US govt: Duterte behind the Davao Death Squad


Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte is finally getting the recognition that he’s been seeking – that he is what he is, a tough guy, maybe even a killer. He is now squarely in the radar of the US government.

According to US State Department documents released by Wikileaks, the US government has “solid evidence” that Duterte is responsible for the extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances in Davao City.

When fellow presidential candidate Grace Poe announced on April 14 that she would appoint Duterte as crime czar if she won the presidency, Washington took notice. “I want to offer to him the position as crime czar because of what he said that he will finish the problems of criminality in six months,” Poe said. This prompted officials and journalists to check their files and dossiers on Duterte.

Solid evidence vs Duterte
What they found was jaw-dropping. Poe’s crime czar is most likely a criminal. Duterte is considered a criminal by the US government. Based on “solid evidence,” the State Department has established that “Mayor Duterte of Davao City is clearly behind a group called the Davao Death Squad.”

This is the shocking revelation of a global investigation outfit, Open Source investigations (ISI), which has specialized in the disclosure of information on important political issues and political personalities, since the group was publicly announced in Sept. 2015 and opened its Facebook page on Dec. 2.

This revelation surpasses in gravity the earlier controversy stirred by Duterte with his vile remarks about the Australian lay missionary rape victim in Davao.

The Open Source report said the US State Department is convinced that Duterte “supports” and “encourages” the extra-judicial killings in Davao City. He is the one who decided “to green light” the Davao Death Squad (DDS).

It was Mayor Duterte himself who privately “acknowledged his active support of the DDS group.” He made the admission during a 2003 meeting with political officers of the US Embassy in Manila. And he did it again, two years later during a conversation with an official from the Embassy of Australia in Manila. Duterte told the Australian officer that “killings were what criminals understood” and that this was “the way things are done here.”

The State Department has “documented evidence of hundreds of vigilante-style killings of civilians in Davao City” since the late ‘90s.

The DDS, a vigilante group “formed by the mayor,” carried out many of the killings. DDS is an underground network made up of former criminals and militants, perpetrating killings in exchange for payment. Victims are “usually street children and petty criminals.”

The State Department said that Duterte should be brought to justice. In its assessment, local police failed to investigate the crimes and protect witnesses. In fact, the Davao police, “who are controlled by the Mayor,” support the killings. The investigations of the Philippine National Police (PNP) have been of no avail and the killings have been spreading to other localities

The US has deplored the Davao killings and has privately urged the Philippine government to undertake a thorough investigation.

“A separate investigation into Mayor Duterte’s connection to the killings” should be opened, the US recommended.

Open Source background     
Open Source Investigations (OSI) describes itself as an independent initiative that aims to connect common people with the reality behind open scene of politics.

On its sleek-looking site, which appears well-funded, the group claims that it is composed of “investigative journalists, researchers, fact-checkers, activists, and data experts, who have teamed up to provide in-depth research behind political stories.”

“By supplying non-partisan and precise analyses and investigations, OSI Group website is a source of information that makes citizens more aware of how politics affects their lives,” it said.

Rodrigo Duterte is not alone in attracting the interest and investigative zeal of OSI.

Grace Poe has gotten considerable attention as well.

Biggest secret of Grace Poe’s husband
The latest post of Open Source on Ms. Poe concerns her husband, Teodoro Misael “Neil” Llamanzares.

It disclosed that Neil Llamanzares’ biggest secret is that he is a former contractor of the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency.

The report said: “Neil Llamanzares, the potential First Gentleman of the Philippines, is not only an American military man, but also a former US Intelligence contractor. As an employee of the largest private intelligence service in the world, SAIC, Grace Poe’s husband was doing specialized work for NSA, CIA and DIA: tracking foreign communications on the internet, feeding disinformation to the foreign press, integrating classified information gathered by the major US intelligence agencies worldwide.

