A unique grooming experience for Filipino gentlemen


Years ago, any man who went beyond a simple routine of shower-and-shave was considered unusually effeminate. But today, men are just as conscious about how they look as women what with the world of pampering and styling wide open to them as well. In effect, male grooming has indeed become a profitable business in this modern age, as Oly Ruiz, co-owner of new lifestyle hub Spectre Manila, attests.

“The men’s market is really growing. If you noted in the past two years—back when I was in the wedding industry as a photographer—it was always all about the bride. She was offered the best gowns, make-up artist, hair stylist… But now, the men have also followed suit, so that grooms and guys in general have developed the habit of choosing really good grooming places,” he narrated.

“Even sock brands have levelled up,” he exclaimed. “Further proof is all the dapper-inspired styles we see on Instagram.”

True enough, even in a study conducted in by global market survey company, Synovate, 84-percent of men in Manila agree that looks are everything. The nation’s males therefore are finally embracing metrosexuality by the number, which means they and regularly have treatments—be it on their skin, body, or general grooming—to enhance their looks.

“Isn’t now the best time to open lifestyle concepts geared for men?” Ruiz digested.

And so, with several partners, he inaugurated Spectre Manila along the busy Luna Mencias St. in Mandaluyong City just before the Holy Week break.

Visited by The Manila Times, Spectre Manila will transport you to the famed city London beginning with English-inspired interiors.

More importantly, the shop offers everything that the modern Filipino gentleman needs— traditional barbershop services, made-to-measure suits, specialty brands for everyday items like bags, wallets, watches, custom shoes, and of course, a full-stocked bar.

The shop is a collaboration among Union Station Barbershop, Tiño Suits and Urban Traveller & Co—brands and services that have been catering to the needs of male executives and professionals for years.

According to Ruiz, Spectre has the “best barbers” to execute the classic grooming experience. At the same time, they also have new innovations to make grooming more comfortable for men including a unique concept called “singeing,” which uses flames to remove ear hair, rather than plucking.

The hub also offers bespoke suits, which are ready for purchase or customized with a selection of 100-percent woolen fabrics.

Finally, while enjoying barbershop services and shopping, men can also have a glass—or bottle—of their finest whiskey.

“Spectre is primarily for men, but then again we cannot impose this limitation. If men just want to have their own time, they can come here, but if they want to bring their wives, friends or children, they are also welcome,” Ruiz made clear.

“Our aim is to help the modern day Filipino gentleman uphold a good impression of himself–from what we wear, what we carry, our grooming, to the drink we have in our hands,” Hans Kenner Fernandez, President of I Have Arrived Enterprises, the group behind the lifestyle hub also said.

“We’ll help you find the right hairstyle, the right suit, and match it with the proper carry item. Think James Bond, Don Draper or Harvey Specter himself. Spectre will not just outfit you but help you tap into that inner gentleman,” he ended.

The shop is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 1 p.m. to 10 pm, and is located at 916 Luna Mencias St., Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City.


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