Urban gardens for small spaces


If you have the space you can easily create your own pocket of paradise. Finding pockets of green amidst the metro’s concrete jungle is difficult in this day and age.

Most residential areas, especially condominiums, have limited space or are not blessed with outdoor spaces for a lawn or small garden for homeowners who would like to enjoy a little piece of nature to spend some relaxation time in.

But having an urban garden in minute living spaces is not impossible to do. After all, one doesn’t need a huge patch of land to cultivate plants. One only needs some design know-how, a little creativity, and some research to maximize the small space you have and turn it into a beautiful garden.

Gardening requires some planning, creativity and resourcefulness. Try the following suggestions to enjoy some greenery right within your home.

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1. The first thing to do is finding a spot for your green corner. If you have a balcony, you can transform it into a little garden. The balcony is an ideal spot because there is an abundance of natural light, and you can water your plants freely. To create a simple yet stunning garden, one can line up plants against the railing or arrange a collection of pots and lush flowerbeds.

2. Maximize the potential of container gardening. This gardening style offers limitless potential. First of all, it is budget-friendly. You can recycle old containers and grow plants in them. Take some tin cans and biscuit containers, paint them in nice hues, puncture some holes at the bottom of the containers for drainage, and plant some flowering shrubs. If you’re concerned about wetting the floors, you can place a tray underneath the hand-crafted pots. Or place some pebbles under the soil in the pots to trap excess water.

3. Arrange some gravel and pebbles on the floor for some patterned paving. Then, add a coffee table and a lovely, comfortable chair in your green corner for a cozy nook to tuck into when you feel the need for a quiet moment, or when you want to read in peace.

4. If your balcony is otherwise occupied, you can opt for some indoor wall gardening. Make a wall-mounted shelf using some loose boards on the wall, and then cascade some plants on it. Pick suitable plants for growing vertically such as peace lilies or wedding vines. These plants, when they have grown and crawled, can provide some privacy in the home.

5. If you love to cook, why not create a “little farm”? Plant some herbs or vegetables, which you can eventually harvest and use for cooking delicious food for your family and friends.

6. You can also recycle shoe organizers. Place your favorite flowering plants in it and hang in a corner. Riddling racks, which are used to hold wines, can be a good plant box for foliage that needs a lot of watering. Make good use of the rain gutters by neatly lining up plants on them.

7. If you don’t want the hassle of watering plants, why not try your hand at aquatic gardening? Fill a tub or large pot with water and let water plants float away. Lotus and water lily are good choices for your aquatic garden. But remember, that water gardens need plants and maybe some fish to maintain balance. Add some small fish or snails to your water garden.

8. Probably the most popular way to beautify and greenify your home are the terrariums. Take those glass containers – glass bowls, jars and even busted light bulbs – to create your mini-garden. Put succulents at the center of the glass container; add some moss or pebbles on the soil. Just remember to keep the terrarium out of direct sunlight and take the cover when there is condensation.

9. Living in a detached house? Build some trellis and grow some flowering vines. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trellis. Recycle some old materials to construct a trellis. But if hard labor is not your style, try growing plants on the posts of your veranda or balcony. When they grow and bloom, they can make a lovely archway to welcome your guests.

These are just some ideas you can use to have your little paradise at home. While gardening may be the last thing on your mind, remember that having a garden – no matter how small – can be good for your well-being, improve the air quality inside your home, and beautify your space.


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