“At least from 2004 to 2006, as long as he worked for SAIC, the state of the Philippines was one of Neil Llamanzares’s targets.”

The report averred that there was “a partial truth in Grace Poe’s web of lies.”

“Neil Llamanzares did stay in the US until May 2006. He did sell their million-dollar mansion. And he did have very important projects to finish. But both Grace Poe and her husband kept the nature of those important projects secret.

“And that is because the Philippine presidential candidate’s husband is a former US Intelligence contractor.

“Neil Llamanzares stayed in the US to work for the largest private intelligence services in the world, Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC). SAIC has a symbiotic relationship with the National Security Agency (NSA). For years, SAIC was NSA’s largest contractor, earning the nickname “NSA West” inside the intelligence community.

“SAIC also does a huge amount of work for the CIA, where it is among the top five contractors, and is deeply involved in the operations of all the major US intelligence agencies (Defence Intelligence Agency – DIA, Office of the Director of National Intelligence – ODNI, National Reconnaissance Office – NRO).

“In March 2007, Donald Barlett and James B. Steele published a profile of SAIC in Vanity Fair. Two-time Pulitzer Prize winners, Barlett and Steele are two of the most important investigation journalists in the history of American media.”

The title of the Barlett-Steele article, “Washington’s $8 Billion Shadow,” shows that SAIC is a very big deal in the intelligence business.

Take a second look at Neil
To the Filipino intelligentsia, Grace Poe may look like a rank amateur, who is out of her depth in running for the presidency. But her husband is no amateur; he is a professional.

When some politicians and journalists suspect Sen. Chiz Escudero of being the puppeteer behind Grace Poe, they are mistaken. There is a better man at the controls. And he knows his stuff.

Talk about Grace Poe being a Manchurian candidate is not a mere fantasy of people who have seen too many movies.

When you look at the shadow of Neil Llamanzares behind Grace Poe, the nation would be foolhardy not to take a second and careful look.
Group says Duterte faces arrest if he visits US
Written by Mario J. Mallari, Monday, 25 April 2016
PDP-Laban presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will likely be arrested if he travels to the United States, an online foreign investigative group said, citing State Department documents released by Wikileaks.


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  1. The DDS is not a unique idea by any means. I might remind all that America’s CIA has its own death squads at its beck and call that operate all over the world including in the Philippines.

  2. So how can Poe, Roxas, and Binay, salamabit three aspirants now ganging for the “Punisher”, knocked Duterte out 12 days before the D-Day?
    Exploit to the hilt now, as their lives and Philippine democracy depend on it like crazy, by exposing the P211 million “dirty monies” Duterte and daughter Sara Duterte Carpio (was she the daughter- in- law of Davao RTC Judge Emmanuel Carpio that was sued by anti-smuggling group SINAG on the release of the container vans of rice in Davao?) allegedly joint account deposited on 2014 at Bank of Philippines Islands (BPI) branch at Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig City.
    Gee whiz, Duterte’s actuation if found true would not only be in patent contradiction of his projected image as incorruptible as he lived a humble life style but will be damaging to his political stocks come election day.

    • What an utter hypocrite – a mayor earns 60000 pesos per month – no way can you make 200 plus million even if you worked for 30 years. And Trillanes says there’s more. My heart bleeds for those dead street children which our society has failed to protect maybe if the good mayor has given them 20 pesos to satisfy their grumbling stomach that only FOOD can satisfy they would have not shocked Davaoenos by sniffing rugby. Instead bullets were put into their heads. So disgusted with this bull as though I am not a supporter I had really thought that Duterte is Mr. Clean at least with GRAFT and our TAXES will be protected if there was anything good to happen with a Duterte presidency. With an impending Duterte BBM tandem seems OUR TAXES will BE RAPED BIGTIME.When will this hypocrisy/bullshitting stopped so we can salvage the Filipino children’s future and not their lives..God have mercy on your people…

  3. Danny Cascolan on

    XBy Danny Cascolan

    Flashback sa Project Destroy Philippines ni Noynoy Aquino na itutuloy nila Duterte, Poe at Roxas.

