US daredevil set for Grand Canyon tightrope walk


FLAGSTAFF, Arizona: Record-breaking United States (US) daredevil Nik Wallenda hopes to make history again on Sunday by walking across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope, 1,500 feet above ground over the world-renowned landmark.

Wallenda, who was the first person to walk across the Niagara Falls last year, will be rigged up with multiple cameras and microphones broadcasting the death-defying feat live around the world.

And unlike the Niagara Falls walk, the 34-year-old will wear no safety harness for the stunt, likely to take him 25 minutes in searing temperatures over the famous tourist attraction.

At Niagara, Wallenda—who first walked the wire aged 2—braved strong winds and heavy spray to walk on a cable suspended around 200 feet above North America’s biggest waterfall, on the US-Canada border.

On Sunday, he will step out into the void over six times higher—a height greater than that of the Empire State Building—with nothing but a two-inch thick steel wire between him and the rocky canyon bottom.

The walk is set to begin from around 6 p.m. Sunday (1 a.m. today in Manila), an hour or two before sunset over the Grand Canyon.


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