• US citizen jailed in N. Korea remains ‘abandoned’


    SEOUL: The family of Kenneth Bae, a US citizen detained in North Korea for nearly two years, voiced anguish on Friday after Bae said he felt “abandoned” by the US authorities. In an interview published on Thursday in Choson Sinbo, a pro-North Korean newspaper based in Japan, Bae said he was also suffering from serious lung and liver ailments. Expressing regret at the apparent stalemate in efforts to secure his release, Bae said “he feels like he was abandoned by the US government,” the newspaper said. An accompanying picture taken in hospital, showed Bae sitting in a chair, wearing a blue prison uniform with the number 103 on his left chest. It was the first news of Bae, who turns 42 on Saturday, since he received a consular visit from the Swedish embassy in Pyongyang in April.



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