US ex-envoy plotting Duterte fall – source


LISBON, PORTUGAL: The Philippines may be in for another rough ride in 2017.

Not only did former United States Ambassador Philip Goldberg leave the Philippines with a legacy of fractured relations between the two countries, he allegedly left behind a “blueprint to undermine Duterte,” a strategic recommendation ostensibly to the State Department for the ultimate removal of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte from office, according to a highly placed source. It is not clear, however, if the State Department in Washington DC had given its imprimatur to the recommendation by its former ambassador to the Philippines.

A document received over the weekend by The Manila Times from that source said Goldberg had outlined a list of “strategies” to undermine President Duterte and called for his eventual ouster. The blueprint gave a timetable of one-and-a-half years.



Quoting Goldberg, it said the “political actors (the opposition) would need all the political weapons in their arsenal to replace the Duterte administration and replace it with something more to the opposition’s liking.” He noted, however, “that (deposing Duterte) would be a challenge for the opposition.”

Analyzing the President’s weakness, Goldberg said that Mr. Duterte “has no real friends” outside of his region for his propensity to mock and ridicule people close to him. He also said that the President’s “views are shaped not by ideology or personal ambitions, but by old-fashioned nationalism where he holds the United States accountable for the Philippines’ current state of poverty and dependency.”

To bring down Duterte, the Goldberg plan calls for stoking public dissatisfaction with the President over unfulfilled election promises, isolating the Philippines from the rest of the Asean by extending military assistance to member countries except the Philippines, and/or through economic “blackmail” that aims to limit trade by some Asean member countries with the Philippines.

Goldberg also encourages support for the opposition through aids and grants, sowing discontent among the Duterte supporters and cultivating the cleavage between the congressmen and the senators over the Charter Change issue.

In brief, the plan calls on the US government to employ a combination of socio-economic-political-diplomatic moves against Duterte “to bring him to his knees and eventually remove him from office.”
The paper outlined the Ambassador’s “strategies to be employed” such as:

Political and economic isolation of the Philippines in the region by engaging the leaders of Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and by “highlighting the basic question of the risk of doing business in the Philippines.”
Enhanced US military relationship with members of the Asean community except the Philippines.

Blackmail neighboring countries so they would turn against Duterte by reducing trade with the Philippines in favor of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Deepen ties with Philippine officials (the opposition), the police/military and leaders in the region who share the US concerns over Duterte.

Track corruption cases and highlight the failures of Duterte.

“Focus on the needs of the people at the grassroots and assist the opposition groups in delivering those failed promises through USAID – such as alleviation of poverty, housing and education – to name a few.”

Utilize the media to expose the truth about Duterte – “his false vision for the Filipino people and his dangerous international relationships with China and Russia.”

Goldberg also recommends, “change the political landscape by dividing the core leadership of Duterte” by “sowing discontent among (his) partymates.” He observed that some of the President’s allies are privately becoming concerned over his shift in foreign policy and the twist in the character of his economic and social agenda that veers closely toward the Left.

The former US Ambassador underscores the need to stoke the fire between the “defenders of the rule of law and Duterte’s Leftist group” by highlighting the demands of the Left to free all political prisoners in the country even before a formal peace agreement could be signed between the government and the CPP/NDF/NPA, and an end to US military presence in the Philippines.

It is not clear from what the source said how Goldberg would go about weakening the Philippine currency, but it states that such a scenario would lead to inflation (and would raise prices of food and other commodities). (Author’s note: He was wrong, though, in predicting that a weak peso would make our agriculture less competitive. On the contrary, a weak peso would help strengthen our exports and make our products more competitive in the global market.)

The paper also quoted Goldberg’s recommendation to “capitalize on a possible stalemate” as a possible course of action if and when the Lower House marginalizes the Senate on the voting on Charter Change. The Lower House has already publicly declared that both the House and the Senate should vote as one and not separately, as espoused by the Senators. Voting as one would, as some senators say, disenfranchise them given the sheer number of the congressmen – 240 representatives versus 24 Senators.

There will be fallout as a result of the Charter Change stalemate. Many legislators will break away from the administration as a consequence, Goldberg predicts.

In his observation, the US former envoy to the Philippines said that while President Duterte has been successful in earning the support of the people for his campaign against drugs, his political and economic program has failed to deliver the desired results. The US government, he said, should try “to understand how Duterte thinks” and what his next moves would be.

“With growing concern about the country’s security situation and economic discontent, the pressure is on Duterte to deliver concrete results,” the paper wrote, quoting Goldberg. “In this increasingly sensitive environment – a country susceptible to favor political disruption, our approach must be measured. Opposition actors across the political spectrum look at us (US) for cues, and our (US) influence is much greater than our footprint.”

Goldberg also advises “restraint in expressing public support for former President Fidel Valdez Ramos and Vice President Leni Robredo, as well as other opposition leaders “so as not to alarm the Duterte administration of an impending “destabilization or a coup.” He admits, however, that the “operation (coup) is obscured with difficulties.”

Two other options were presented by Goldberg, according to the paper: The rift among the Duterte supporters should be exploited, or assist the “Robredo-led opposition groups (to include the Catholic Church and other religious groups, business sectors, civil society groups and the youth) in addressing the international community regarding the shift in foreign policy issue, restoration of democracy and the protection of human rights through constitutional means.”

Goldberg predicts a worsening of the US-Philippine relations, more so on the issue of the US military presence in the Philippines, more particularly during the last two years of the Duterte administration.

The paper also wrote that the former US ambassador to the Philippines wanted to “know the views of Sen. Bongbong Marcos on a variety of issues such as: the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), China, Human Rights and the US-PH relations.”


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  1. Goldberg’s just another sneaky U.S. State Department Jew trying to overthrow a strong, independent foreign leader who puts the interests of his people first, not the global capitalist Zionist Jewish warmongers. If Jews like Goldberg get their way, the Philippines will look like Libya and Syria or will be overthrown by U.S.-backed criminals, like Ukraine.

    • BIBS is an ANTI-SEMITE!!! How is it possible for any educated or informed person to believe in that Zionism is evil baloney! How can the Manila Times publish this type of racist hatred? It should be removed immediately. It hateful and dispicable cowards like BIBS that keep stating the anti-Jewish lies of the Dark Ages that make me sick. Just pitiful that these ideas still exist. How stupid and neanderthal.

