• Unusual pets found in La Union villages


    BACNOTAN, La Union: Some farmers in Bacnotan town, La Union are in a quandary on whether the unusual physical features of their farm animals has something to do with good luck or misfortune.

    Nora Almojuela, 45, thought that her dog bit a goat that she owned because it could not stand on its own. Upon close inspection, the goat only had three legs.

    In Barangay Upper Paagan, Helacio Julaton owns a cow that seemed to look like it has three ears. The third “ear” turned out to be a 10-inch skin tag.

    Dominador Orejudos, 72-year-old, owner of over 20 farm goats in Barangay Nagatiran owns one goat that is a hermaphrodite or have both female and male sex organs. Antonio Morales, 69, a retiree pensioner, also owns a hermaphrodite goat.

    Municipal veterinarian Divina Gracia Apigo explained that vertebrates like goats and carabaos tend to have underdeveloped chromosomes that produce deformities in their anatomical structures.

    To preserve these animals, Apigo said they should be given regular vaccinations, so they would not be afflicted with hemorrhagic septicemia.

    The meat of these animals would have no effect on consumers, she added.


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