    Project Destroy Philippines ang deception na pangakong Pagbabago ni Duterte at mala-joker Clowner na tatawanan, pagsisinungalingan lalo o huhulihin ang mga Pilipinong maghahabol sa pagkawatak ng Bansa natin.

    Sa planong pagbuwag ni Duterte sa 1987 Constitution ay posible tuluyan na mawawalan ng matibay na pundasyon basehan sa Batas na mahabol pa kung ano man ang mga malakihang anomalya ng mga korporasyun, Organisasyun at mga Opisyales. Kasabay nito ay ang opisyal na paglusaw sa dating pagkakakilanlan ng Pilipinas bilang isang nasyon.

    The bbl name itself and concept is unconstitutional, so it should be completely scrapped, the milf is funded by malaysia operated by malaysian colonial interest, so it cannot be that we should compromise anything with milf, there is no sight of peace to talk about with milf, its just surrender your mindanao and palawan territory Philippines, the domino annex after Sabah obviously.

    Thats the peace panel, aquino, belmonte etal bullshit, being incognito in official dealing with the Philippine Government and Nation is grossly illegal and illegitimate, gravely defamatory and derogatory, it is an insult to our national being and intelligence, it is a dishonor of national proportion, fake documents and names are not acceptable as public documention in formal agreements, to start with the bbl is unconstitutional,, the clandestine style of iqbal is of a terrorist, foreign secret service agent and scammer.
    Nur Misuari was a rebel but had never resorted to being incognito.
    There is strong supposition that iqbal is incognito because iqbal is a malaysian agent that brokers sovereignial territories of the Philippines for malaysia, the insidious sell-out in cahoots and willing connivance of traitor aquino etal. might be that aquino would later escape accountability in the future safe in malaysian hands if found out, the majority of people of the south will be just workers working for the malaysian and aquino group that will be just leeching the resources.
    There will be total colonial control of the people, the south will be heavily armed as the people will serve malaysian corporations as guards and mercenaries, possible that remote areas will be transformed into illegal labs and factories producing materials that have illicit demands. (Guns, drugs, etc)
    Expansion of south war arsenal and wealth sooner or later would translate to demands for their territorial expansion, and the north would have to give up more territories, malaysia upon acquisition of palawan could possibly strike a compromise deal with china in the resource drilling of spratly and the poor philippines will be again left out in the cold. With the twisted economic structuring, the nation gonna starve in poverty.

    At sa BBL e foreign neoliberalization plan yan ( began by aquino regime, probably was the masterplan during ninoy, all the presidents, congress, senate in between up to now seem to follow the plan ) being implemented sa ating arkipelago na prang litson na paghahatian ngga korporasyun. Its all for the sake of leeching the wealth of our archipelago and corporste ownerships. Wla nman tlgang kinikilalang national boundaries, sovereignty ang colonial economic exploitation.
    In the end, in the future kapag di pumalag ang isang bansa, mgiging at fault ang bansang iyon and their people why they lost their own rights, liberties, resources, lands, why they lost their nation.

    LP = LINLANG PILIPINAS = Poe, Roxas, Duterte, Leni, Chiz

    Excerpt commentary,

    Disgrasya ang ating Bansa at lusaw,Yes pag nanalo si duterte, tuloy ang tuwad na daan ni noynoy to complete implementation ng neoliberalization sa Pilipinas at lilipat ang pagaari ng publiko sa iilang lokal-foreign neoliberalista-oligarkiya-dinastiya,
    wawasakin na ng Dilaw na asset na duterte ang natitiraang Constitution ng Pilipinas at wawatakin ang Pilipinas pira-piraso sa pamamagitan ng plano nilang federalization, the gullible duterte people following made themselves blind to the fact that duterte is the worst scourge of demons in the Yellow minions, duterte will shatter the archipelago and people, there will be warring lordisms and the rule of law will be authoritarianism which will suit the want of the elite wealthy dynasties.