  2. My take:
    It’s possible that former US Ambassador Philip Goldberg really made such recommendation, due to the ill will between him and Duterte.
    Goldberg became the target of Duterte’s ire when, during the Presidential campaign, Goldberg made comments about Duterte’s human rights violations as a mayor of Davao City and thus was perceived by the latter as campaigning for the opposition.
    Worse, at the end of Goldberg’s tour of duty, no departure call was made nor the usual Presidential award given to the outgoing envoy, an unprecedented, albeit a justified act, I think, given the circumstances.
    I think Goldberg overstepped his bounds even after Duterte’s assumption of office as President. He could have made official communiqués calling attention to such human rights violations in carefully worded diplomatic language rather than going public.
    I think though that if he made such recommendation and the USG acts, it will not work.
    1. Notwithstanding the human rights violations and a few major errors, including that controversial rub out of the Mayor drug lord Rolando Espinosa while incarcerated at the Leyte provincial jail at Baybay, Duterte’s acts are mostly perceived as justifiable because of the corrupt judicial system and given the acknowledged extent of the drug problem.
    2. Duterte remains extremely popular per surveys by the SWS.
    3. Many Filipinos are willing to give him slack, given the failures of the past two administrations in dealing with corruption inspite of sloganeering, the lawlessness and bureaucratic red tape.
    4. The new US Ambassador
    I did not vote for him but if he succeeds in eliminating the drug menace, greatly reduce corruption, handles the Communists a little more carefully, sorts out his erroneous ideas about PH-US affairs and the history of Philippine Muslims and handle China well enough not to lose out on the WPS, then he may well be our greatest President.
    However, will he change?
    Chuck Agustin
    President, Maritime League

  3. The supposed “strategic report and recommendation” submitted by Goldberg to the US State dept was highly probable. In the firsts place the US-Philippine falling off started when Goldberg was US ambassador. That was why he is now replaced by the new ambassador. What the US state department would do with such a document is anybody’s guess. What the Trump presidency would do to it is also a big question. One thing would be true, that is, Goldberg won’t be the operator of it. At any rate, the US always have the CIA. They will however be confronted by difficult challenges. By what means will they be able to unseat a popularly elected president?. First by impeachment but impeachment will only succeed on two grounds, first they must find a a constitutionally valid grounds to file that case in congress, so far there is none. Second, they must muster the necessary number in congress, so far they don’t have. So if impeachment is improbable, the second option is for a “people power” starting from a simple call to rally against the president which they tested on November hoping to snowball but failed. Their last drastic method would be to tap the military to do a coup against the president but with the way the president has now secured the loyalty of his generals and troops, that wont happen. The last card would be the legal opposition to act like termites that would drain the president’s popular support. But the political opposition is finally reduced to irrelevance, the cards are reversed. That is why they are trying to tap the current VP to become the supposed voice of the opposition. I have high regard with the current VP. If she is to become the voice of the opposition for the purpose of Checks and balance then its alright but if she is already plotting with some people out there for a supposed “power grab” Think twice ma;am. This country is ripe for a real and bloody revolution.. I swear to God.

  4. John Cocktosin on

    The idea of ANYONE in the State Dept lamenting over the Philippines is pretty laughable. There are strategic reasons to partner with the Philippines militarily – assuming they are willing and desire such a partnership. But the Pacific Fleet of the US Navy operates anywhere and everywhere it wants and requires no base of operations – which was not part of the partnership agreement anyway. An aircraft carrier group can be deployed wherever needed and possess more firepower and capability by itself than 90% of the world’s armed forces.

    The Philippines – even in 2016 – is still a third world country. Most of the world has moved out of third world status by implementing practices from first world countries that have been extensively tested and refined. Those countries have excelled and boosted their economies and the standard of living for their people (Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, etc). The Philippines is an oddly unique situation. It’s a country and culture that stubbornly clings to ideas of “zero shame” – even when a person is 100% wrong. There is too much pride where there is nothing to be proud of. And the real killer is this tendency to simply accept whatever is dished out (“bahala na” mentality). This keeps standards low, and nobody has to be shamed for being a “screw up”. The result? The result is a country where almost nothing works properly, and nobody really seems to mind all that much.

    My prediction is this… The Philippines and its current state of affairs is a fluid and temporary one – not something to get all shaken up over. The Philippines is basically the same place it has always been, and is not likely to be changing anytime soon. Duterte is an old man already. His reign will likely be relatively short-lived. On top of that, when Filipinos continue to see their Peso fall more and more each month and BPOs are leaving the country for more stable countries, we will see a backlash. Killing drug addicts and drug dealers is small stuff – to be left for law enforcement. The country has MASSIVE problems (power grid, water, roads, infrastructure, corruption in govt AND at the corp level. This focus on drugs is completely misguided and VERY VERY “small thinking”.Someone with vision would have tasked the issue of drugs to the law enforcement experts and immediately moved onto the important problems that need to be addressed. Even the poor Internet services is not being addressed. Duterte issued an empty warning many months ago and it was all forgotten. Globe and Smart are still screwing everyone over.

    Nothing is changing. And nothing will change. Not in a country that can’t accept faults or recognize deficiencies in how it operates. This current Duterte “show” will result in some chest-beating, national pride, dead (poor) Filipinos, and little else. At the end of the day, the power still doesn’t work, the water doesn’t work, there aren’t enough jobs, people are impoverished, and there is little or no outside competition coming in to straighten things out.

    That is the reality. That is what’s real. I accept that.

  5. BUT they didnt count on a Trump win. Trump can trump this plan to alienate and isolate the Philippines. Lol. The devil is in their details but unfortunately for them, God is in control. If God is with us, who can be against us? God bless America and the Philippines!

  6. Lawlessness is bound to happen that is why the Lord through his servant John has declared the whole world as under the power of the evil one (1 John 5:19 ).

    Allow the devils to continue with their protracted undertaking.
    The Lord , the king has all the reasons to annihilate them once these weeds have grown and multiplied as has been propounded in the parable of the weeds.
    Let them multiply until harvest time , and the angels will come to destroy them.

  7. This is not surprising at all. Everyone knows beforehand that whenever a leader of one nation went critical about the US or a threat to their agenda of a New World Order (Sr. George W. Bush often mentions this in his speeches), they will methodically move to oust that leader. This is how the US manipulates the whole world. They will even kill their own (Kennedy when he wanted to abolish the CIA and the Federal Reserve). Why did Reagan supported Marcos? They know about the Golden Buddha and the tons of gold. Whether they got it or not, it ired them so the need to oust Marcos and so was the fate of Ninoy. Duterte knows this too well that’s why he once stated that he might not finish his term.

    • i am more inclined to agree with your comment. truly, US is a worst enemy when a leader of a certain country strongly criticize it. the people should have realized by now the real U.S….an opportunist and a backstabber… i based my opinion by looking back at historical reports…look back what happened to qaddaffi, and hussein. assad is now a seeming next victim…

  8. Sos Ginoo! You believe this story? Actually, this story was made just to entertain the Filipino people and create controversies like a Teleserye. It’s so unfair to accuse former Ambassador Goldberg for masterminding the plot when he’s already out of the country. And what? Was he able to plan the plot for a short period of time when Duterte became President? Was he really that genius? For me, this is far from reality, knowing his track record that he was easily ousted in other country when he was rumored to be involved in politicking. Also, the point is why make that plan when he knew that the term of Obama is about to end? There was never an assurance that he could prolong his stay or get a blanket support from the sitting politicians in his homeland.

