US, AFP Chaplains jointly help at-risk communities


Chaplains from the US Armed Services and Armed Forces of the Philippines met on February 16 at the Shrine of St. Therese for a professional and spiritual workshop on caring for persons with substance abuse addiction. The subject matter expert exchange, titled “Preventing and Addressing Alcohol and Drug Problems,” offered the chaplains an opportunity to share best practices in substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery.

The training featured presentations on substance abuse prevention and treatment from US military chaplain Lt. Col. Leah Boling, a native of Davao, who specializes in professional counseling.

The chaplain exchange highlights one of over eighty subject matter expert exchanges set for this year where US and Philippine service members exchange experiences and skills to bolster the capabilities and readiness of both services. Each exchange occurs at the invitation of the Government of the Philippines and at the direction of US Pacific Command.


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