• US finds wreckage believed to be missing freighter El Faro


    WASHINGTON, D.C.: The US Navy has found wreckage it believes to be from the doomed freighter El Faro that sank during Hurricane Joaquin a month ago, the National Transportation Safety Board said Saturday. El Faro was en route from Florida to Puerto Rico with a cargo of containers and automobiles on October 1 when it was caught in a ferocious storm in the Bahamas. The entire crew of 33 is believed to have perished. Crew from the US Navy fleet ocean tugboat, the Apache, found a vessel Saturday “at a depth of about 15,000 feet in the vicinity,” an NTSB statement said. To confirm the find “specialists on Apache will use CURV 21, a deep ocean remotely operated vehicle, to survey and confirm the identity of the wreckage,” it added. That work could begin as soon as Sunday, the NTSB said.



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