  4. arnel rollan on

    This article is a Black Propaganda against Duterte! because the writer did not know that he was feed a disinformation information.
    please note: Grace Poe’s husband was doing specialized work for NSA, CIA and DIA: tracking foreign communications on the internet, feeding disinformation to the foreign press, integrating classified information gathered by the major US intelligence agencies worldwide.
    Duterte pa rin ako.

  5. more issues means the more Duterte takes the center stage. keep em coming.this article tries so hard. thanks for he read though.

  6. Yung mga intel ng US, hindi kilala si duterte yung mga solid evidence yan yung mga sarcasm na sagot ni duterte pag tinatanong sya about that,, yung intel naman tinotoo,, nang yari din to sa phil. daily inquirer…

  7. So now it is a revelation that Poe will never renounce her citizenship and her husband too…the vivid evidence is exactly this…mas lalo pa tayong sumuporta kay Duterte for this revelation coz this is actually the evidence that no renouncing of American Citizenship, manloloko talaga ang mag asawang ito, paano nyo sasabihin sa buong Pillipinas na Filipino KAYO, both are deceivers mas lalo tayong humawak at kumapit kay Duterte sa isang katotohanang ito, PALABAS lang lahat ang RENOUNCEMENT ng Citizenship KUNO, isang maliwanag na PANLILINLANG…hey we are Filipino by HEART and this Grace POE and Neil Llamanzarez are all hypocrites, deceivers…Duterte tayong lahat, ganyan ba ang dapat maging LEADER ng BANSA, don tayo sa patriotic and nationalistic…enough those BLACK PROPAGANDA hindi kami pwedeng magpaloko sa mga POE na iyan, Duterte pa din!

  8. Davao Admirer on

    My wife is from Davao, and is a Duterte supporter, although she firmly believes he is all of what his critics say about him. She just believes that he is the presidential candidate that would have the best chance of ending the Philippines’ long-standing insurgencies, and has taken real action to help the poorest people of his city. He has time and again bragged that he is indeed the DDS. I think that pretty much every Duterte supporter knows that, and respects him for it. In this case, I don’t think that the USA is interfering with Filipino politics, but I have noticed that Mr. Duterte does play the Xenophobia card expertly. He will likely overplay that card some day, as Trump has in the USA

  9. Juaquin Ventura on

    Well, even outside davao city, the practice of extra judicial killing can not be discount because of injustice felt by people. Just look and think outside the box. Do not enclose your idea to a certain people or place only. Even me that live outside Davao, encounter the same because for what the called “Fair or Equal Justice” which i do not completely observe in the pillars of criminal justice system. THE FACT.

  10. isidro c. valencia on

    United States of America confirmed that Duterte is the brain behind criminal activities in Davao particularly the Davao Death Squad.

    Duterte will be facing arrests if he travels in the United States.

    But, why did P-NOY Administration tolerated Duterte’s criminal activities? In six years, P-NOY did not bother to investigate?

    Is P-NOY the Godfather of Mafia in Davao?

    What do they have in common?

    Both are Anti-Christ. P-NOY and Duterte hate Catholics.

    Duterte was in command conference with P-NOY during the planning stage of Mamasapanot Killings.

    Both have passion for guns and killings.

    Both have the same psychological disorder.

    Both are congenital liars.

    Both are traitors to our country.

    The differences:

    Duterte has maniacal desired for young women while P-NOY has a good taste for young actors.

    Duterte has two balls (basag lang) while P-Noy has only one ball.

