UPDATE: ‘Summary execution’ of Kian ‘impossible’ — PNP crime laboratory


THE Philippine National Police (PNP) Crime Laboratory debunked claims that senior high school student Kian de los Santos was executed during anti-crime operations in Caloocan City last week.

At the same time, however, paraffin tests conducted on de los Santos showed an absence of gunpowder residue on his hands, contradicting police statements that he pulled out a gun from his shorts as he allegedly tried to resist arrest.

“Both hands of the cadaver do not contain gunpowder nitrates,” according to a report from the crime laboratory.

Jane Monzon, the PNP medical legal officer, contested allegations by the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) that de los Santos was shot thrice in the raid that was also conducted in Bulacan and Manila days before.

“There are two gunshot wounds in the head, one in the ear, and one in the back of the ear. Both went out. The entry was on the left. The exit was on the right,” said Monzon in a press conference.

“The first gunshot wound was slightly downward. The second was also downward,” Monzon said on the trajectory of the bullets.

Monzon said the teen’s body had been embalmed when the PNP crime laboratory conducted the autopsy.

“Kian was already embalmed. We did not get his urine sample,” she said.

Monzon said it was “impossible” for de los Santos to have been executed because there was no “stifling” in his body, which would indicate that he was shot in this manner.

Citing a report by Jocelyn Cruz, another medical legal officer of the PNP, Monzon said that de los Santos was shot twice both on the head.

“He was shot in the left ear then it came out in the right,” Monzon said, refuting PAO’s findings that de los Santos was shot twice in the left and right ear.

Monzon also said that de los Santos was shot from “afar”, with the distance between the top of the barrel of the gun and de los Santos’ body being “more than 60 centimeters”, equivalent to two rulers.

Monzon said this was no longer “close range”. RJ CARBONELL


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