‘Unseen hand’ gets in the way of TV host’s return



GUESS WHO? To this day, a female teleradyo personality (FTP) harbors ill feelings toward her in-law-actress (ILA).

Having been the closest to the ILA among her female in-laws, the FTP was expecting to receive a special gift from her one Christmas.

“Sobra kasi silang close, and much of their closeness had a lot to do with their common traits. Both of them are smart and intelligent aside of course from the fact that they’re almost of the same age,” an FTP’s male friend told Vignettes.

“Came one Christmas, to her (FTP’s) surprise she got an umbrella as a gift. Actually, she didn’t mind at all kasi hindi naman siya materyosa. Kaso, the umbrella had her in-law’s full name printed on it. ‘Compliments from (the ILA’s name)…’ Her point was, the latter could have baked a cake for her or a simple yet meaningful present or even a card with a beautifully written message would do. Eh, parang ‘one of those’ lang tuloy siya and that’s what she resented. Sana man lang daw if it were a Swiss umbrella,” our source hinted.

* * *

Tough luck for this female TV host (FTVH), the stars up there don’t seem aligned to beckon her much-awaited return to the boob tube.

Talks were rife that the FTVH would finally be back in harness via a daily program whose host brokered for her special guest appearance with the management.

Came the taping day, the FTVH arrived at the studio fabulously dressed and made up with full mastery of her spiels until an “unseen hand” got in the way.

“She came very excited and prepared for the episode for taping. Whence before she was known for her prima donna stance, she was unusually behaved and friendly with the program staff. Problem was, nakatanggap ang production team ng last-minute advice cancelling her guesting for reasons I’m not at liberty to divulge,” our source revealed.

Albeit with dampened spirit, the FTVH went up to the main host expressing her thanks for his effort in doing everything he could to help her resurrect her hosting career.

* * *

Vignettes once wrote—in our Guess Who? Section—about these showbiz parents’ (SP) “materialism” that they have set high standards for their singer-actress-daughter (SAD) as far as ending up with a boyfriend is concerned.

This is a funny sidebar about these SP who—accompanying their SAD to her tour abroad—were not allowed by the airport officials to board their flight back to Manila unless they paid for their excess baggage.

“The SP had no choice but to unload some of their stuff para hindi na sila magbayad. Pero nu’ng una, ayaw nilang magbawas ng laman ng mga bagahe nila,” our source revealed.

“Nagulat na lang kaming mga kasama nila because as the SP began sifting through their baggage para nga magbawas, ‘yung tatay niya, kaya pala ang bigat-bigat ng maleta, there were assorted carpentry tools! May mga martilyo, may mga lagare…my God, couldn’t he buy all those from a hardware in Manila?”

Just when the SP’s co-passengers thought it was the most shocking sight, our source added: “Mas nagulat kami du’n sa laman ng maleta nu’ng nanay (of the SAD)! There were half-filled soft drinks in can, there were napkin-wrapped slices of pizza, mga bawas nang assorted bite-size chocolates in plastic bags and other leftover food na nanghihinayang siyang itapon!”

So, the SAD’s mom thought those perishables would still be fit for human consumption once they reached home from a 17 or so-hour flight?


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