• ‘Unrealistic promises doomed Moro Law’

    LONGTIME ALLIES Deposed president now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. share a laugh as they pose for pictures at the Philippine Constitution Association meeting. PHOTO BY BONG RANES

    LONGTIME ALLIES Deposed president now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. share a laugh as they pose for pictures at the Philippine Constitution Association meeting. PHOTO BY BONG RANES

    SEN. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Tuesday said unrealistic and improbable promises made by government negotiators to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) are the reasons why the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) finds little traction in Congress and is facing legal questions in the Supreme Court (SC).

    Marcos, chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government, which had disapproved the BBL draft, noted that the proposed law seeks to grant the Bangsamoro government powers normally reserved for the national government such as its own security force, Commission on Audit, Commission on Elections and trial courts.

    “The proposed BBL is unbelievable for the sheer extravagance of the concessions the government makes to the MILF,” Marcos said in a speech before members of the Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa).

    He was Philconsa’s guest of honor and speaker. The senator and namesake of his father, the late former President Marcos, was also recognized as “The Great Protector of the Constitution.”

    Compared to the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) undertaken by the previous administration that some political scientists viewed as a case of thinking “out of the box” in order to establish an alternative process for lasting peace in Mindanao, the BBL and the comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) are in the “vacuum of outer space.”

    “This is the reason why controversy hounds the Bangsamoro experiment everywhere it turns, and why it finds scant support and little traction in Congress and in public opinion across the nation,” Marcos said.

    The senator added that upgrading and strengthening the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) may be the better way forward for peace and development in Muslim Mindanao.

    The ARMM, he said, has been in existence for two decades with a bureaucracy of 26,000 civil servants and had a democratically elected government for almost as long.

    “I cannot agree with the assertion that the ARMM is a failed experiment. Rather it is my view that it is an ongoing experiment that may have flaws and weaknesses but it is precisely our function to strengthen and correct those as we learn from experience,” the senator added.

    Such reasoning, Marcos said, is used to give the MILF supremacy over the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) in the final result that is the Bangsamoro government.

    ARMM is the product of a peace agreement between the MNLF and the government.
    Marcos pointed out that constitutional infirmities found in the BBL and lack of consultation with other stakeholders in Mindanao whose well-being and welfare will be greatly affected by the changes contemplated by the proposed law doom the Bangsamoro project to rejection.

    The senator noted that is it not enough to just restrain the passage of the BBL as originally drafted by Malacanang and the MILF, what is needed is to come up with a system that would work.

    Marcos said he is convinced that the best approach is a full-scale modernization program for all of Mindanao in politics, economy and culture..

    He added that the amount of money President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s administration is prepared to commit to its BBL experiment is enough to design the equivalent of an accelerated development plan for Mindanao.

    The Bangsamoro, on the first year alone of its operation, would get an estimated total funding of P75 billion.

    “If we combine internal funds with financial assistance from international institutions and foreign countries, we can mobilize funds on a scale that will not fall short of effecting the full transformation of Mindanao into a hive of modernization and productivity for the nation,” Marcos said.

    In carrying out the Mindanao modernization program, he added, essential elements such as full-scale pacification and law enforcement; modernization of major infrastructure, transportation and civil service; and efficient delivery of basic services must be present.

    “Mindanao’s modernization is the vision that I will introduce in either my substitute bill for the BBL or an amendment to the organic act for ARMM, which I will submit to Congress. I will request the support of both Houses of Congress to join me in this program of transformation,” Marcos said in his speech during the Philconsa event.

    Philconsa has asked the Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB) and the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) between the MILF and the Philippine government, which serve as the basis of BBL.

    Philconsa argued the government peace panel has no power to commit to provisions in the agreements that would cause amendments to the Constitution and existing laws.


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    1. bagwis balawis on

      It is ironic that BBM is the protector of the Cory constitution… and PNoy is the violator

    2. Mr. Dantes, what mess this Marcos brings to you??? I dont see any mess during marcos time. As far as I know the father of this Idiot president abnoy is the one who made a mess in our country . As far as i know , noynoy is the founder of this NPA/CPP who wants in fact to bring the Philippines into domino theory..communism and this is the reason why President marcos declare martial law. do you remember the incident at Cagayan sea (tuguegarao), 1 ship from Peking(China) full of arms try to smuggle inside the philippines to prepare war and take over the government/… it was caught by Philippine constabulary from the sea of CAGAYAN…good inteligence by Philippine government by marcos,otherwise, Noy Noy Aquino with the help of Chinese people will be the President of the Phils. which he sided to PEKING (NOW BEIJING).. So made a mess in our country mr. dantes??