    However, granting that the US interferes with our political affairs, do you think we can defend ourselves against them? Remember, they are a superpower and they can easily piss off any country that is counterproductive to their interests. I don’t think that we have the capability to stand in our own especially this ‘times of uncertainty’. It is also not good to sever our ties with them for they have been with us, since time immemorial. It would be more prudent to add more friends than dispel the old ones for this is like a betrayal.

    My analysis of the foregoing is that, the story is seemingly unfounded, baseless, and very far from reality. This is one of the conspiracy theories that is not worth believing. I suspect that the story was made by noobs, some fanatics, or the reds who are good in making up stories and brainwashing people with their lies. I expect that there will be more of this, come the big budget next year.

    • Yes it is a conspiracy theory! We should all remember the words of Jesus: “And He was saying to them, “Take care what you listen to. By your standard of measure it will be measured to you; and more will be given you besides.” Mark 4:24

      If there is no evidence provided… if there are no true facts… then its conspiracy and everybody should watch out for that.

  9. Do not underestimate the power of the US. The way our president deal with outside world is stupid. Unless he wanted to make our country like North Korea who is isolated . Then we are doom forever. His policy is good but his implementation are the worst kind. We have an outlawed government , I just don’t understand why we accept this kind of attitude by our president. He is an embarrassment to our nation the way he act and speak. If you think china and Russia will be good for us .. think again… This country doesn’t care about their own people, Do you think they will care for us.

    • You are absolutely right! Duterte only wants to cozy up to China or Russia to save his own skin. He didn’t even start talking about cozying up to China until he first declared that the CIA was trying to assassinate him. He is simply paranoid for all of the non judicial killings he is behind. He would throw the Filipino people under the bus to save himself! America has been a strong ally of the Philippines for decades and has given Billions of dollars to the Philippines at a time when this country was 2nd only to Japan in Economic power of all the asian countries, but Marcos stole that money.. unbeknownst to American government until it was too late. The people here need to stop believing superstitions, rumors, and conspiracies and start paying attention to what the politicians in all levels of government are doing, or else the people will continue to elect bad politicians through ignorance of their own doing… a self inflicted wound!

  10. Plans like this are classified at the highest level, Top Secret/SCI. I doubt this is leaked, more likely Chinese disinformation to confuse Filipinos and split them from the USA.

  11. felix ellievera on

    Perhaps the Goldberg plan has already succeeded in bringing the peso down against the dollar to create inflation so people will loose faith in the Duterte Administration in the days to come. The European Union also joined the fray by jacking up prices of petroleum products to pressure the middle class to go against Duterte. You may recall, Shell is owned by the British and the Dutch of Europe, CalTex or Chevron owned by the U.S., and Petron by Saudi Aramco.The Department of Energy is being run by the Appointees of Noynoy and would always agree to the pricing scheme dictated by the big 3 companies.Prices of gas and diesel are overpriced by about 10 pesos per liter. Pump prices now are almost the same when the crude was 100 dollars per barrel. Crude is being sold now in the international market at range 50 to 60 dollars.Will the president nationalize the petroleum Industry to shut this fancy Goldberg plan?

    • Your conjecture and speculation may have merit if only there were facts to back them up. At this point, it remains conjecture and speculation: Please don’t let it solidify to become an opinion with no facts to prove your point.

  12. There is no need to destabilize this administration. Duterte is a one man wrecking crew that destabilize his own government, by virtue of his mental instability and a hot head. He will be the victim of his own folly.

    • I don’t think so. I believe that his moves are still calibrated. I believe with what he said that if there is an attempt to oust him, his ouster will not be because of corruption but, because he is desperate enough to help his people.

      We voted for him and so, we will stand by him as a patriotic Filipino. We believe in his capability as a President. Enough of the past ill-governed Philippines. Previous leaders have no balls and afraid to die for their people. And this drug menace, corruption and criminality in our country should have its end and for us it is high time.

    • When the good and evil forces are at peace with each other , nothing happens. If both opposite forces are living with each other in accord , typifying the Christian doctrine that both good and evil should be living peacefully without barriers—then nothing really happens.

      Now someone should take his move to “destabilize” them in order to agitate them , and thereby create movement from within them to divide and separate , the good and the evil.
      When this division occurs , it is harvest time for the good and the evil.

      And when further destabilization is introduced , the more the separation between them widens.
      The evil can no longer hide itself under the cloak of goodness when it is now utterly exposed. Then it is easier for the evil to be exterminated.

      This is what Duterte is doing to exterminate the evil forces—he need to divide and destabilize them. And in so doing he conjures up the mission of Christ why he is coming a second time to earth.

      It is testified , Luke 12:49-52 (ESV)
      Not Peace, but Division
      49 “I came to cast fire on the earth, and would that it were already kindled!
      50 I have a baptism to be baptized with, and how great is my distress until it is accomplished!
      51 Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division.
      52 For from now on in one house there will be five divided, three against two and two against three.

      Christ returns to earth to create division , and so with Duterte just following his master’s projected mission.
      You professed christians from all over the world—what’s evil with that?

    • there is a giant mentally, pscyhotic, unstable entity on earth …the name is ”uncle sam”.

      a threat – literally in every sense — to the rest of the world.

      the actual – exposed chief architect of gloal terrorism as a tool — among many tools — of sabotage against countries that do not bow to uncle sam — . and accet his ”democracy” and ”freedom” to plunder and pillage resources of countries and subject their peole to uncle sam’s corporations.

  13. When you see trouble ahead out of your own making – blame outsiders. It’s never our fault. We are very smart and we never make mistakes.

  14. A democrat appointee plotting regime change in the country he is assigned. According to The Telegraph, Bolivian President Evo Morales expelled US Ambassador Philip Goldberg from that Latin American country in September 2008 after being discovered plotting against the Bolivian government. Less than five years later, US President Barack Obama appointed Goldberg as US Ambassador to the Philippines. Regime change in Syria is a continuing disaster affecting the whole world.

  15. Mynette Porciuncula on

    Question is,will the majority of the filioinos who wanted change and is experiencing positve changes will aloow this asshole goldberg and the rests of yellow LPs to oust the peoples president!? I have doubts.we have had enough of the hypocrisy,crrupt and selfish leadership of the pasts administrations! The majority of filipinos opted to support and vote President Duterte becaus we believe in him! And those who continuosly saying that he didnt fullfill his promises can go all to hell!

  16. Why does Goldberg Filipinos ? What did Filipinos do to deserve this Goldberg hate ? Or, is this man one of those sick people that likes to see people suffer ? Because whatever the outcome of the Goldberg plan is, Filipinos will suffer. A destabilized Philippine government will bring the whole country on it’s knees.

  17. Hahaha! This poor lousy diplomat who pretends to be useful to the CIA with his pre 9/11 thinking of geopolitics! By his age it is easy to understand why his outdated pseudo strategies of the Eighties, and why he is a loser diplomat, because 1) he was unable to predict the victory of Duterte by landslide 2) he was unable to understand that a new kind of filipino leader has emerged, one who is incorruptible thus magnetize a whole nation 3) he was unable to understand that a new filipino people is arising, one who has the national pride of pre hispanic Maharlica filipinos, before they were crashed by the successive spanish and american regimes, 4) he was unable to analyse that with a good leader the filipinos and the Philippines will become respectable, bankable, investment attractive.