  11. Yes, after the US State Dept and Saudi Arabia has been recognized as having created and financing Al Qaeda and ISIS to instill fear and submission of all nations so that US and Saudi will finally control the world. F@ck the US State Department. It will label everybody terrorists, murderers or evil, even if they are angels and innocent, and associating them with the axis of evil or terrorist group if that person is not its whipping dog or lapdog that will protect their interest. This only shows that POE and MAR are their lapdogs to be their puppet president in the PH to protect US interest.

  12. Yes, after they US State Dept and Saudi Arabia has been recognized as having created and financing Al Qaeda and ISIS to instill fear and submission of all nations so that US and Saudi will finally control the world. F@ck the US State Department. It will label everybody terrorists, murderers or evil, even if they are angels and innocent, and associating them with the axis of evil or terrorist group if that person is not its whipping dog or lapdog that will protect their interest. This only shows that POE and MAR are their lapdogs to be their puppet president in the PH to protect US interest.

  13. Another black propaganda from either the camp of Binay or Tuwad na daan..The writer is clearly not taking time to do his own research. This has been going on for so many years but there was no case elevated on any court in Davao City or anywhere else.

    Another BINAYaran writer in the making…or a PAID tuwad na daan writer…So sorry!

  14. US for decades have been interfering other countries politics thru espionage and propagandas to other governments and cause civil wars and revolutions so that they can put a politician in power that they like, i am a US supporter but when it comes to local politics, US please, stay out you will do more harm than good

  15. Very alarming, indeed! What will happen if he wins as President? Will he form vigilantes around the nation? I fully understand that people supporting him are happy that Duterte is promising to rid criminality and drug proliferation in the country but we have long experienced in our country that vigilante groups also kills the innocent. It will be a big catastrophe for the nation. I pray that people are enlightened. Switch to Santiago-Marcos!

  16. Einstein once said, if success = a+b+c, a is work, b is play and c is shutting your mouth up. The rest is history.

  17. America is the author of all the chaos in the world. Now they like to meddle the political climate of our country. They are mad of Duterte because one of their CIA guy Mr. Merring explode the hotel he is staying and injured himself. His fellow CIA comrades rescued him from Davao Doctors Hospital & escaped from further investigation from our local authorities. They are mad at him because Duterte never allow them to use the old Davao Airport facilities as their base in Mindanao of their US soldiers and war machineries & artilleries of Balikatan. Your article favor to this country who is the father of all evil things in the world and the enatiator of harming people globally. Duterte is not a killer as you like to portray, there other elements here in Davao that killed drug addicts & pausers as well as criminals.

  18. All embassies/consulates of the US government provide a daily report to the State Department of their information and perceptions of their respective local political scene. These reports are viewed by the NSA/CIA daily and can be made as part of their daily brief to the US President. When the US Embassy in Manila makes such report of what they know in Davao, that information goes to the computers of the US government that can be accessed at any time the need arises.

    With his “shut up” posture, Day One has began to remove him from the contest – and eliminate him if he becomes President. But there may be exception just as they accepted India’s Modi and Indonesia’s president even if both guys were accused of a lot of human rights violation during their earlier years.

  19. So bias. Go , visit the homepage of this website. Puro masamang balita kay Duterte At Poe lang?

  20. So now the US wants to dictate on who should be our next president. For sure they can not make Duterte to toe the line, if he gets elected as the next president of this country.

  21. looks like Duterte is in trouble now. He should know better to shut his mouth. going into a collision course with a superpower is suicidal. I think now that he will not win or become the President. Same with Grace Poe once her husband intelligence work with the CIA go viral in Philippines. So this will now pave the way for Roxas to be the next president.

    • America knows that they cannot push around Duterte ,,,,, We ourselves admit that our Independence is just a piece of paper …. most of our presidents except perhaps Erap danced to the tune they play….

    • DODIRTY has no place in a civilized world of human rights and due process of law.

      this guy is a big joke.. the BOBOTANTES like this guy because they have no ability to think and because they are ignorant idiots to say.

      we Americans are watching closely to your Presidential Election make sure that your country is stable and our investments are in good faith.

