Up to Binay to quit


    Malacañang is not joining calls for Vice President Jejomar Binay’s resignation from the Cabinet.

    In a radio interview, deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said it is up to Binay to respond to the resignation calls over allegations of corruption.

    “Well, that’s a decision that is left up to him… whenever we’re always asked about resignations, that is a question that is better posed to the person who is the subject of the call to resign, perhaps, or the question to resign,” Valte told Radyo ng Bayan on Saturday.

    The Court of Appeals (CA) earlier ordered the freezing of more than 200 bank accounts, investments, and insurance policies of Vice-President Jejomar Binay, Elenita Binay, Makati Mayor Junjun Binay, and others linked to their family.

    The 38-page CA order, dated May 11 granted the Anti-Money Laundering Council’s (AMLC) petition for a freeze on 242 bank accounts, investments, and insurance policies.

    The AMLC petition stated that the statements of assets, liabilities, and networth of the Binays and former Makati Vice-Mayor Ernesto Mercado did not reflect their bank accounts and other transactions.

    The CA concurred with the AMLC and found probably cause that these bank accounts, investments, and insurance policies were “related to unlawful activities.”

    The Binay camp earlier issued a statement claiming that the vice-president’s political opponents are using the AMLC report for “political gains.”

    But Malacanang has rejected allegations that the administration party is behind the freeze order on Binay’s bank accounts.

    In defending the Liberal Party (LP), Valte said that CA and AMLC, which are both involved in the issuance of the freeze order against Binay’s assets, are independent bodies.

    “You know, let’s point out also that the AMLC is composed of the Central Bank governor, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) chair, and also the Insurance Commissioner; and, as such, may trabaho po talaga silang ginagawa under the Anti-Money Laundering Act. You know, as the President said, we have nothing to do with the AMLC report and we certainly do not have—have not used it for the ends of the administration other than, of course, the mandate of the AMLC itself,” she said.

    “We can’t comment any further owing to the fact that the entire—all these revelations are… Well, at least, the freeze order is an order of the competent court and wala po kaming sakop sa judiciary,” Valte added.

    The spokesperson of the militant Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) meanwhile challenged the Binay family to come out openly and and explain how they became rich.

    Former Bayan Muna party-list representative Teddy Casiño said, “the charges and the information revealed so far indicate corruption of such scandalous proportions that these cannot be dismissed by general denials or attribution to a demolition job by the Vice President’s enemies.”


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    1. Hayaan ni binay na mag-iiyak ang LP at si Aquino sa kasisigaw na mag resign!sa dami ng kapalpakan ng nagawa ni Aquino at Mar at yellow Mafia, hindi nila nasabi sa sarili nila na magresign kahit meron mga ibidensya at halos buong bayan ang sumisigaw!
      Ganito kakapal ang mukha ng grupo ni Aquino! At ang mga bayaran media ay kasabwat upang mapanatili nila ang kapangyarihan ni at yellow gangs!
      Wala kang masabing mabuti sa mga demonyo na kapit tuko sa kapangyarihan!

    2. In the west any politician with even half the accusations made against him would have resigned from his party to save his party from embarrassment. Here no one will ever do that. Even though they know the truth & they can see a lot of the evidence against them they will not resign on principle. It seems we have different principles in the west to you. Its up to you who you think is higher principled.
      Now on the specifics of binays case. If he is innocent & has nothing to hide & his wealth is not ill gotten it will so easily be explained in court with his documentation of how he aquired his wealth & surely he has all that. I remember back to the 2 hour speech by corona, he told us all he was honest, he was god fearing, he though of his country, he worked hard all his life, he saved hard all his life, he invested in the dollar all his life. It all sounded so good & honest but then it came to his documentation, & he did not even offer forwrd 1 single piece of documentation to show that P180,000,000 in his bank account. This is the supreme court cief justice, the man who knew better than all of us as to the importance of evidence, but yet he produced none at all. He was rightfully found guilty of amassing illegal gotten money.
      So now binay you know what you have to do, so shut up & do it. Show your evidence or be found out as a thief, a liar & a plunderer.

      • I Remember... on

        You were sleeping or what? Corona signed an authorization OPEN all of his bank accounts! And he told congressmen to do the same… 189 Cowards never sign that authorization!

        All figures by Ombudsman was an hoax!!! It was a scandalous act by an ex Justice of Supreme Court! In any civilized country, all these people would now be in Jail… ombudsman, AMLC people that illegally gave the info to ombudsman, all congressmen that were corrupted by the 50 million additional pork.

        Binay’s bank account are 5!!! Not over 200… like the black propaganda of the yellows is saying.

    3. Sbi ni Senator Binay, ang tipid-tipid daw ni Bise. Palaging nag-huhulog ng mga barya sa piggy bank. Okay… sabihin na lang na P200.00 cada-dia ang nailalagay sa piggy bank. Kulang-kulang P75,000 isang taon ang na-i-impok. Aba…. dalawang libong taon ay kulang pa para maka-pag-impok ng P18,000,000!!!!