    It is said that one sees best with his heart, this lousy diplomat did not love the country he was in, he only had contempt for its people thus he can only have negative plans for its future.

    In France, when a diplomat makes such gross errors in political analysis, the diplomat is given a desk near archives at the Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres, if not sent to rust or die of alcoholism in some unimportant post like Fiji islands.

    • sana di mo na lang yan pi-nost… di ba mas maganda kyung hindi nila alam. ….. jahahahahhe

      isolate the philippines from ASEAN hehe… they are thinking to order indonesia to isolate and back stab the philippines wehehe…

      pre hispanic filipinos , i think pre colonial austronesians will be better to include others (not filipinos)

  18. Kung nais nilang makita ang bangis at tapang ng lahing Pilipino! Subukan lang nilang ituloy yang balak nila na iyan. Nang makita ulit nila na dumalak ang dugong Amerikano sa Philippine soil. Gaya nung nangyare nung early days ng American occupation pagka tn over ng Spain sa Pilipinas sa kanila. “More American blood was spilled during the occupation of the Philippines than the Spanish-American war itself. Never again to foreign manipulation! and Never again to the rule of oligarchs!

  19. This is the same scenario that the US has done to the Philippines in the case of President Marcos. The US ambassador then was Armacost who was declared persona-non-grata by Marcos because of making a very indecent and scandalous scene in a party in Malacanang Palace. Ambassador Armacost was drunk and made a pass on lady guest to the point of holding and mashing the breast of the lady guest witnessed by several guests. It came to the knowledge of President Marcos and immediately admonished US Ambassador Armacost and was sent home with the President declaring him Persona-non-grata. Ambassador Armacost was assigned to an office job at the US State Dept. After a few years he was promoted to a high level position under State Secretary Schultz and was the Head of East Asian Affairs. There he got his revenged by feeding false stories and lies on Marcos to the State Department and to the Congressional hearings, until President Reagan decided to abandon Marcos and deposed him under their Regime Change Policy.

    This is likewise the style that Ambassador Goldberg is doing but the only problem is that President-elect Donald Trumph has categorically declared already that he will do away with the Regime Change Policy which they used to apply to other countries. Beside, President Putin of Russia has likewise said that he will never allow a Regime Change using Human Rights violation or imposition of US style democracy as reasons because he knows that these are western self serving reasons. With President DU30 establishing a country security relation with Russia, any move of the US to impose the Regime Change will automatically elevated to a multilateral affair which will include another superpower which is Russia, so the chances for its success is very dim.

    The plan of these oppositions should be updated to the current geopolitical changes that is happening in the world. They should entirely scrapped this idea of regime change and unite with the rest of our countrymen for the positive progress of our country. The present dispensation is just about 6 months in power. how do we expect solutions of problems which was made worst in the last 6 years. They should resist the temptation of aligning themselves to the Elites and Oligarchs who mostly control the mainstream media which they used for propaganda purposes to achieve their vested interests. These people has the wealth to immediately fly to a safe refuge when trouble arises, leaving us here fighting each other because they likewise know that the next revolution will be a very messy and bloody one because it will now be a CLASS STRUGGLE and not a simple regime change like the US led EDSA 1 AND THE US led COUP against Erap.

  20. Why is it taking such a long time before the Supreme Court acts on the election fraud complaint against Leni Robredo? It has been more than 7 months since the election and the recount has not yet been ordered by the SC. Does it take the court this long to see that there were several irregularities in the canvassing? Should we boot out the Chief Justice?

  21. Be vigilant, when rally start to grow there is a financier behind. When news keep trumpeting against the government repeatedly especially in ABS-CBN and Enquirer, sinister action is happening.

  22. The US knows well the Filipino mentality and they will exploit it to the fullest. Even with President Duterte’s successes, his arrogant pronouncements and egotistic behavior will continue to divide the Filipino people and this will be exploited to become the catalyst for the end of his administration. The US has only to wait. The end of Duterte will happen for sure. Why for sure? Because the whole US strategic policy of pivot to Asia is all dependent upon the cooperation of the Republic of the Philippines. No other country in Asia has the same importance to this strategic policy as the Philippines.

  23. To those who jumped right into this muddy pool of malice, kindly pause and think of the “souce” of this article and how was it “discovered”.

    Once you have the answer, contemplate about the article if is it worth reading in the very first place.

  24. Why not say who the source is? Did Goldberg leave this on a desk somewhere? Show the paper. Believe me when I tell you that if this were true it would not be shown to anyone or left lying around. You people believe everything you hear, just blind followers. An ambassador is normally a regular guy hand picked to represent their country whom rarely has any political ambitions whatsoever. They are not CIA or FBI and do not make policy, they are State figure heads that go to parties and take pictures with people. LOL, they do not plot to overthrow Governments.

  25. This article screams propaganda and most notably, a last ditch desperation effort. It also reveals the true intention of US not only to Philippines but to all other countries it has ties with. So you thought China is a bully? The bully of all bullies is your bestfriend who will stab you at the back without a second thought knowing where it will hurt the most. Hopefully, Trump will being some sense to this wicked nation.

  26. That Goldberg homo is a dead man waling if ever he steps on Philippine soil again ….. his acts now places all subsequent US envoys to the Philippines in jeopardy , …..US Pres, Trump must clear up this dark cloud hovering over American envoys…..

  27. Wow the above is just like out of a movie script ….. at any rate i hope this ain’t true otherwise there will might be a very bloody revo as an aftermath. BTW Ramos should be the person to be watched, he was a chameleon then, now & forever …. if the US will make a move it would be through this man, forget P(ab)noy or Robredo they can’t deliver the beef as they say .. for the catholic hierarchy of course they will be utilized especially the modern day fraile’s

  28. Mr goldberg will not be successful to his plan, firstly his president Obama is out of place this January 20 2017, his plan is a mere scrap of paper, no body will execute it, because Trump now is friend of Pres. Duterte, the three “L” Liela, Leni and loida have no credibility to the people, Liela is proven to be drug protector, Leni won the election by pcos machine not by the majority will of the people, loida was known to us anti Duterte even before election endorsing the yellow bleeding heart but very few entertain her advertisement, and surely the attempt is the waiting time of all moro to back up Duterte in guise of their self determination plan 100 years ago, the moro now is willing to gamble 30 % of their population for the dream of being separate from the Philippine territory, much more now if they can join the Duterte plan for Federal system of government, Lastly Duterte claim he has blood Moro ascendant, if the moro managed to fight the spaniards 450 years, and again managed to fight the American, japanese and the philippine goverment the more reason to be encourage to fight with Duterte supporters, if Duterte allow us to seek our help we can managed to penetrate all out the country to spread terror for the sake of Duterte stay in power till the end of 2022

  29. This discredited former ambassador is just rehashing his performance in Bolivia from 2006 to 2008 when he was declared persona non grata and expelled by the Bolivian government for similarly plotting the ouster of Bolivian President Evo Morales, by meddling in the internal political affairs of Bolivia, funding opposition leaders, employing critical “think-tanks” to defame and vilify the sitting government, and withholding or withdrawing US aid and financial assistance.

