengthened the “ruling class” that was dismantled wholesale by the Marcos presidency. Clothed with “righteousness” and “can-do-no-wrong” attitude clad in yellow-ribbon-pinned shirts are now reminders of hugely corrupt misdemeanors and selective persecutory tactics done under their jaundiced regime.

    They now are forced to band together to topple the current administration as they are faced with voluminous legal actions which can land them behind bars. The specter of changing their uniform from yellow to orange is always a nightmare during bedtime. A Duterte-less presidency and a quick Robredo assumption is their only chance.

    The Left
    They were never interested in the peace process. Theirs was never an advocacy but taking over the reins of governance. The “rebels without a cause” are now faced with extinction after the government decided to scrap all the efforts to smoke that proverbial peace pipe.

    Public sympathy was dampened greatly when they started violating the ceasefire agreements as government security forces were treacherously ambushed and killed. Irrelevance is their worst enemy as of now and they know it.

    Again, as history tells us, they can change colors as quickly as they can change those street placards and effigies they use. Alliances to them is as easy as changing partners in a ballroom as long as it will bring bonfires of discontent across the nation.

    A disunited country will always give them a voice to resonate their never-ending demands. An emasculated military replaced with their cadres is the only future. A socialist republic is the only way. A government of their people, by their people, and by their people. And the rest should follow.

    The worst thing that PRRD can do when he meets Donald Trump is to genuflect with bended knee. Trump is not a football fan at all.

    Philippine elections: Before, a candidate wins based on an unblemished track record and sound platforms. Nowadays, it seems that the winner is one who runs the most successful smear campaign.

    So many are born to speak, but not that much born to listen. Many ask questions, though actually less in seeking answers by themselves. A lot prefers walking endlessly, but only a few choose to stand their grounds.

    Post-election America
    We heard America last election. They found that everything was wrong with Hillary. Now, it seems that they cannot find something right with Donald.

    Twitter doubles character limit to 280 for (nearly) everyone. I know one Chief of State that will be elated. This will give him the leeway for erratum and backtracking.

    * * *

    I have to share this with you:
    UNWTO’s 10 surprising destinations where tourism is booming in 2017:

    Palestine, Egypt, Northern Mariana Islands, Iceland, Tunisia, Vietnam, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Mongolia and Israel.

    Summary: The fact that countries such as Egypt and Tunisia feature in the top 10 seems to indicate their ability—against the odds—to bounce back after a string of terrorist attacks.

    As well as telling tales of resilience, the report also chronicles holidaymakers’ increasing appetite to travel beyond traditional destinations and forge paths on roads less travelled. The presence of Mongolia and Nicaragua in the top 10 is testament to that.

    If they can do it, so can we.

    A good read on sustainable tourism:
    “A minister of tourism might look at the scene and smile, “Business is good.” Preservationists might look at the scene and fret, “Can the site withstand all this traffic?” Many residents simply avoid the area, while other more entrepreneurial types rush in with their wares and scams to prey on the crowds. And many affluent and educated visitors take one look at this scene and hasten elsewhere, “Too touristy!” How to handle all this? In 1960, when affordable jetliners helped to launch the modern-day tourism explosion, the world experienced fewer than 70 million international arrivals a year. Since then, humankind has grown – a lot. We are more numerous and more affluent, and we want to see new places. Tourism’s growth confronts destinations with both opportunity and stress. Now international arrivals approach one billion, a fourteen-fold increase in tourism traffic – and that is only a fraction of domestic tourism, which has soared recently in countries with fast-growing middle classes such as China, Mexico, India, and Brazil.”

    This question is forever: Are we ready for the effects?

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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