UPDATE: Faeldon detained ‘indefinitely’—Gordon


THE Senate blue ribbon committee has placed former Customs commissioner Nicanor Faeldon under indefinite detention after he refused to appear before its hearing on the P6.4 billion “shabu” shipment from China.

“Indefinitely,” Gordon said when asked about how long Faeldon would be under detention.

“You know we have detained people in Muntinlupa for seven years… but this is not a case that I can decide on. It will have to be by the committee.”

Gordon temporarily suspended the hearing on Monday to talk to Faeldon and tried but failed to convince him to appear in the hearing.

“He was humble and courteous and he told me that that is his decision,” Gordon told reporters after talking to Faeldon who voluntarily turned himself over to the Senate sergeant-at-arms (OSAA) after he was cited in contempt for refusing to attend the blue ribbon proceedings twice.

Gordon said he would ask his fellow senators on what they wanted to do with Faeldon.

Gordon said Faeldon could only be released if he would agree to appear in the hearing or if senators would decide to release him.


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