    President Evo Morales is also a socialist like Duterte, and maintains a strained relationship with the Roman Catholic Church, like Duterte. Morales remains Bolivia’s president to this day since January 2006. Obviously, Goldberg’s plotting of his ouster and replacement by a “friendlier” political figure failed miserably, as will happen to the current Goldberg “blueprint” he left behind for the Philippines. What a loser, this Goldberg!

  30. This is purely malign the Filipino people. If you don’t have anything to do in your life do something for your family rather than exploiting the world of your fantasy.

  31. And you think Mr. Goldberg that we the majority of voters who loves our country and its republic would allow such acts of US and opposition to oust the voted democratic president Duterte? in your dreams! Wait till the Federalism is made, it will be a sad day when Duterte will push through on his promise to resign when a Federal government is formed. But, if you push the oust plan we will be oblige to come out of our houses to dump your minions and cohorts in trash bin when that time comes!

  32. Try your best to oust Pres. Duterte but 1 thing for sure Duterte supporters will not sit in idle, worst thing scenario Mindanaoans will fight our rights to be an independent state! Sabi nga ni mar bhala na kau sa buhay nyo!!!

  33. Daniel B. Laurente on

    Strategy of sick mind who’s ego was broken by the Philippines President because of his undue skewed inclinations towards the opposition most probably don’t ever want the Philippines getting rid of criminalities.

  34. Fake news. Sure, Duterte did not like Goldberg but Obama did replace Goldberg as soon as that became apparent. The new guy is more agreeable to Duterte and Trump is not anti Duterte; the two may be mutual admirers due to their straight talking and occasional vulgarity. Trump’s new Secretary of State in not a diplomat but has international credentials. Neither he or Trump are admirers of the State Department and they are likely to fire or demote many of the Goldberg like leftists in the Department. They are certainly not likely to support any coup against Duterte and they realize that Duterte is a target of many factions who want to kill or remove him: drug lords, oligarchs, religious holy men and assorted political opponents. They won’t do anything to suggest they are joining that list. The Goldberg recommendations, if they exist at all, will go nowhere in the new Department and there is probably not enough time for Obama to do anything so stupid now. This article is just a set up to blame America first if anything bad happens with Duterte.

  35. I don’t normally post comments but I believe this one is way overboard already.

    Philip Goldberg is known to do such a thing. Here’s what he did at Bolivia.

    We Filipinos… Do we allow external countries to control us?. That’s what happened to us for years and years already. Look how we are doing right now?. We are not progressing at all. Imagine what will happen to our kids and grandchildren during their time?.

    We Filipinos… should stand and protect our country and our future.
    Remember, this is all we have left. Better if we are rich or if we have millions that if something happens to our country, we could simply move or migrate to other rich nations.

    All we have left is our country.
    So far, nobody beats the passion and MALASAKIT of President Duterte to us, the Filipino people.
    If we all just work together and support the elected President. Imagine how far we can go?.
    I saw what previous presidents did, and all I can tell is that they are not for the progress of every Filipino.

    This is our last chance. I believe nobody in this country has the balls and the guts like President Duterte.
    Leni Robredo?. Well, she’s at the US right now enjoying her vacation while her own city is suffering from Typhoon Nina. Is this move familiar?. Remember Noynoy?. Where is he at when SAF 44 was slaughtered?. Where was President Duterte last Dec 25, 2016? – working and spending time with the cancer patients. So much for LP huh?.

    So again, THINK ABOUT IT!.

  36. History repeats itself.. where there is USA there is trouble. First. their presence makes one feels good. That is the plan. When everyone seem to like them, these americans will exploit that weakness. Have a puppet run things for their benefit.
    IF THERE IS Resistance, They would stirup the country., have Filipinos fight against each one, while They sit, watch and laugh… Wakeup Philippines. Don’t let these white Monkeys get into your system.. Mabuhay Ang Pilipino !!!

  37. and they think they dont have a -LLLLLLLAARGE— contribution on why a lot of people in the philipiines are in misery???????? gosh … if they did not put cory in power would the hacienda luisitas distribution not dragged for so long to the death of so many people…. if they did not put abnoy in power namatay ba sana si justice Corona. would the bread winners in the many families who was murdered in that philippine killing fields died. how about in mindanao. the leftists… death of magsaysay… recto.

    God, their policies even in their own country is against their own peoples prosperity … how much more in other countries.

  38. Amb. Goldberg made clear Americas foreign policy in Asia and the world, selfish and aimed only to benefit them (U.S.) but not the hungry people of the world, that became so with their political and economic manipulations. To them so be it, that leaders like the past administration be corrupt and insensitive to people’s miserable conditions, so long as it serves American interests, happening since time immemorial on July 4, 1946 imposing the Laurel- Langley Agreement, economically and initially placing subservient economic ruin of the Philippines. When PRRD was elected and having in mind a correct and progressive outlook in conducting and manifesting his ideas of Philippine foreign policy of economic , political and military self reliance, Goldberg took it as affront to the United States foreign policy and planned to oust the leadership of Duterte and his administration. Goldberg spoke of undermining PRRD , and made recommendations for his ouster, yet all e.g. subject of corruption, failed promises, apathy and neglect all point to the previous (Noynoy) administration’s failures on which the Church and VP Robredo and other yellow tards are dependent and subservient. You will fail, as the people are widely awake of present, progressive political trends and bound to end U. S. imperial schemes, hence the country look forward to seeking assistance from other countries with respect accorded to Philippine sovereignty .

  39. Whether true or false, this report is characteristic US meddling of any third world country that goes against their interests. And Goldberg is a bad agent at that. Look at what he did in South America where he was shipped back to the State Dept. And Leni, Liala and Lewis are plotting a typhoon in the US against DU30 but typhoon Nina went ahead to Bicol region to preempt the three lovely ducks. That makes them 4 ducks in Goldberg, haha.

  40. The Americans has engineered the ouster of the late Pres. Marcos. How they did it and for what reason? Please read the book of David Guyatt, THE SECRET GOLD TREATY.

  41. I hope this is not true, i respect USA as a country of the free this is only a recommendation of an ambassador on his own opinion. I dont believe that the americans will do this punch below the belt not by sheer integrity and honesty.If They do as filipino’s we need to standby with the truth! What is the truth Duterte is busting his ass to curb out drugs and corruption on all level did anyone care since then!poor will always be poor!corrupt will always be corrupt! As usual rich will become richer!if we dont grab this opportunity to overhaul our country when are we going to my opinion no progress is attained when as filipinos dont have the discipline needed and just pulling down each other like crabs!!! That is why it is so easy for us to be devided utak talangka! Same what happened to heneral luna hope this does not happen to digong.

