US to end Obama climate plan – environment chief


WASHINGTON, D.C.: The head of the US Environmental Protection Agency said Monday (Tuesday in Manila) that President Donald Trump’s administration will move to repeal his predecessor Barack Obama’s plan to restrict greenhouse gas emissions. Speaking in Kentucky at a political event attended by coal miners, EPA chief Scott Pruitt said he would Tuesday “be signing a proposed rule to withdraw the so-called Clean Power Plan of the past administration.” The Clean Power Plan sought to reduce carbon emissions in the United States from power plants for the first time—in line with commitments taken by the Obama administration under the Paris Climate Agreement, from which Trump has declared his intention to withdraw. “The war against coal is over,” said Pruitt, claiming that the rule, enacted in 2015, “was about picking winners and losers.” Pruitt, a 49-year-old Republican, is a known fossil-fuel ally, and repeatedly sued the EPA when he was Oklahoma’s state attorney general.



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