UNICEF distributes educational, recreational kits for ‘Yolanda’ displaced children


TACLOBAN CITY: As the government works hard to reconstruct areas destroyed by Supertyphoon “Yolanda”, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been distributing School-in-a-Box and recreation kits in Tacloban and Roxas Cities, to serve children still living amidst the chaos early this week.

More than 350 ‘School-in-a-Box’ kits earlier arrived in Cebu on a flight donated by KLM.

Each kit contains enough stationery, reading material, arithmetic and numbering learning tools to supply 15,000 children aged six and up for three months.

Among the supplies were 99 large tents which will be used as school classrooms and safe spaces for children.

The cargo also included recreation kits for at least 25,000 elementary and high school children aged 6 to 15.

These kits comprise footballs, handballs, volleyball nets, frisbees and skipping ropes, so that children will have the opportunity to play either individually or in groups.

UNICEF estimates that 1.14 million preschool and school-aged children have been displaced by the supertyphoon.

In addition, thousands of schools are being used as evacuation centers, so children have no place to go to school.

Even when evacuees leave, the schools will need to be reconstructed or completely rebuilt.

After the enormous shock experienced by tens of thousands of children, return to learning will restore some sense of normalcy for them.

A range of pharmaceutical supplies including amoxicillin, retinol and albendazole were included in the shipment. PNA


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