      BOBOTANTES outnumbered the intelligent voters..

  22. And YOU, the US government, how many innocent individuals have you killed so far especially in the Middle East? Aren’t you the initiators of the biggest wars in the history? Hypocrites!!!!!!

    This article is just another Black Propaganda against Duterte! Another form of biased journalism.

    • Hijo, it is not the US Government which is the subject of the Open Source report but it is Mr. Dee Gong and Ms. Greys. With all his power, the downfall of Mr. Marcos began when he openly defied the superpowers with his Nairobi Declaration in 1977. Haven’t they learned the fact that you can never telegraph your moves to your opponent? He opened his mouth and that is what got him. To shame the US government with his “shut up” posturing is very a big mortal sin in diplomacy and will never be just swept under the rug.

    • America talks like they are the saint and whoever is against them are the devil. What happens to Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries are the result of American interference. These once beautiful peaceful countries has become a no-man land. How dare they even think of sticking their dirty fingers into our affair. I hope that if ever Duterte wins, he will stay and finish his term and do what is best for the country.

    • Ricardo Dabao on

      Wag ka na lumayo Glenn, dito na lang sa Pinas marami na pinapatay ang mga kano mula ng sakupin nila tayo. Talagang ipokrito ang mga kano!

  23. Ang YOU, the US government, how many innocent individuals have you killed worldwide especially in the Middle East since time immemorial? Aren’t you the initiators of the biggest wars in the history? Hypocrites!!!!!!

  24. clive pardoe on

    Well the above liesheet contents are all predictable are they not because the closer to polling day and DU 30 draws ahead the lies all come out out to besmirch him. Clearly this is another attempt by alternative vested interests to smear Duterte. My wife hails from Davao and she cannot ever recall kids being killed by any such imaginary death squads. Without doubt there are lies, dammed lies and media distortion and this is a great example of all three.

  25. Amnata Pundit on

    Amerika’s undying principle is ‘We don’t care if you are a bastard, as long as you are our bastard.” Well, Duterte is not their bastard, and that is the only reason why he is on their radar. Ganun ka-simple lang yan.

  26. Wow! U.S INTELLIGENCE revelation. Mabuti pa Sir, National Transformation Council na lang.

  27. Nothing to lose and to protect all committed crimes. All bastard a coward of the country. To avail of freedom well done but with in just six months due.

  28. While Duterte’s case is clearly a political manipulation of the U.S. government, Grace Poe’s secret is even more dangerous!

  29. Duterte is the DDS, little doubt, but he had others do the dirty work…criminals, drug users, corrupt cops…exactly the people he claims to hate… work for him.

    No slight against the average Duterte voter but they tend to be the uneducated and poor, out of touch with internet and international politics. They don’t even consider once the killing they are voting for begins, the nations of the world will invoke sanctions driving down the peso and skyrocketing inflation. Global business will run from this country at high speed.

    The world today does not need another dictator and will not allow a free world country to revert to another North Korea…in our case… a defenseless NK.

    Duterte has already threatened to break ties with the US and hes not even President yet. If elected and starts killing he won’t need to alienate them…they simply won’t stand for it.

    Who is protecting this country with their nuclear submarines out in our surrounding waters? The US prime concern is not the Philippines per SE but the huge free shipping lane in the South China Sea. Once alienated with the Philippines they will be in the awkward position of defending water surrounding two hostile nations and it will become hard to justify their presence there.

    China will come closer and closer hopping from rock to rock and escalate military buildups on those rocks. This country doesn’t even own a missile and the US certainly isn’t going to nuke war with China because we feel they are getting too close.

    Duterte is perfect for China. Once they establish full control over the China Sea, and God forbid these islands, they will control the worlds biggest shipping lane and have Taiwan smack in the middle.

    Duterte has a destiny, as he speaks…i believe that destiny is the beginning of Armageddon.

