• ‘UP Dean never lies to honor Virata’


    This concerns your newspaper’s headline story, “UP Dean lies to honor Virata,” which appears on 7 June 2013, and written by Mr. Rigoberto Tiglao. In that story Tiglao accuses me of two “lies” to wit: l) “No George Baker Graduate School of Business at Harvard ever exists” and 2) “the naming of business schools after a distinguished person is (not) widespread in US universities.”

    On the first “lie”, kindly ask Mr. Tiglao to look up the Harvard Business School website (http://www.library.hbs.edu/hc/buildinghbs/the-dedication.html) that the official name of the School is “Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, George F. Baker Foundation”.

    On the second “lie”, our survey in the Internet of 333 American Schools / Colleges of Business Conducted in August 2012 shows that almost fifty four (54) percent (or 179) are named. C1″ the Darden School of Business is one of the 179.)

    Ben Paul B. Gutierrez
    CC: Mr. Rigoberto D. Tiglao


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    1. The U.P. College of Business Administration Dean (Ben Paul Gutierrez) – a professor of mine – once said that one should defend one’s position to the best of one’s ability – but not to the point of being bull-headed about it (especially in the face of contradicting evidence). Maybe he should follow his own advice.

    2. Wow — this is just incredible.

      Dean Gutierrez’s response is very disappointing and just confirms his ignorance of basic information and distortion of facts.

      First of all, the link he cited (http://www.library.hbs.edu/hc/buildinghbs/the-dedication.html) — is from the LIBRARY website of Harvard Business School (HBS) and not HBS itself. If Dean Gutierrez were to go to the actual website of HBS, he will find that there is NO REFERENCE to George Baker. The “Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, George F. Baker Foundation” refers to the LIBRARY and not the HBS itself

      On the second issue, I am not sure where Dean Gutierrez got his statistics. But assuming the numbers are correct, 54% is not WIDESPREAD. It is a “majority” — but certainly not “widespread” — as Dean Gutierrez asserted to support his proposal to rename the college to honor Virata.

      Dean Gutierrez graduated from UP in 1984 — one year after the assassination of Aquino. He grew up during the martial law era and attended UP during the height of the student demonstrations. He must have been aware of the administration’s graft and corruption and the incarceration of innocent people in Camp Crame It is therefore very disappointing and ironic that UP Business School is now honoring Cesar Virata — one of the main architects of Marcos’ martial law regime.

    3. Only Dean Gutierrez on this entire planet insists that Harvard Business School’s official name is “Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, George F. Baker Foundation”. If that’s the official name, why isn’t it in website and in a diplomas of an MBA graduate from that school?

      Unbelievable! I had to endure some ridicule from Harvard contacts I called (“What kind of question is that? Isn’t it obvious in our website?” was one reply from one official I called) I managed though to get an official reply from Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria’s office, through his Communications Officer Mr. Brian Kenny, who emailed me:

      “The official name of the school is Harvard Business School. It was formerly called the Harvard Graduate School of Management but the name was changed many years ago to Harvard Business School.”

      This is like the case of a know-all insisting that the Republic of the Philippines’ offcial name is Las Islas Filipinas or that Ateneo de Manila’s is Ateneo Municipal College.

      I thought I wrote enough of the UP’s stupid and shameless renaming of its business college after a Marcos technocrat. But I guess we can’t let pass another stupidity and will write about this in my column Wednesday.

    4. I’ve read Mr. Tiglao’s article that appeared on June 7 – If these are the only petty explanation Mr Dean Gutierrez could offer about the article! He is GUILTY!!!