Unioil fuels now comply to Euro4


MONTHS after launching its environment-friendly diesel, Unioil Phils. last week announced all its fuels are now also Euro4-compliant with the release of its new gasoline products.

The company said it will not increase prices.

Unioil Phils. Technical Manager Badgie Zulueta said Unioil is now the first to provide an all-Euro4 fuel lineup among all the fuel companies locally, noting that Unioil was also first in coming up with the Euro4 diesel.

The Euro4 gasoline is available in unleaded 95 and 97.

Zulueta said that Euro4 standard fuels drastically cut the sulfur content of 50ppm, compared to the country’s 500ppm standard, thus having cleaner emissions. Besides being good for the environment, the fuels have no harmful effects and have “cleaners” inside the engine, he added.

“The Euro4 gasoline contains corrosion additives to counter the effects of ethanol,” Zulueta said, noting that the law dictates the mixture of 10 percent ethanol oil in gasolines.

Further, he said that the Euro4 gasoline is mixed with a special component—the advance molecular additive—to enhance the vehicle’s performance.

“This would have great benefits to vehicles and would not have any negative effects on their capabilities,” he explained. “Let us all aim for a greener and cleaner future.”

Zulueta assured that there would be no price adjustment for Unioil’s fuel lineup.

“We will not pass any premium to consumers because we basically believe that we should all be doing something to achieve a healthier environment in the future,” he said.


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