    • And then you missed Grace Poe’s husband as the real danger, while your interpretation of Duterte’s approach is your own opinion.

    • “They don’t even consider once the killing they are voting for begins, the nations of the world will invoke sanctions driving down the peso and skyrocketing inflation. Global business will run from this country at high speed.”

      this is so true. this is what I am so afraid to happen, plus the norm of killings. most supporters of Duterte, do not realize the effect on the economy.

    • I agree. his followers are uneducated, poor and out of touch with international politics.

      if these guys PINOY are in trouble they will turn to us, USA.

      now they are in favor of the return of the yankees to where they were before to protect them from harm by China’s bully’s..

      hahahah what a shame.

  30. All countries have different degrees of corruption and criminality. All constituents in every country want less corruption and fewer criminals on the streets. This universal desire rises out of our uniquely human endowment of conscience and inherent need for justice, equality, peace, happiness, etc. Naturally, we, Filipinos dearly want the same.

    Many have been fascinated and now focused on Mr Duterte as the one who can lead the Philippines towards the realization of a corrupt-and-criminal free country on the basis of how he supposedly made Davao peaceful. However, to focus only on how Mr Duterte’s death squads “cleaned up” Davao (means which are in complete violation of principles he vows to uphold), and ignore all of ample evidence of the man’s extreme arrogance, mental imbalance, and out-of-control egotism, (all of which are not congruent with upholding correct values and principles) is a grave error in judgment by people who will vote for him.

    The reality of principles (natural laws) becomes obvious to anyone who thinks deeply and examines the cycles of social history. The degree to which people in a society recognize and live in harmony with correct principles moves them toward either survival and stability or disintegration and destruction.

    Principles are like lighthouses. They cannot be broken. We can only use them as a guiding light or we can break ourselves against them.

    • If murder was counted as a crime in Davao, it would have one of the highest murder rates on this planet.

  31. to Mr Yen Makabenta,
    Wikileaks is not a legitimate source of facts. Did you say the US government has Evidence about the Davao Death Squad? Are you kidding? and your source is WIKILEAKS? haha Not even DOJ here in the Philippines was able to get one proof even the DOJ already exhausted all the efforts on investigation but FAILED.

  32. emmanuel pagalan on

    hence, if the husband of Grace is working with the american government, Grace will be helped for her election here in the Philippines? and hence, Duterte is an enemy of the american government and he is in the top survey, he will be crushed in all might by the american government? hence, we are subservient and puppet to the american government? in all of our mouthing of Philippine independence, Philippine sovereignty, somehow, some media personalities are sponsors of american interventions in our country’s affairs. what a shame….. what a shame…… what a shame……

    • Yet you still accept that 200 million USD aid each year. Not to mention their huge naval response to helpless Yolanda victims your own government simply ignored.

      Or the fact this country is absolutely defenseless if not for the US military protection… Without their intervention your country would be called China…within hours.

  33. If the Philippines will end up being run by an American family, why don’t we just revive and promote the “Statehood USA” movement that the late Senator Raul Manglapus was advocating. This is, I think, a better alternative to being governed by incompetent fuckers.

  34. Emilio Aginaldo on

    goodness me, another one, scrapping the barrel? trying really hard to thrash the Probinsyano to the gutter, FOR THE NTH TIME IT WONT WORK! only cheating can stop him YOUR DEVIL IS OUR ANGEL!…….He is a St. Michael sent by God with a BIG SWORD to slay the monsters in our society – including biased elite media….

  35. another one of ‘those’ articles.

    an attempt at smearing yet non-convincing and full of vague characters. the US interfering with local politics? yeah..

    so that leaves us with roxas or binay, right? that’s the point of this, right?

  36. Hurry Mr.Makabenta the presidential election is in the finish line and BInay is
    on a nose dive!Mr.Binay is already running fourth place behind Roxas and threatening Santiago in the cellar dwellar.

