• US gridiron hero Paul Hornung sues helmet maker


    LOS ANGELES: Hall of Fame player Paul Hornung filed a lawsuit against US sports equipment giant Riddell on Friday, claiming its helmets didn’t protect him from suffering a brain injury.

    The former Heisman Trophy winner as the top player in American college and ex-National Football League MVP filed the suit in Chicago. The suit seeks damages of at least $50,000.

    The 80-year-old Hornung says he suffered multiple concussions during his playing career and now suffers from dementia.

    In his suit, Hornung said that Riddell should have warned players that the plastic helmets “provided no protection” against brain trauma.

    An all-around player, he played running back, quarterback, and was a place kicker. He was the Green Bay Packers top running back for several seasons and was named league MVP in 1962. Hornung was the 1956 Heisman winner at Notre Dame. He retired in 1966
    Riddell Sports Group Inc. was founded in 1927 and is based in Rosemont, Illinois.

    Riddell’s parent company BRG Sports has over 1,000 employees in 14 countries around the world.



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