      • Alejandro Tercero on

        It is ironic in itself for mr Dantes uttering “let us move from our comfort zone.” The comfort is in fact the entertaining of the idea that Marcos is the bad guy in Philippine history. Wake up people. We have been fooled. The younger generations especially need to be re-educated. History had been twisted to serve the Aquino-Cojuangco agenda.

    3. If the BBL Law is passed, it will be the end of democracy in our country. The BBL Law will intensify the fighting between the AFP and the MILF. Right now, the AFP does not care too much about the issue of human rights because its causalities in its fight with the MILF is very light. However, when the causalities of the AFP in its fight against the MILF becomes to mount, the AFP will not be willing to fight unless there is a severe clampdown on civil liberties in the country to protect the lives of its soldiers. This is the reason why President Aquino III confidently predicted in one of his speeches that he will be President for life.

      The father of President Aquino III, the late Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr., ordered the throwing of the grenade in the rally of the Liberal Party in Plaza Miranda on the fateful night of August 21, 1971 precisely to force President Marcos to place the country under Martial Law so that the people will have a yearning for this kind of government. He also exposed the Jabida Hoax in which Muslim trainees where allegedly massacred in Corregidor to ignite again the Moro-Moro wars that plague the entire Spanish colonial government for many centuries. According to the research made by the staff of Manila Times, the Jabida Massacre in which his father exposed in the Senate, never occurred. His father also backed up Bernabe Buscayno to put up the New People’s Army so that the people will get used to a Martial Law government.

      The concept of a managed war is something new in our politics. Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr. backed up the New People’s Army and perpetuated the hoax of the Jabida Massacre precisely to give the government the excuse to clamp down on civil liberties because of the intensified fighting between the government and the rebels. The purpose of the BBL Law is to give the MILF all the support of the government to intensify its struggle against the AFP. The fighting in Mindanao is a managed war in which the Aquinos are fueling the war to end democracy in our country.

      I am glad that there are still high officials in our land who see the danger. I will keep supporting these high officials in our government with my prayers.

      Thank you very much, Senator Marcos, for your struggle to keep our democracy alive.

    4. Mr.Senator B.Marcos,ma-swerte po ang Pilipinas,may Senador na tulad,matalinong,pag-iisip gaya mo..ISA lang po ang ating BANSA,HUWAG NA HUWAG po kayong PUMAYAG ibigay ang KAPANGYARIHAN sa MILF..GAGAPANGIN nila po ang BOUNG MINDANAO,sa tulong ng MALAYSIA until MA-KUHA,MA-CONTROL nila ang buong isla ng MINDANAO..taga MINDANAO po ako,alam na alam ko po ang mga UGALI nito..SALAMAT PO SENADOR HUWAG PO KAYONG BIBIGAY,GOD BLESS YOU,YOUR FAMILY AT ANG BOUNG MARCOS CLAN

      • We need to go beyond out comfort zone. The Christians in Mindanao are all settlers. The native inhabitants of Mindanao once welcome you(settlers) in the said Island. This country have been in the bottom in terms of development for decades. And among the reason why this country cannot move-onn is because of the Mindanao issue, which is inflamed or started during the time of this selfish Marcoses. We shouldn’t allow the mistake to happen again. We need to be open minded to challenge the things we used to have and we used know. Lets not forget the mess this Marcoses bring to this Country.

    5. Yes, indeed, Senator Bongbong. Any law, amendatory to the law that created the ARMM or a new one, must be a guiding policy instrument that advances the primacy of rural transformation in that region – social transformation (on education, training for employable skills, health and social protection for the marginal, disadvantaged and vulnerable), economic transformation (employment to improve family income), environmental transformation (preventing the unrestricted assault on the integrity of the environment, nurturing what is left) and political transformation (politics of public service and not of the pocket, politics that build bridges and not walls).
      Can this be done? Yes, it can be done. Fundamental to this is a shared commitment to shape and influence an inclusive and better state of development, and an enlightened consensus on shared responsibility for a better tomorrow.

    6. Roldan Guerrero on

      STUPID individuals always insist on what they want .No matter what it costs and that is the PIGNOY.We are still lucky that inspite many still hate the Marcoses, we have a BONGBONG who uses his HEAD and CONSCIENCE for the FILIPINOS!

      • laguatanlawzen.com on

        Mr. Roldan Guerrero, with due respect to your opinion,I vehemently disagree with you. Look at the “yellow mobs” how they made Ninoy Aquino a national hero, on equal footing with Dr. Jose P. Rizal? The so-called hatred for the late Pres. Marcos was a political machinations through stealth. It was just staged-managed by the “yellow mob” supporters. Look at how Cory Aquino fooled the poor farmers in their hacienda in Tarlac? So don’t be judgmental.