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    With an avalanche of superheroes conquering the big screen nowadays, an original story is about to stand out.

    Edgar Wright said he knew “Baby Driver” was a gamble when In The Know met the writer and director of the upcoming movie—lead stars Ansel Elgort and Lily James included—in Malaysia.

    He risked it all the same since he had been laying out his “masterpiece” for over a decade.

    “I started thinking about this concept when I was 21 because I love music,” he said, a topic he’d get back to later on in the interview.

    The British director is known for his movies “Shaun of The Dead,” “Hot Fuzz,” and initially “Ant-Man,” until he reportedly dropped out from the project to pursue his quest to make original stories for cinema.

    Lily James

    Edgar admits he felt anxious to go neck and neck with big budget summer flicks in Hollywood, but was relieved with early positive feedback from movie critics and the box office outcome of Baby Driver during its earlier release in the US.

    “I was nervous. Who wouldn’t be, but here it is now doing well. This just shows that the audience is finally craving original stories,” he enthused.

    Baby Driver is a one of a kind movie, which comes across as an action flick-slash-pseudo-musical. Bad ass young crime driver Baby (Ansel) is suffering from tinnitus, and drowns the ringing in his ears with cool music, executing his killer road moves amid a collection of motion picture soundtracks.

    Besides Ansel and Lily, the impressive cast includes Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and John Hamm.

    With a song list comprised of The Champs’ “Tequila,” James Brown’s “I Got The Feelin’” and “Easy” by The Commodores, among others, the story successfully cruises across generations, getting everyone in the groove.

    Ansel’s rendition of Easy in fact went viral online. During our moment with him, he told In The Know that what he loved about his role was how he bridged the gap to this millennial generation despite the soundtrack.

    “It’s fresh, it’s new and it is theirs! A lot of films being made are remakes. I feel like this is a film that was made before I was born so hopefully they remake Baby Driver!”

    Lily, who plays Ansel’s love interest, feels that Baby Driver could set the trend for original millennial films.“I hope we keep on making and trailblazing that way.”

    Writer and director Edgar Wright

    Being young in Hollywood, Ansel who is now 23, also talked about the evolution of actors today amid social media.

    While shooting, he would go on Instagram Live and post what he ate for lunch, or chat more than his eight million followers.

    “It’s different nowadays because we can now connect without all the formalities. They easily know and get what I’m working on.”

    Indeed, almost gone are the days when young celebrities would shy away from their supporters.

    “I don’t even want to call them my fans or my followers. They’re like friends. I just want them to know that I’m a regular guy and this is my job.”

    Baby Driver opens in the Philippines on August 2.

    GUESS WHO? It’s common knowledge in showbiz that a good attitude contributes to career longevity. Sadly, this lady host did not get the memo.

    In The Know with ‘Baby Driver’ lead Ansel Elgort

    Recently, she asked for a feature she did to be used on the show she belongs to. She expected it to air but due to time constraints, her feature was canned and bumped off.

    Even while she knows full well this can happen, she stormed over to her producer and scolded the creative for everyone to hear. Cursing, she didn’t care who heard, even her colleagues, and left poor producer embarrassed.

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