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When you dream of the perfect weekend sanctuary that’s away from the urban crowd yet still close to the metro, and where cool weather and a ton of activities await, what comes to mind?

For many, the first thing they think of is Tagaytay Highlands.

Long favored as a weekend destination of the metro’s elite and their families, Tagaytay Highlands is indeed the perfect getaway.

Tagaytay Highlands is a favorite weekend destination for the metro’s elite

This mountain resort complex is known for its themed residences and world-class services wrapped in splendid views of Nature and refreshing weather.

Its geographical location makes it perfect for outdoor activities like golf, hiking and exploring. It boasts the best views of Taal lake and volcano and the Highlands mountains right outside your window.

With an exclusive selection of themed residences on offer, finding your own haven is no hardship at all.

Sophisticated zen living
For instance, Katsura, the only Japanese-themed residential enclave in Tagaytay Highlands, benefits from its 14 hectares of gently rolling terrain tucked into the majestic shadow of Taal Volcano.

Japanese pocket gardens provide points of interest around Katsura

Dotted by Koens, or Japanese pocket gardens, individuals and families who desire a chic zen-inspired lifestyle may build acomfortable abode on any of the 250 to 538 sqm lots situated in the area. These homes feature traditional and contemporary Japanese architecture fused with minimalist yet elegant designs exuding harmony and balance.

Homes at Katsura feature a fusion of traditional and contemporary Japanese architecture

A tropical haven of holistic indulgence
If you prefer a more tropical ambience, then you’d best train your sights on Vireya. Vireya is the first and only tropical resort community in Tagaytay Highlands, perfectly bonding the cool mist of the mountains and the vibrant warmth of the tropics. Located at the highest point of the Midlands, Vireya provides breathtaking views of Taal Lake and Mt. Makiling.

The Midlands Golf Club can be found amidst lush surroundings including the fine fairways of the Midlands golf course

Future residents can build Bali-inspired homes on its 250 to 562 sqmlots by incorporating elements of wood and wide glass windows. High-pitched roofs and entryways with lanais and patios are also ideal to maximize natural lighting and views.

Vireya is the only tropical resort community in Tagaytay Highlands

Fulfilling Vireya’s vision of holistic living amidst the mountainside tropics are points of interest found within the community. Indulge in a massage at the Pavana or Ammanya Massage Point or spend serene afternoons at the Treehouse or pocket parks. Or navigate any of the jogging paths that line these various residential zones for an active and fit lifestyle.

Indulge in a massage and unwind at the Pavana, Vireya’s central amenity which houses the pavilion and swimming pool

Relaxation goals at the club
Tagaytay Highlands boasts of a wide array of facilities for rest and recreation at any of its four exclusive clubs.Residents have access to an extensive selection of world-class amenities and recreational activities through membership rights at The Country Club that are bundled with each property purchase. Classic sports facilities include swimming, tennis, bowling, and badminton or try the latest outdoor activities such as the Aerial Walk, Trail Buggy, and Sporting Arrow. Tagaytay Highlands also prides itself in having a wide array of specialty restaurants and outlets such as the Highlander Steakhouse, Highlands China Palace, and the Gourmet Avenue.

At Tagaytay Highlands, one can aspire for an overall fine living experience tucked into the sanctuary of nature. Indeed, there is so much more in store at this premier mountain resort address you can call your home.

Tagaytay Highlands is the premier mountain resort development of the SM Group in Tagaytay. Nestled among the highest elevations of the city, it is a leisure destination that exudes exclusivity and luxury. For inquiries, call +632 5052422 and +63917 5150158 or visit


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