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The Volvo S90 (L) and XC90 (R) welcomed visitors to the Volvo Lounge at MIAS 2017. VOLVO PH PHOTO

Volvo’s 90 series cars, specifically the Volvo S90 luxury sedan and the Volvo XC90 SUV, shared the spotlight at the Volvo Lifestyle Area at this years’ Manila International Auto Show from March 30 to April 2. Aptly showcased to the public on Volvo’s 90th year, these new generation Volvos not only embody the new phase of Volvo’s journey but also Volvo’s new face – a bold and stunning declaration of the what is to come.

Bold and Beautiful
Not only do these recently launched models carry the trademark Volvo genes of prime quality, they also carry with them years of thoughtful study and development on how to meld form and function to create a car with people in mind. The result is a stunning piece of automotive architecture that moves people in more ways than one.

With the XC90, it exudes power with its upright grille and strong shoulders, both of which are classic Volvo style cues. Every element in this spectacular seven-seater SUV works in harmony. It offers pure, uncluttered luxury – made from the finest materials like soft leather and wood. The interior embodies the designers’ vision to create space that combines a contemporary take on luxury with timeless seclusion. Everyone travels first-class in the XC90 with its sculptured seats that allows more rear legroom. Jewel-like touches such as controls with diamond-knurled finish and translucent edges underline the designer’s meticulous attention to detail.

Designed for a new world, the S90 sedan is a solid, sophistically sculpted executive saloon that redefines luxury. From the rare Nordic wood to the subtle contour line on the bonnet, every detail is an expression of true Scandinavian craftsmanship. Every element in the cabin is designed to make form and function one. Even the door handles can be backlit, making them easier to find in the dark. The driver’s seat keeps you in charge with easily accessible control functions such as navigation and entertainment from the steering wheel buttons, while the 12-inch driver display keeps you informed.

Drive-E: Clean efficiency, responsive power
Volvo Cars’ powertrain technology is based on the concept of efficient power, without compromise. Their modular approach to powertrain engineering means that the same base engine architecture can deliver two distinctive powertrain attributes.

All Drive-E powertrains are designed to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. The Drive-E four-cylinder powertrains have improved fuel efficiency by up to 35 percent compared to the previous powertrain line-up while also delivering weight savings of up to 45 Kg.

Moreover, Volvo’s award-winning four-cylinder engines come with advanced boosting technology that delivers responsive power when desired through the innovative use of both turbo and supercharging.

One of the developmental principles and key benefits behind Volvo’s award-winning Drive-E powertrains is that they were designed to reduce complexity by using a compact, modular approach. This effectively means that both diesel and petrol models share a common architecture and can therefore be produced on the same lines in our engine plants. The efficient design of the architecture also means that a broad range of engine power variants can be achieved with bolt-on power boosting turbo- and superchargers, coupled with bespoke engine software.

Launched in the S90, PowerPulse is an innovative way of delivering instant turbo response in diesel engines, providing a distinct performance feel that many carmakers struggle to achieve in their diesel variants.

PowerPulse works by drawing air from the air filter via a compressor to a pressurized two-liter air tank. When the driver wishes to accelerate quickly during launch and during low-speed driving, a valve into the exhaust manifold feeds air to the turbo.

This has the effect of delivering a quick and responsive pulse of power.

The air in the tank is topped-up automatically, making sure that PowerPulse is always ready to deliver a new boost.

Volvo Cars is the only carmaker currently using such technology in production cars.

Every new Volvo with Drive-E technology carries a perfect balance of power and efficiency while maintaining excellent driving performance. What’s more, it gives incredibly low emissions and fuel consumption. It is intelligent technology that gives you the best of both worlds.

Sensus: intuitive, intelligent technology
Volvo Cars believes that technology is there to serve people. Increasingly though, we see quite the opposite, with row upon row of physical buttons, complex menu structures, distracting control systems and a multitude of apps added simply because they can be added to a connected car.

At Volvo Cars, they approach connectivity, entertainment, navigation and car control systems from a completely different perspective – a human- centric one. It is this approach that has led to a more thought- through and curated approach to connected services, native applications and smartphone integration.

This in-car user interface is called Sensus. It is Volvo’s entertainment and driver support solutions in the car that ensure the driver to be always in full control.

In the 90 series range, control is at your fingertips with features such as the portrait-format, 9-inch touch screen in the center console which is highly responsive, intuitive and easy to read Thanks to a driver display that automatically adjusts its brightness, your eyes stay fresh and relaxed while the head-up display allows you to keep your eyes on the road by putting essential information in your line of sight.

Stay connected, informed and entertained even while driving your Volvo. Sensus Connect makes your Volvo part of your digital world with its built-in modem that creates an instant 4G WiFi hotspot. Apple CarPlay also seamlessly and reliably integrates the S90 with your iPhone. From Autumn 2016, the introduction of Android Auto will mean that Android smartphone owners will also be able to use a range of functions safely and seamlessly. Integrated Spotify app also means that you no longer need your smartphone for in-car music streaming.

IntelliSafe: A reliable longtime commitment
Volvos are born with the safety DNA. Each one is packed with intuitive safety technologies as standard that aims to support, prevent, and protect the people inside and even outside the car. This comprehensive, innovative approach to your safety is called IntelliSafe.

City Safety is Volvo’s umbrella term for standard collision avoidance functionalities. All City Safety functionalities are standard in the 90 Series cars and are always active above 4 km/h. It helps detect vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and large animals. These systems use warning lights and sound pulses to alert you. Sensus also helps Prepare the brakes and front seat belts to help protect the driver and passengers. Another world-first introduced in the Volvo XC90 is Braking in Intersection, a technology that helps avoid or mitigate collisions with oncoming vehicles in intersections. If the driver turns in front of an oncoming vehicle, City Safety can assist by braking automatically, if the driver does not.

Run-off Road Mitigation is another feature designed to prevent unintentional road departure at vehicle speeds between 65-140 km/h. This is another Volvo world first that helps steer you back on course and can apply the brakes if you are about to leave the road accidentally.

These are only some of the impressive, but more importantly, life-saving technologies that Volvo has created and developed to underline its commitment to keeping people safe inside or outside the car.

Vision 2020
Protecting people and making lives better has and always will be part of Volvo Cars’ DNA. Going beyond road performance is the dedication to safety and well-being of all its occupants, as well as people outside the car.

In 2008, Volvo set a vision that by the year 2020, no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car. Vision 2020 is Volvo’s way of creating more sustainable personal transport. It is a key element in their sustainability framework, which outlines how the company protects people and the world around them, both now and in the future.

The Volvo Car Distributor in the Philippines is Scandinavian Motors Corporation, with dealerships in Alabang, Cebu, Iloilo, Makati, and North EDSA.


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