US hikes visa fees


The US Department of State will raise the processing fees of a number of immigrant and non-immigrant visas starting Sept. 12.

The Department of State on Thursday published an interim final rule in the Federal Register on August 28 to announce fee changes for non-immigrant visa (NIV) and immigrant visa (IV) applications, administrative and citizens’ services.

The processing for family-sponsored immigrants and the domestic review of an affidavit of support under immigrant visa processing will increase “while all other immigrant and special visa processing fees will decrease,” the department said.

The non-immigrant visa processing fee for fiance visa was raised to $265 from $240.

The new fee for immediate relative and family preference applications will be $325 from $230, and affidavit of support review (only when reviewed domestically) will be $120 from $88.

Processing for other types of immigrant visas decreases: employment-based applications, $345 from $405; other immigrant visa applications, $205 from $220; determining returning resident status, $180 from $275; and waiver of two-year residency requirement, $120 from $215.

There will also be an increase in medical examination fees starting on October 1 at the St. Luke’s Medical Center Extension Office, the US Embassy in Manila’s accredited medical facility.

Adult applicants will now have to pay $245, a $22 increase.

The medical fees for children 14 years old or younger will remain at $185.


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