    4. Pag ang mga Pinoy naloko pa nang mga katarantaduhan ni Binay’s and family,ewan
      ko na lang…… Talagang pinaka bobong tao na ang mga Pinoy. Sa bagay hindi lang
      si Binay inc. marami pang politikong KAWATAN nang kaban nang taong bayan. ang
      nag lolok lok para hindi ma espatan. GISING NA MGA PINOYS!!!!!!.

      • and you are not thinking hat the AQUINOS won’t tolerate the BINAYS, what for is being one of the CORY BOYS huh? Why don’t you ask Kris who is her next President? Isn’t it the Aquinos who worked hard for the election of Binay to become VP, kasama na ang tatangatanga na si Chiz?

    5. Abigail “Bunye” is doing it again, No matter what this administration will say, still you cannot hide the fact that the present dispensation is using all means to stay in power
      because they are scared to death that Binay will run after them if he wins an election.
      Denial is an hospice quality before the patient come to rest, that’s how this administration is doing ,if only they can kick Binay’s ass they did it already. But not yet ,because they don’t have the numbers.. Binay is still leading the survey among hopefuls.
      The great strenght of Binay comes with the knowlegde, that in Makati, residence healthcare have been taken well by Binay. Even the poor around the country knows this.
      I am sure that if they succeed in pulling Binay’s numbers down, the biggest loser will be Sen Poe; because they will say to her ” the Party decided to stay with Mar Roxas
      and they decided to take her as VP, take it or leave it.
      Celebrity power is Sen Poe strenght, but lack the means to win the Presidency. Sen Poe group should open their eyes to the reality, read always between the President ‘s words Cautious jubilation is needed. Go around the country and never mind the Liberal Party for a while until they tell the Senator that she is their Official Candidate for President..

      • oooppppssss sorry, when BINAY is elected, I am telling you, he won’t touch Ngoyngoy and all his KKK. Don’t forget Rambotito is a Cory boy just like Teddy Boy, Joker and Saguisag. Hindi kayang ilaglag ni Ngoyngoy si Binay, the same way hindi kayang ilaglag ni Binay si Cory.


      This Binay should at least have a delicadeza. With all the allegations against him he should be man enough. Did he tooked advantage of his office? Certainly, yes. With all
      his relatives in office, himself as vice president, his daughter Nancy as senator, with his son, Jun Jun as mayor of Makati, another daughter as a congresswoman, is this
      not very clear that he tooked advantage of his office? If and when he become
      president, then the Philippines will be theirs, the Binay family, Better change the name
      of the Philippines to BINAY COUNTRY.

    7. I hope the Binays know that it is the americans who are spreading black propaganda against them; with the blessings of N0ytard, of course.

    8. White_buffalo and Hooah are both dirty white trailer trash! kanong azzwipes!

      Goods from the US are being smuggled through Subic!!!!

      1. Why are there so many US Foreign Agents (some pretending to be Filipinos) on Philippine news websites? To sway public opinion in order to keep their puppet, the retarded president of the Philippines, N0ytard and his goons like ombitchwoman Cuntcheater Capro MoralLess Corruptbitch, Ona, Lazo, HArtigan-Go, in power to push for their agenda at the expense of the Filipinos! And that’s the reason why the Philippines is always the sick man of Asia except during times of economic bubble which eventually makes the Philippines sicker!
      Kanong yew_tan (aka Danidanado) replied: “Because there are so many Chinese puppets trolls.”
      Yan! Inamin na naman!

      2. Kano White Buffalo said: “Americans have every right to comment in tabloid sick Inquirer. We do not want tabloidism to propagate idiotic propaganda stories because we already have spent billions and billions of dollars to prop up not the government but the Philippines from imploding because of ignorant Filipinos.”
      Yan na! Inamin na! White buffalo said: “GET ON YOUR KNEES AND BEG PERVERT”
      Inamin na naman!

      3. KanoWhiteBuffalo said to me: “we are watching you lyingcoward. thought you could spread you lies in philstarbut were busted”
      MY response: I know you are because you feel very threatened as I am exposing what the US really is – a pariah! Pushing its interest at the expense of the Philippines’!

      4. As I have said before whenever we disagree, these kanos and kano-trained N0ytards tell us that we are NPA, CCP, NDF, leftists, Marcos, Cory, Erap, GMA, Enrile, Bong Revilla, Chinese, etc. etc. etc. Laos na yang propaganda na yan! Sus! They want to portray us us not being ordinary citizens!Additional: Tiamzon daw! SusMARiosep! Panibago, “negro” naman daw ngayon! Sus!Nakalimutan ko, Binay naman daw! Sus ano ba yan!Marwan naman daw ngayon! Sus! Panibago, North Korean naman daw ngayon!Tingting Cojuangco din daw! hahaha! Latest – Migrante na man ngayon! Meron ring Bayan Muna.

      5. Philippine media has already been infiltrated by the US, likePhilstar, their employee name Angelo Gutierrez was making excuses after another why he is hesitant or unable to put posts back on! Time for a real revolution!

