Unsolicited advise to senator-wannabe



COULD it be true that Mocha Uson—revealed our unimpeachable source—is running for senator in 2019?

Vignettes’ knee-jerk reaction was one of shock, but our tipster would not dismiss it as plain canard. “Her supporters are coaxing her, and it seems she’s giving it serious thought.”

The next mid-term senatorial election is a little over two years from now, so why does the former sex guru seem to be in a rush when her top priority should be her MTRCB work (which is effective until September depending on her performance)?

After watching Mocha grope for answers in a recent sit-down interview on Winnie Monsod’s Bawal Ang Pasaway (along with fellow staunch Duterte supporter lawyer Bruce Rivera), we recalled then-senatorial aspirant Alma Moreno’s awkward episode on Karen Davila’s Headstart.

As Prof. Danton Remoto would say in his Remoto Control radio teaser, “Madali lang namang tumakbo…mahirap ang manalo.”

Take a cue from there, Miss Senator wannabe.

GUESS WHO? A currently controversial celebrity (CCC), who’s a sucker for anything signature, once gifted her program staffer (FPS) with a pair of her slightly worn branded shoes.

Not long after, the CCC—while walking along the studio corridor strewn with other network talents—was flabbergasted to see her FPS proudly wearing the high-heeled shoes. But instead of telling her FPS how lovely she carried herself, the CCC—in her “trademark tone”—said, “You know what? The shoes don’t fit you. Your feet kasi are kinda big. Look, o, the shoes look damaged na.”

Humiliated, the poor FPS with her head bowed down turned away. Soon after, she shared her tale with her sympathetic co-staffers who curiously asked, “But what would you have done to get even with her?”

In her regional twang, the FPS replied, “Gusto kong hubarin ‘yung ibinigay niyang sapatos at ipukpok sa ulo niya ‘yung takong!”


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