    • This is just a bunch of hot air. It is only being written to stir up needless problems. Those problems will be gone on January 20.

  42. In his last 6 months in office PNOY suddenly hired an additional half a million job-order ENDOs into the government service. This is dangerous for Du30, why? Because the rank and file gov’t has been heavily infiltrated already with yellow appointees awaiting the orders for destabilization.

    The ENDO practice is illegal in the gov’t service, so to be safe Du30 must terminate all these PNOY ENDO appointees ASAP and rehire, those needed through the regular CSC eligibility system. Terminate all these PNOY ENDOS that are a threat and drain the national budget and there will be more than enough money to hire an additional 100,000 regular police and soldiers, to defeat any coup or destabilization threat.

  43. Rockford v Maunes on

    If the President will be ousted insidiously by this scripted agenda, we in Mindanao will not stand idle, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will still be our President, then MindanaoExit begins an independent Federal Republic of Mindanao shall blossom….

  44. Edgar G. Festin on

    Dr. Ang and The Manila Times have been a reliable source of explosive information. They do the Filipinos a good service.

  45. Goldberg’s suggestions are deplorable to the nth degree. His imperialist thinking of trying to undermine countries which US can not control must be condemned not only by Filipinos but also the whole civilized world. Why do US undermine independent countries. In fact, it was his own (Goldberg’s) doing prior to the elections that antagonized D30 and compelled him to side with China and Russia just to deliver the point. Treating the Philippines just like a US colony will not work this time because the Philippines is now a sovereign and independent country not a lapdog of US. It needs a strong leader to deliver the message to the US. Since the US became the Phil Ally, US miserably failed to develop us instead the Philippines became the dumping ground for obsolete military hardware which needs unconscionable amount to maintain. So what happened? We got lots of junks and the military capability greatly deteriorated. US so called aid are mostly spent to pay so called Subject matter Experts (SMEs) who stay in luxury hotels in the guise of providing expert advise to the military whom they ultimately recruit and subvert to take part in their US initiated coup plot. We had seen glaring examples during the previous EDSA revolutions and that must be enough. The Filipinos are already fed up with US interventions and CIA initiated coup plots. Filipinos must chart our own future not the Americans. US must treat us like any independent ASIAN country.

  46. Actually, di na needed ang foreign intervention for the downfall of Duterte. He’s doing it himself, assisted by his fans. Just watch…and prepare!

  47. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Goldberg left the Philippines in disgrace. He was not accorded the honor bestowed on leaving Ambassadors who were living their positions as they should in representation of their countries. Goldberg left without anything to be proud of in his stay in the Philippines. Du30 is just right in not minding Goldberg’s ranting.

  48. Chess Game. All are players now. Watch Out for their moves and please inform us of the counter-moves. Evil will flourish if good men do nothing. Continue the solid support otherwise we lose.

  49. Maam Lewis, Maam Leni, Maam Leila, CBCP gods, Yellows and Media…. this is your chance. Pakiusap lang, siguraduhin nyo pong solid ang execution ng plano. Since EDSA Yellow take-over, wala pa pong dugong dumanak sa Lupang Hinirang. Wala pa. Galingan nyo po at hindi na pupwedeng wala.

    • Remy Divinagracia on

      wala pa bang dugong dumanak? baka nakalimitan mo ang Miranda Massacre, ang kadipawan massacre? ang saf 44?

    • Kinakaya kaya ng mga dilaw na oligarkiya ang pangulong Duterte. At ano naman ang kakayahan ng mga dilaw na oligarkiya? Hay nako po, WALA! Kaya hindi bale na lang at huwag na ibalik ang mga dilaw

  50. And this guy was the ambassador??!!This is what the us doing for a long time(undermine good goverments,so they can HELP and controll)but they incompotent,Vietnam(lost against slingshots)Iraq(got rid of Sadam,they friend when didn’t need him anymore)left a misery behind,Afganistan(loosers haha)Syria(again turn around try to get rid of the president(who was they allie))helping the rebels who has connections to ISIS.(terrorist organisation)Anywhere US turn up leave misery behind.They keep shooting black people first ask questions later.Being in Philippines over 50 years,the country went backwards,they had 2 good president Lincoln(Shoot in theatre because wanted to free slaves)Kennedy (shoot in Dallas/Texas because wanted to make peace with Russia,and Cuba(cold war,)not to mention Martin Luther King(rights for blacks)they try to change goverments,if suits them,what they don’t realize the world got smaller,media(mostly controlled by US)spread the news,anyone can acsess.People are more concerned now what happens on the world,will effect us one way or another.They pissed off muslims,the whole world pay the price now.Thank you america for being a f…. pain in the ass.

    • and they think they dont have a -LLLLLLLAARGE— contribution on why a lot of people in the philipiines are in misery???????? gosh … if they did not put cory in power would the hacienda luisitas distribution not dragged for so long to the death of so many people…. if they did not put abnoy in power namatay ba sana si justice Corona. would the bread winners in the many families who was murdered in that philippine killing fields died. how about in mindanao. the leftists… death of magsaysay… recto.

      God, their policies even in their own country is against their own peoples prosperity … how much more in other countries.

    • Lincoln was shot due to the printing of green buck while kennedy approved the printing of US treasury notes in competition with the dollar. Both men were ordered shot by the owners of the federal reserve bank

  51. jose b taganahan on

    The veracity of this news report is suspect at this time. But whether true or not Pres. Duterte will be out of office because of his broken promises made during the campaign to accomplished the following in 3-6 months of his term otherwise he would resign from office:

    • haha ur dreaming. try to remove duterte. assuming US and its minion wil be successful, i will be expecting the collapse of NPA and muslim talks. even a million duterte fanatics who might take arms. if duterte fanatics got arms support frm china and russia, within 5-10yrs, phils wud be like syria..maybe thats the only solution….a Civil War maybe needed to make a Phils Great Again

    • “The Goldberg plan calls for stoking public dissatisfaction with the President over unfulfilled election promises”

      Thanks for helping those democrats, traitor

    • This is very credible because it’s been the practice of US to overthrow government that is not favor of their vested interests. Iraq, Libya, Syria is at war, etc. US has a rich history of imperialist war so this report is very credible. What promise you were talking about? The President is doing good. Free tuition to state universities and colleges (universal rights of education), universal health care system, free irrigation, etc., etc. Did Yellow achieved those? 6 months in office, he has done what LP can do in 6 years or even 12 years.

    • matagal ng pinaguusapan ito. pagkapanalo pa lang ni du30, lumabas na ang isyung ito at hindi nga pinatulan ng mga dyaryo. ngayon with mr dante ang, the publisher of this paper, saying so. na confirm yung sinasabi ni andanar at du30 noon pa na pinagtawanan lang ng maraming tao. malay mo baka si snowden ang source ni mr dante ang. si snowden, in case you forgot is the wikileaks mastermind.