      6. All of my posts that were deleted were due to the systematic flagging of the foreign US agents. The system automatically removes post that receive a certain number of flags! That is what the americans are good at – stifling freedom of speech when they do not like it!

      7. KanoWhite Buffalo said, “you are being flagged and there isnt nothing you can do about it haw haw haw bye bye”

      8. Noɣtard committed a crime when he ordered the then suspended and now fired incompetent and corrupt Purusama to head the operations which resulted in the massacre of 44 SAF members. Noɣtard needs to be impeached then jailed!

      9. AustinGentleman said, “Avery, I am a US citizen who loves the Philippines. If you want to change your country for the better you must start at the most basic level – yourself. It is only then that you can go on to change the social and political structure of your barangay and then your country. As far as the US is concerned, they will always place their own economic and security interests before any other country. Is this such a surprise to you?”
      Yan! Inamin na!

      10. Sacrebleau said: “I am kano. Spread your transgender legs. mwehe” “Navy seals train in septic tanks full of ta3. What’s the point? You can’t win wars if you’re icky.”
      Kaya pala maraming kano na mahilig magdila ng puet!

      11. I asked: Tell me Americans, why are you guys posting on Philippine news websites? And it is always to support N0ytard!
      Kanong Hooah responded: “Lahat dito maliban sa mga tsekwa ay kano! HAHAHAHAHAH”
      Yew_tan responded: “To learn who our enemies are so when shooting war starts, we will come hunting you down.”
      Yan! Inamin na!
      Yew_tan further responded: “That’s no sht. So be careful, you are on CIA files. With the advent of modern technology, do you think they can not trace who you are. Keep posting…good luck.”
      How come I don’t care?

      12. Kanong JJS724 said, ” walang santo na ngayon pero kailangan evidence. Sabi ni PNOY kahit sino bastat merong ibedensya.” I replied, “Marami akong evidence against DOH personnel? Bakit walang ginawa sin N0ytard? At paoano mo alam ano ang sinabi ni N0ytard? Diba sabi mo sa abroad ka?” His response: “Hindi si PNOY ang korte. Doon ka mag file sa SC”. I replied: Ayan! Sinasabi ko na nga ba! Kung may evidence raw, ipakita, ngayong sinasabi kong may evidence, huwag raw ipakita sa kanya daw! Fighting corruption ba yon?”

      13. Kanong Danidanado, exactly, how many “millions of Filipinos” do you want to kill?
      Yew_tan (aka Danidanado): “Not sure about million but I know of one…….you. If you are a Chinese, the better.”
      Dami namang account ni kano!

      14. Sabi ni kanong JC JAmes: “Chinese are dumb and Filipinos are lazy.”

      15. Tell me Americans, why are you guys posting on Philippine news websites? And it is always to support N0ytard!
      KAnong white buffalo replied: “none of your business why we are here you dont own this paper in fact they hate you and boot your lying butt”
      Yan! Inamin na naman!

      16. I asked: What unknown abstracts? We know that the US caused the Asian Economic Crisis and even stopped Japan from helping Asia!
      Kanong leonsayanib said: “Yes, destroyed tens of millions of lives… including your soul… if not your brain!”
      Yan! Inamin na!

      Ayan na! Inamin nang sa US siya!
      IBP-4841 (aka Hooah): “MACHO BOYS KAMI”
      Macho boys daw sila! Talaga nga o! hahahaha!!! Meron bang lalaking nagsasabi na macho boys sila? hahahaha! Buking ka nang kanong baklaka!!! Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay! Be out be proud bida ng sabi yun sa US?

      18. The US has also been destroying the Philippines, especially in the fields of economics – Asian economic Crisis, black propaganda against coconut oil (when now science says coconut oil is actually healthy for you!)

      19. Crisostomo_Ibarra_the3rd (Crazyostomo i-bara theTurd!): “Its all about the money bro. Money. DO you think money is not the motivation of Pacman? You are so bugok to think that Pacman is fighting for his country. Its all about money. Lol!”
      Ayan! Inamin na ng mga N0ytards and MARnanakaws!!!

      20. joshmale2004: “Yes. americans hate binay so much. American justice system is upright and Americans hate politicians who buy the courts to cover for their corruptions.”

      21. “Ford Foundation and its alleged CIA connections” – ibnlive in com/news/ford-foundation-and-its-alleged-cia-connections/541720-3.html

    9. I Remember... on

      We are waiting for evidences…. We saw evidences for DAP and PDAF, but Justice closed eyes. Now, can Valte be more professional for ounce and talk about evidences?

    10. Migs Doromal on

      Why should VP Binay resign? To make way for PDAF AND DAP SCAMMER FRANK PORKY DRILON to take his place?

      It is time for the VP to turn the tables around and cut clean from his Autistic president.

      • don’t worry migs, rambotito won’t be touched by their family friends, he Aquinos, twhat for is being a CORY BOY, huh?