• Unparalleled road manners The Honda Odyssey 2.4L CVT


    ODY1020150505SINCE Honda introduced the Odyssey to Philippine market back in 2012, it immediately got the gold stamp of approval from minivan enthusiasts, thanks to its sophisticated design, spirited driving dynamics and creative storage solutions. The Odyssey back then was a US-spec model that was larger and powered by a robust but not-so-eco-friendly engine.

    Fast forward to 2015, the Odyssey has been replaced by a Japan-spec version, which has an even more refined design, ultra-accommodating interior, smooth and efficient powertrain, and unparalleled road manners.

    The body styling of the all-new Odyssey took a different form from its predecessor. Although the all-new Odyssey’s size grew smaller from every angle, the minivan still possess a very sophisticated look, as it obviously followed Honda’s latest design concept of having chiseled features.

    New with the Odyssey are dual LED projector headlamps, daylight running LEDs and 17-inch wheels—making the vehicle look more trendier that the US-spec variant.

    The dimensions of the all-new, Philippine-spec Odyssey are 4,830 millimeters long (324 mm shorter), 1,820 mm wide (192 mm narrower), and 1,695 mm tall (42 mm smaller). The wheelbase is also shorter at 2,900 mm (100 mm shorter).

    Inside the airplane-inspired cabin, the Odyssey now comes with a seven-seat configuration with two seats in front, two in the middle row, and three in the rear. New with the 2015 Odyssey are the two leather-wrapped captain’s chairs with ottoman that makes the riding experience far more luxurious. The third-row “Magic Seats” fold down onto the floor to provide more cargo space at the back.

    New standard features of the Odyssey include a smart key, push-button ignition, dual power-sliding doors, and a triple-zone automatic air-conditioning system.

    Up front inside the cabin is a newly revamped dashboard that comes with a multitude of luxury and tech features. Sitting in the center dash is a seven-inch touchscreen monitor that controls a throng of safety, entertainment and comfort features. A nine-inch LCD monitor can be found at the rear cabin, which drops down and folds up mechanically with just a push of a button. HDMI ports are also available, both in the front and back, to allow the passengers to mirror their tablets/smartphones with the Odyssey’s LCD monitors.

    Safety features of the Honda minivan include active cornering lights, Vehicle Stability Assist with Motion Sensitive electric power steering, six SRS airbags, Hill Start Assist, eight cameras for cross-traffic monitoring that is truly effective, especially when backing out of a parking spot. It also has an automatic parking assist that can help drivers get into a standard parking spot.

    Unlike its predecessor which had a 3.5-liter i-VTEC V6 engine, the all-new Odyssey is now fitted with an Earth Dreams-derived 2.4-liter SOHC 16-valve inline-4 i-VTEC power plant. Although it is smaller than its predecessor, the engine is more than capable of pulling the minivan with seven-passengers as it has a maximum power output of 175 PS and 226 Nm of torque. Helping the engine to become more fuel efficient is the automatic idle stop, which turns off the engine while stopped in traffic. The engine starts as soon as the driver releases pressure on the brake pedals.

    The new Odyssey is fitted with a new suspension system that gives it excellent maneuvering and handling characteristics. However, the ride can still be improved as it gets harsh even when driving on lightly rutted roads.

    After driving the Odyssey for approximately 400 kilometers in mixed driving conditions (traffic, city and highway), it posted a reasonable average fuel consumption of 9 kilometers per liter. In extremely heavy traffic, the Odyssey posted a fuel consumption of 6.8 kpl. In stop-and-go, city driving conditions, the minivan did better with 8.1 kpl. As expected, the Odyssey ran efficiently at highway speeds of 100 kilometers per hour as it recorded an average fuel consumption of 12.8 kpl.

    Odyssey buyers will definitely be charmed by its luxury, performance and sophistication, as well as the distinguished quality Honda is known for, when getting this minivan. And with a price tag of P2.298 million (half a million pesos less than its predecessor), motorists will truly get much more value from this Honda because it has been made more affordable.


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