Unique green tips for 2016


According to the Philippine solid waste management group, humanity generates over 10,000 million tons of solid waste each year—and only 12 percent of this is reused and recycled. Though a season of joy, the holidays also contribute to the planetary problem of solid waste.

Follow these simple tips shared by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) to give Planet Earth the gift of healing.

Use old shoeboxes. Reuse your old shoeboxes. Turn them into works of art. Boost your creativity by decorating boring old boxes and using these store items and organize your home

Start a green family tradition. Make your family participate in eco-conscious activities. You can easily think of simple activities like camping and tree planting where you and your family can work together to raise environmental awareness.

Sort your wardrobe. As the saying goes, what you don’t use is not really yours. Evaluate what is in your closets and set aside some pieces to share with others. This will not just spread a smile of happiness to others but also reduce waste generation.

Walk or bike, it’s more fun. This New Year, try walking or taking your bike to go places. You’ll be saving money and reducing your carbon footprint while getting an excellent workout. What better way to start the New Year than by staying fit?

Go for an organic lifestyle. Going green starts in the kitchen Organic food may be more expensive but these are free of fertilizers and pesticides, which degrade groundwater and carry potential health risks. By purchasing organic produce, you are not only helping Mother Nature but also supporting our local farmers.


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