Unioil to launch Euro 5 fuel in next few mths


UNIOIL Petroleum Philippines Inc. (UPPI) said it will launch its Euro 5 fuel in the next few months in line with the company’s tradition of pioneering environment- friendly advanced products.

“While indeed our 50th anniversary is a major milestone, I’m even more excited about the other breakthroughs that we plan to deliver in the coming years. With the construction of Unioil’s LEED [Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design] certified environment-friendly building, our industry-leading Euro 5 fuel launch, and our groundbreaking air vision project, the milestones will just keep on coming,” said Unioil president Kenneth C. Pundanera during the company’s golden anniversary celebration held at the Edsa Shangri-La, Manila over the weekend.

Considered the cleaner fuel, Euro 5 has maximum sulfur content of only 10 parts per million (ppm) for both diesel and gasoline, compared with 50 ppm for Euro 4.

In a separate comment, Pundanera explained there is no final date yet for the launch but it would likely be within the next few months.

He said Euro-5 diesel would further boost Unioil’s product line that already boasts of several pioneering efforts.

Unioil also goes beyond petroleum. It partnered with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for the launch of the AirVisual Node project nationwide. The project aims to install the AirVisual Node, an air quality monitor, in various locations in the Philippines including Unioil’s retail service stations.

Unioil was incorporated in 1966 to engage in lubricants blending and distribution. In 1997, the company started establishing its retail network. Today, the company engages in the operation of retail gas services stations; marketing and blending of lubricants; oil trading and the marketing of bitumen.


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