  37. The US is into interfering with the affairs of so called sovereign states… If it is in their interest for the Philippines to have a CIA man as first gentleman of the Philippines expect them to promote Poe over other candidates!

    • stupid, why you Pinoys are asking the help of the yankees to protect you from China’s bullying.

      Pinoy mentality.. go ahead and demonstrate and protest in front of the US embassy and picture yourself a pathetic Pinoy..

  38. I don’t think we need any US report telling us Duterte is a crook or a murderer or both. I’m a Filipino living abroad and I’ve been reading various publications and newspapers saying exactly the same thing. To me that’s enough proof! This guy is a narcissistic and antisocial goon who should eject himself from the Philippine political scene, and if possible to the moon!

    • Kabayan im also working abroad and i choose to read or watch news from the outside because i dont trust or like the local news agency. To your view how come duterte starts more popular with the ofw while he was ignored at the begining. For me to which im away most of my life from my family. Im always worried about my family specialy with crimes whom like criminals now are not afraid with law and also how other nationality make fun with our customs and coast guard because they are very corrupt. Its time for uncoventional leader. A man far from the politics of imperial manila. Manila is not rome.

    • Harold Rosales on

      GEt out of our Land, you american top 40 songs as sung by the Apo Hiking Society.

    • I totally agree with you. We are from Davao City and we know the real character of this man. He is the number one criminal. As government official he took an oath to follow the laws of the land. But he is the first one to violate the laws of the land by killing people without due process, including 3 local radio commentators whose “crime” it is was to simply be critical of his ideas and methods including his financial management record.. He is nothing but a myth, a master liar, deception specialist and a pretender. He wants the presidency so bad because he knows that the hangman’s noose is slowly tightening around his neck on account of his direct involvement in the killings of more than a thousand people who he judged as criminals. As president he would have a better chance of surviving the many legal cases that would be hurled against him in court because of his horrendous human rights violations. Hiring criminals, NPA hitmen, and all kinds of scums of the society to kill people he thinks are criminals is a criminal act. And the guy goes around selling himself as the only alternative to solving criminality in the country. What a joke, what a deception. The sad thing is, many people believe in his deceptive rhetorics. But we don’t. We take pride in saying that we are probably the most enlightened sector in Davao City who knows the real rotten character of this man who wants to rule the entire country.

    • they should also cut off the 200 million USD and military equipment donations, and let the Philippines defend itself.. The US is also having elections and one candidate is talking about halting immigration, halting employment visas to the US, and making countries that refuse to provide their own military to have to rent the services of the US. Christopher, how is your Chinese?

    • Bryan Tagium on

      Judging by the comments it appears many Filipinos want to allow communist China in and go to war with USA Australia Mexico and the rest of the Free World. (common law based / magna carta based)

      Supporting the killings and jokes of raping Australians Insulting diplomats?

      Prefer to cut all ties with the West, economic, political and defense? I understand this is a radical ‘minority’ view but people in the west are reading online comments AND THEY DO NOT!!!.

      This is very dangerous what’s happening. Forget about elections,this is a PR NIGHTMARE at best.

      America, the west and a constitutional republican form of government via representative democracy is not perfect most agree. When you see America overstepping it’s bounds it’s because the west is under attack from within, and from groups that sound just like a lot of the comments here (calling for tyranny of the super minority)

      The erosion of common law in America and it’s usurpation by maritime admiralty law is also taking its toll.

      Its sad and ironic because certain supporters have no clue that ‘the ends justifies the means’ is a road to hell and I’m not talking metaphorically.

      When people support throwing away the constitution (article III) and COMMON LAW this is insurrection by definition. I don’t have a right I have a DUTY to report this to whomever will listen, including the current establishment and the silent majority.

      If you want positive change in this world you have to BE IT like Ghandi said.
      Real change is a ground up thing (internal) not external. :)