• US, camps, Ayungin and Scarborough???


    Writing about something one has not seen may create its own set of problems.

    I was in Malacañang last Monday night for the Obama dinner but cannot say “As I told the Presidents, . . .”

    When Susan Reyes escorted and seated me where my name card was, I found myself with, among others, Loida Nicolas-Lewis, a long-time and valued friend, Sumeet Vohra, Proctor & Gamble Prez & General Manager, et al., you know, my fellow billionaires.

    But, I was very late—traffic—but after three Cabinet Members —PNoy’s seeming answer to GMA’s Three Tenors/Terrors, the late Angie Reyes, BF Fernando and Joey Lina—sang a jazz number to Barack, with more spirit than ability, I knew it was time to go. Ang lalakas po talaga ng loob. I admired their courage. But, we must know our limitations.

    Seriously, I had to rush to another meet and the only portions I had a role in or watched were dinner—steak, super-tender—and then the shows. Talagang sa song and dance magaling tayo.

    I was undecided till the last minute to go to the Palace after I came to know that a new pact with the US was to be signed at ten a.m. that day. Done. Not having seen it at this writing, I hesitate to comment on it as the new Pact may say something differently. (?)

    Sec. Sonny Coloma did send something the other day to this Tigulang Gurang Ingkong (TGI) but I could not download it in my Jurassic computer to save my life.

    Anyway, I arrived in the Palace very late as the Nagtahan way we took was incomprehensibly totally closed for the looongest time.

    It seemed Cong. Pong Biazon was ahead of me by a few minutes at Gate No. 5 leading to the Guest House (where I worked in 1986-87 but some Sikyus made me feel like I was a lower form of animal life or an assassin).

    I had been conflicted cuz the news that a new Agreement was signed Tuesday morning mooted our protestations. I went to the Obama dinner anyway cuz of the slim hope that I could get a copy of the Pact. I saw one of the Mga Anak ng Diyos who told me that as of that night no copy of the Pact had gone around. Josme! Not one that he had seen anyway. I want to see for its impact on my apos who may be teeners in the next decade.

    When Susan of Protocol found my seat with the requisite name card, the first friends to greet meet me were Loida, as aforesaid, and Mely Nicolas, sisters. We go back a long way.

    The late Reggie Lewis was in my Harvard Law ‘68 class. Like I said, I felt at home with my fellow billionaires. Ssssh, cuz next to Loida was Kim Henares (my niece-in-law, but Manny Pacquiao who idolizes her was reportedly a no-show).

    Then prima-in-law Joanne Mae Ramirez came by. Really, the stars were out that night, despite the heavy rain.

    Not an April shower, decidedly.

    I needed to go to see, where I went, a Balikbayan, from Canada, with some urgent concerns. Much of the time, earlier, in the Palace, there were songs and dances, Pinoy fiesta ang “arrive” o dating talaga. In Malaysia, what I saw on CNN was Barack answering tough questions and he graciously commented on the nature of the queries. A charming bullshitter, which I say, smiling, in friendship, admiration and respect — like many of our  charming trapos.

    On my way out, with my HurryCane, I walked with Jojobama and Elenita Binay, another star out that night, and we very briefly chatted. This time I did not call Jojobama Mr. Prez, as his tears may flood the circular driveway even more. In 2010, it used to be only Moist Eyes. Now he talks Destiny in 2016. The Inevitability of Jojobama?

    But, I can only weep at the way the administration treats us like children on the Secret Pact, on which Tito Guingona, Bobby Tanada and I, along with MABINI, have expressed strong reservations. Joker Arroyo is even more strident.

    It seems the Palace regards Tito, Bobby, Joker and me, as being in our Second Childhood. In fact, the trio may be in their Second Adolescence. Never mind Paos at Laos Me. I remember Kamandag Senator Tito’s advice to me should my Dulce have a jealous fit: Deny, deny, deny until you die. As to Bobby, well, I just met in Solaire, . . . never mind. Joker, Double Never Mind.

    The last of the Red-Hot Lovers.

    To Solaire I went from the Palace to meet a Balikbayan client from Canada. On my way out of the Malacañang Dining Hall I met Ted Laguatan, and Lin Ilusorio, another star out that night.

    Had I been asked I might have suggested why not give the Kanos even basing rights in Ayungin and Scarborough for ten years? We can fight the Chinese to the last Kano.

    In PNoy’s mother’s time, she would laugh at my serious advice and would implement my jokes.

    Ayungin and Scarborough. Dear Reader, would you respond the way an apo, Tala, 3½, would say, “Yoyo, you are joking me!” We have to have open minds but not so open the brains fall out.-Buckley. Her parents, lawyers, are Obamanians.

    I wish I could write right now, “and as I told the two Presidents” but all I can say is “as I told Veep Jojobama. . .”

    A Prez in waiting, per the latest Pulse Asia survey. Jojobama, tahan na.


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    1. good suggestion po sir, why not implement edca at the locations of disputed territory in order to improve our facilities there, para din hindi tyo mag mukhang kawawa sa mga intsik, kung hihingi lang din tyo ng tulong sa mg kano eh mas maganda kung mismo dun sa ayungin at scarborough sila mg establish ng military capablities

    2. agosto_bagumabayan on

      Bagamat hindi ako isang bedista na tulad ng aking idolo,ikaw,Rene Saguisag ay sumasagisag ng magandang halimbawa ng isang mahusay at tapat na pinuno ng bansa.

      Bukod sa inyong tiyuhin na si Ginoong Jovy Salonga,ikaw “ka rene” ang dapat namumuno sa kasalukuyan….salamat sa tapat at mahusay na pamumuno!!!

    3. Ruben V. Calip on

      As usual, Atty. Saguisag, you have given us a very entertaining and educational personal essay from one of the best cabinet members and senators the Philippines has ever had.

      But I didn’t the line “The last of the Red-Hot Lovers.” Was that referring to Senator Joker Arroyo? Or the gentleman you were meeting at Solaire. Or Ted Laguatan? Or who.

      Hope you will solve my puzzlement. My email is rubenvcalip@yahoo.com.

      Thank you very much, sir Rene V. Saguisag.

      Ruben V. Calip

    4. Lolo Rene, maganda nga yong “fiesta” sa Palasyo pero inulan ng malakas dahil sa tatlong itlog na terror songers. Hindi na kailangan
      ang cloud seeding, pakantahin na lang sila.