UPDATE: Red Cross assists over 1,000 injured Black Nazarene devotees


The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) said Friday afternoon it had served more than 1,000 devotees who were injured while attending the annual procession or Traslacion during the Feast of the Black Nazarene of Quiapo.

In the PRC Operation Center report as of 5 p.m., it stated that 1,238 injured devotees were served in the different first aid stations PRC put up in areas along the procession route from the Quirino Grandstand at Manila’s Rizal Park to Quiapo district.

The PRC set up 12 first aid stations with a total of 14 ambulances so that those devotees needing immediate medical care could be transported quickly to the nearest public or private hospitals.

Since the procession began at 6 a.m. until noon of Friday, at least four patients were recorded to have been transported via ambulance to nearby hospitals after they suffered difficulty of breathing and numbness.

Of the overall total of 1,238 devotees given medical assistance, 442 were served through wound cleansing due to lacerations and medication for dizziness while 776 sought monitoring of blood pressures.

A total of nine people were treated after suffering difficulty of breathing, seizure, unconsciousness and fainting.

The PRC also deployed at least five rescue boats along the Pasig River in the vicinity of Jones Bridge near Escolta to ensure faster rescue of devotees who might accidentally fall from the bridge into the water at the height of the procession.

The health stations, rescue boats and ambulances were manned by some 500 PRC personnel and volunteers.

Many of these staff and volunteers proceeded to other PRC health stations areas near the Quiapo Church after the procession had passed through Jones Bridge and proceeded toward the Quiapo Church by way of Binondo and Sta. Cruz districts. PNA


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