    • OMG! Don’t you know that Pres. Duterte had accomplished more than what he had promised in just 5 months of his Presidency. Are you in deep sleep and you know nothing about his accomplishments.

    • The majority of the Filipino nation will see to it that the President finishes his term. And that his projects will continue. We will no longer allow the rule of oligarchs that has been poisoning our nation for the past 29 years!

    • President Duterte is doing his best to solve the criminality, drug menace and corruption in our country. We do not care his promise to stop drug menace within 3-6 months. What we admire most is that he is doing his promise. But, my friend let me tell you that he cannot solve it alone. You and me and every Filipino must help one another because this is our country – not of Americans nor of other foreigner’s country.

      If you know someone doing corruption the President set-up a hotline 8888 direct to his office to address this problem. If you witness someone like involved in drug activities or criminality call police hotlines or 911 also for emergency cases.

      We want a safe Philippines where every Filipino can walk in the streets without fear. Every Filipino can eat three times a day with healthy meal. Every Filipino can go to school. Every Filipino has dignity. Every Filipino believe that there is GOD and to HIM we owe our lives. Human rights is about living the norms of life – liberty to do good and avoid evil.

  52. jose b taganahan on

    he veracity of this news report is suspect at this time. But whether true or not Pres. Duterte will be out of office because of his broken promises made during the campaign to accomplished the following in 3-6 months of his term otherwise he would resign from office:

  53. jose b taganahan on

    The veracity of this news report is suspect a this time. But whether true or not Pres. Duterte will be out of office because of his broken promises made during the campaign to accomplished the following in 3-6 months of his term otherwise he would resign from office:

    • Aray! Actually, this rings true. It sounds like Goldberg. The United States shouldn’t intervene, and it doesn’t need to. Duterte won the election because we trusted him to crack down on the drug lords, not on ordinary Filipinos. We also did not ask him to ruin our alliance with the United States. We want greater discipline, but we are finding that this man cannot even discipline his own mouth. If he sticks to what got him elected, we will love him. But if he continues his present bumbling, sa basurahan na siya.

  54. Sensational, but hardly authentic. It may be a part of a general plot to destabilize the Philippines though.

  55. Much that I did not vote for Duterte but he was voted by the majority so I respect the decision. He is now my president. I like the US but US keeps on meddling with the policies of other countries which is wrong. To me , what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong” let us make it very clear.

  56. Long story short.

    Piss on Duterte

    Aid money would be better spent on other countries as long as Duterte is king.
    Not funding his administration after all his televised pronouncements should not be a surprise to anyone.

    • Careful. You are talking about a sovereign state and not some mutt of a country you like to hold on a leash and dangle stale food infront of. With a train of thought like yours, the beast is on your side of the leash.

  57. The idiot gouldbeg are understimating the philippine capability and also to our president. Whatever circumstances it is all things you thrown to us will bounce back on your country (us). Rememmber the law of karma, its a matter of time and im sure its on their way to the u.s who make othet country miserable and many innocent people died and suffer from your bullshit economic sabotage to gain your own interest.

  58. The way I see it, this a ploy by the Duterte administration , so that he can declare his much awaited Martial Law. Just common sense, US doesn’t operate this way, If they really have this kind of plan, we won’t even know what hit us. Who ever started this false news, is irresponsible, people who will buy this false news are dumb.

    • And you, REY must be dumber – to even believe that “US doesn’t operate this way” And, by the way the Manila Times is not like the biased mainstream media PDI, ABias-CBN, etc. that you probably patronize, which is where you got that COMMON SENSE.

    • It was Manila Times who hinted that SC will favor the burial of FM while 99% of Phil. media are bashing Duterte for his anti-drug campaign.

      I doubt your claims that this is totally false.

    • This also is my assessment. Too open to be true. A handiwork of somebody in Duterte’s inner circle? Some conditioning for something big.

    • you forgot that this guy goldberg was kicked out of a south american country and declared persona non grata for plotting to overthrow that gov’t.

  59. Surely, the Philipp Papers is just a balloon released to gauge whatever affection or sentiments present millenials still give on the US. For one, people may just have to review the more recent Aleppo Tragedy or the Irag Experience to see what US support really means. Initially, the US was funding the eebel opposition to the Assad Regime but when their president stood his ground to resist US imperialism, the toll is more graphically seen from what Aleppo has become.

    In like manner, when they removed support for Sadam over certain illusory weapons of mass destruction, they left a vacuum of leadership in that area which produced warring factions that left a country in total disarray. When warring factions start to rampage the country with all their individual brand of nationalism and cultism, expect the country to be overran easily by tsainis hegemony.

  60. Ang BAYOT!
    Now we know the 3 oragon from Bicol( Leni, Leila,Loida) are up to, their visit in the US proves that they are hatching destablization plot against D30. WE MUST NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN. We must expose this evil plot. Leila must be jailed as a narco-pol, Leni should be ousted for CHEATING, and Loida should be declared as persona-non-grata together with Goldberg.


    • these bitc*es 3Ls have one thing in common – kulang sa “saba” , maybe D30 and Bato can help, all they have to do is ask…..and to that poofter Mr.Goldberg – si Vice Ganda lang ang katapat mo!

      Why are other major dailies have deafening silence on this big news? Answer – they are part of the plot and funded by the rich widow….

      And yes , BRAVO Mr. Dante Ang!

    • The three Ladies have three things in common:
      1. Their names start with the letter “L”
      2. The three of them are BICOLANAS
      3. The three of them are SINGLES

      Is it possible for them to have common “Woman Frailties” ?

    • jocelyn aytalin on

      wag nating pabayaan ang ating presidente; Pres Rody Duterte, ang na tunay na may malasakit sa taong bayan. lumaban tayo sa mga demons na gustong pabangsakin ang ating bansa.

  61. Patrick Peterson on

    If that will happen, then blood will flow continuously, first all the druglords, illegal drug traders and protectors and criminals will be hack to death, secondly because it will become a revolution, and there will be no more rehabilitation to afford to cater all the addicts, and if these addicts will be also released without being healed, they will continue of their abnormal habits to rape and kill their innocent victims so what will happen when the main stream revolutionary forces takeover, all the addicts will be also hacked to death with their bodies thrown into the mince meat machine. Lastly all these narco politicians and the CHR in the Philippines CHR- Criminals of Highest Rank will be also hacked to death with their bodies thrown also into mince meat machines and Philippines will be finally peaceful again with a new start which is free from all the addicts, I mean ADDICTS FREE COUNTRY, and free from all corrupt government officials.

