(UPDATE) Third ‘person of interest’
in Bulacan massacre found dead


A third “person of interest” (POI) in the gruesome killing of five members of a family in San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan was found dead early Saturday morning, a police official said.

Anthony Garcia Rose, whose body was found in Barangay Pacalag in San Miguel, was identified through an ID found in his wallet, according to Sr. Supt. Romeo Caramat Jr.

Rose is considered another victim of death under investigation.

Rose was one of four “persons of interest” whom police identified in the killing of Auring Dizon, Estrella Carlos and her three children in their home on June 27.

The other two were: Rosevelt Merano Sorema, alias “Ponga”, and Rolando Pacinos, alias “Inggo”.

Initial investigation on Rose’s killing showed that San Miguel Police Station received a phone call reporting that the body of a male individual was allegedly dumped by an unidentified suspect along the shoulder of a road in Barangay Pacalag.

When police arrived on the scene, they saw the victim’s head wrapped by a masking tape with a placard that said: “Addict at Rapist ako Huwag Tularan”.

A similar placard was found attached to the body of Rolando Pacinos, alias “Inggo”, the first “person of interest” who was allegedly executed by members of a vigilante group. Four of his fingers and private organ were cut off. He also sustained several stab wounds on his body that was found on July 4 in Barangay Sto Cristo.

At 11 a.m. on July 5, a second POI identified as Rosevelt Sorema, alias “Ponga”, was shot dead inside his house also in Barangay Sto Cristo.

Police suspect that Sorema and Pacinos could have been killed by the same vigilante group, according to Supt. Fitz Macariola, San Jose del Monte city chief of police.

Another “POI”, known only as Alvin, remains at large.

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The main suspect, Carmelino Ibanes, is in jail after initially confessing to the crime. He recanted shortly after, claiming police tortured him. Ibanes’ flip-flop came despite the evidence that police presented against him – the knife allegedly used in the killings and the testimony of a witness who saw him leaving the Carlos’ home “bloodied”, among others.

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It was Dexter Carlos Sr., a security guard, who found his murdered family in the early hours of June 27, as he got home after working the night shift.

Carlos buried his wife, three children, and mother-in-law, on July 5. President Rodrigo Duterte visited the wake on July 4.


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