US judge extends deportation stay to February 21


NEW YORK: A US federal judge on Thursday extended until February 21 a stay on visa holders from seven Muslim majority countries and refugees being deported under President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Judge Carol Bagley Amon took the decision at a hearing in New York, saying that she did not want to leave the issue in limbo given that the stay—ordered last Saturday—was set to expire on February 11. The travel restrictions ban all refugees from entering the United States for at least 120 days and visa holders from seven Muslim majority countries from arriving in the country for 90 days.Lawyers for the US justice department told the federal court in Brooklyn Thursday that they planned to file a motion to dismiss the case and said no one was currently in detention. Saturday’s temporary stay from Federal Judge Ann Donnelly ordered authorities to stop deporting refugees and other travelers stuck at US airports as a result of the temporary immigration ban. The American Civil Liberties Union sued the government after two Iraqis, one of whom worked as a translator for the US military, were detained in New York. Both have since been released.


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