    • you may want to include the catholic priests that supports the ousting of President Duterte with those who “will be hacked to death with their bodies thrown into the mince meat machine”

  62. Ricardo Atencia on

    The interest of the majority Filipino people count most than the interest of anyone. Pres. Duterte was elected on the promises that he is NOW doing. Why stifle these reforms? These reforms are pro-poor, pro-majority and if these require an independent foreign policy, then it should be done that way. The United States, in my opinion, is making a big blunder by again supporting an opposition whose interest is evidently are for the few oligarch, protect their closed industries and forever make the majority of the Filipinos subservient to the few landed, unpatriotic oligarch. The Philippines is still a feudal state, just to enlighten esp. those in the west. Only a few families hold the wealth of nation. How did this happened? Well, simple: these few have been able to convince the world and follow the path to democracy, but in reality still perpetuation of their stronghold against the majority.Why stifle the reforms being implemented by the current government, its leader Pres. Duterte was overwhelmingly voted by the Filipino people? Is it because it is not in the liking of the US through its former ambassador that they will undermine a very newly elected president who just assume office in July? I strongly believed that superpowers also have that moral responsibility to respect the reforms that had been promised during the election campaign, not meddle in the domestic affair and for God’s sake give our President to fulfill his commitments to the people of the Republic of the Philippines. We are not anymore a vassal state of a superpower country that could be used to advance their interest. It is the interests of Filipino people that count most. Please for Heaven’s sake, respect the reforms being implemented by Pres. Duterte, giving him the chance to do what he has promised, not intrude so much with the domestic affairs of the Philippines as if it is still a colony of the US. A little bit of respect goes a long way in diplomacy. If Pres. Duterte’s Government, and God Almighty forbids, has been destabilized and fall, I personally could only blame the United States, for this to happen. At this juncture, while still in the early stage, the US Government, in my opinion, should mend the fences that had been broken by the previous ambassador whose intelligence gathering and analysis appeared to be highly erroneous.

    • US never worries about making blunders, they will keep their hold in most parts of the world at all costs. What Duterte is doing now, no matter how good (or bad, for that matter) is not in accordance to their interests. Duterte is making the Filipinos realize that America is not what they think it is, that the Philippines can and will grow without it. My belief is that Goldberg’s statements are not solely his own, he is way below the hierarchy. Sow discontent, low-intensity conflict, etc. The term DIVIDE AND CONQUER has just been updated.

    • Why does the US have to keep meddling on the affairs of other countries? GOD have mercy on us, and protect our President from evil people.

    • BUT they didnt count on a Trump win. Trump can trump this plan to alienate and isolate the Philippines. Lol. The devil is in their details but unfortunately for them, God is in control. If God is with us, who can be against us? God bless America and the Philippines!

  63. President Dueterte need 10 years to clean up the drugs problem in the Philipine. When you cut down the tree ,but the root still there and it will growth it again when Duerte gone.In every country in the world, once a person using drug the only way out for them is prison. The human mind not capable of fighting back the drugs, only 10% of drug user manage to get away once and for all. So Philipine need to be realistic about how to solve the current problem. You cant go and kill all 4 million drug users? You turn the country into a ghost city.

    • MatematicExpert on

      How can it be a ghost city or country when there are almost a 100 million population? Where’s your math? How about you tell me the percentage of 2000 out of the almost 40 thousand that gets killed to drug related problems in America? Why dont you try solving the drug problems of the country? Tell us what you can do?

  64. The Golberg plan will not succeed cause President Duterte has become a household name especially on those rich families who are having problem with their kids on drugs.. The President has become a folklore hero that even a triple inflation cannot put him down politically. On this single issue on drugs alone I am very positive the majority of
    Filipinos believe that President Duterte is saving the next generation of young Filipinos.

  65. Mr. Philip Goldberg figures in yet another instance of plotting regime change in the country he is assigned. According to Wikipedia, Bolivian President Evo Morales expelled US Ambassador Philip Goldberg kicked from that Latin American country in September 2008 after being discovered plotting against the Bolivian government. Less than five years later, US President Barack Obama appointed Goldberg as US Ambassador to the Philippines.

    • When Marcos started going to China, White House suspected that he was veering his loyalty to Mao. Cory was ushered in to Malacanang by the USA, wasn’t she? In his first SONA, Noy mentioned he gave the World Band 1Billion dollars, “Hindi na tayo nangungutang, tayo ang nagpapautang na.” Of course, our dear PRRD won’t give that money to the WB and lie to his people. BTW, what has happened now to that 1B dollars, how much interest has it earned? No monitoring system has been done. Sir RDT, please research on it. There also was a Malampaya anomaly but was overtaken by the Corona drama. Thank you.

  66. They’ve done it to many nations far bigger and more advanced than us who do not conform to the US hegemony. There is no doubt about this. From weapons of mass destruction to terrorism (some of which are their own creation), the MIC that runs the US government for the last 60~70 years will have every available reason to topple sovereign governments to get their agenda accomplished – endless wars to ensure the MIC’s profits. They will not stop until the ‘bad man’ is ousted from power. Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine et. al. were all a success. While Iran, Hong Kong & Syria were a failure of this regime change plans. I hope our country will not fall victim.

  67. This is something that the CIA would do but not to divulge publicly. Therefore, the veracity of this story is very questionable….

    • Questionable but “more like it” basing from what is happening now. ONLY the sentiment of the people have not changed.

    • Golberg brand of diplomacy will never succeed in the Philippines with Duterte as our President.

      It is good thing he left. Who is he to plot the downfall of a very popular President.

      Only a fool would follow up. Bakla yan Golberg na yan. In this country walang sumusonod sa Bakla.

    • The CIA is not quoted as the source of the leaked document. The document is Goldberg’s, not the CIA.

    • I agree and If I was the anonymous source I would rather choose another paper to disclose the blueprint.

    • Considering that Gouldberg was an ambassador of the current Obama admin, the PLOT must have been hatched, premised on a Hillary win..

      So, since Hillary ddnt win, I hope, this PLOT no longer holds water.

  68. given duterte’s outbursts and insults, these bastards won’t take it sitting down. their arrogance continues – as expected. they are so used to toppling governments that go against their wishes that they already have a multiple choice form to select how to depose the leader of a legitimate government. bastards. they are only proving duterte right. they are also proving that past administrations – ramos, aquino – were licking the their assess. they are also proving that they don’t care about the Filipino people – drive them to poverty, cripple their agriculture, their industries – as long as they are able to topple anyone who defies them. indeed, as duterte said, this goldberg is a bakla.

    • I have a feeling that President Duterte already knew these plots! That is the reason why he visited all the neighbouring countries as soon as he could! All his agendas were to counteract what Goldberg suggested to the U.S. government!
      Digong is a smart ass…he is always 2 steps ahead of you!

  69. Too bad. Duterte is ahead by 20 steps against his detractors. Keep underestimating Duterte and he will laugh his way all the way to the bank while the yellow submarine will succumb in jail come 2019.

    Goldberg has a deep grudge for Duterte for being called out for his glaring interference with the past elections. Goldberg’s reputation has been sliced, and diced- and these delusional plans are but the last gasps of his career’s demise.

  70. If this is true, then the philipines should cut cleanly from the u.s.

    u.s. intents are always for its interests, but actively plotting against a popular, duly elected president, a people’s president, reveals the extent of its malice. So countries like iran are right after all.

    admin should respond in a well-planned, deliverate manner, gradually but completely remove and reject anything that has to do with this unspeakable…