• US lawmakers balk at Duterte in White House


    UNITED States lawmakers have expressed strong opposition to President Donald Trump’s invitation for President Rodrigo Duterte to visit the White House, with one member of the US Congress saying she was “disgusted” at the gesture.

    Duterte on Friday however retorted: “There will never be a time that I will go to America during my term or even thereafter.”

    On Thursday, Rep. James McGovern of Massachusetts and Rep. Jackie Speier of California took turns criticizing Duterte and his bloody anti-drug war during the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission hearing in Washington.
    McGovern in his opening statement said a man with the human rights record of Duterte should not be invited to the White House.

    “President Duterte by all accounts seems to not have a high regard for human rights. I think it is important for members of Congress in a bipartisan way to make our concerns known loudly and clearly,” he added.
    Speier said the Philippines was one of closest allies of the US but claimed the country was falling prey to “bloody demagoguery.”

    “Duterte’s campaign of vigilantism and extrajudicial execution is unacceptable in a modern democracy,” Speier noted.

    “I was disgusted that President Trump invited Duterte to the White House,” she added.


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