US Democrats end marathon gun control sit-in


WASHINGTON, DC: Democratic lawmakers pushing for tougher US gun control laws after the Orlando nightclub massacre ended a stunning 24-hour sit-in at Congress on Thursday (Friday in Manila). But they vowed to return with renewed vigor when the legislature comes back from a two-week recess on July 5, and said they had mustered much popular support for their cause in a country with an epidemic of gun violence. “We are going to leave here. We are going out down the steps to greet the people outside. American people are with us and people around the world are with us,” sit-in leader John Lewis, a longtime congressman and veteran of the civil rights movement who marched with Martin Luther King, told reporters. “We must never give up or give in. We must keep the faith and we must come back here on July 5 more determined than ever before,” Lewis said, flanked by lawmakers including House minority leader Nancy Pelosi. The scenes from the floor of the House of Representatives, where the protest began on Wednesday, were unprecedented in recent history.


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