Most US media have fallen from grace for horribly treating Donald Trump


ONLY Fox News among the US national networks and newspapers—most likely because they have always been friendly and respectful to Donald Trump even before he became Candidate and then President-elect Trump—did not become “liars against Trump.”

Perhaps this is because the man who becomes the 45th US President on January 20 has always been the big media reporters and editors’ ideological and social-policy enemy. Most US mainstream media people are, in varying degrees, liberal, secular, open, tolerant and frank. And so is Mr. Trump. But they are in practice unfriendly to religion—though they may pretend to tolerate or even like churches and church-going people. This is where they are Mr. Trump’s opposite. Mr. Trump has a fun-loving, and even naughty reputation like many modern male Catholics. But in fact he is a church-going Catholic. And, like some Filipinos, he is a great father to his three families.

During the campaign and even after Mr. Trump had won, in fact up to now, US mainstream media have been writing derisively about him—as if by heaping rubbish on the US president-elect they could arrest the calendar and prevent him from becoming their President Trump next week, on January 20.

The latest media attempt to destroy Mr. Trump and his presidency before the inauguration is the so-called “Trump Russia Dossier.”

A Russian Studies professor, Mr. Stephen Cohen, had to be asked by Fox News to deny the existence of an unverified dossier detailing Mr. Trump’s close friendship with Russia’s President Putin and debunk the report that the Russian leader had actually ordered his agents to hack the Democratic Party HQ files to help Mr. Trump win.

Apparently President Obama’s or his White House aides also gave the go-signal for the national security agency officials to brief a Congress committee, some government agencies and select media people about Mr. Trump’s Russian connection and friendship with Putin. These are all lies.

But mainstream media published these reports, the latest gross example of the “fake news disease” that has afflicted US media, except Fox News.

Because of the US mainstream media’s effort to destroy him, Mr. Trump had to open and use his own Tweet account to directly address the people via social media. He gave a press conference the other day and wasn’t sure how the mainstream media would report on it. Some reporters, shouted at him and treated the US president-elect disrespectfully.

Fox News’ Chief Journalists Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity have been Mr. Trump’s most avid rescuer from the mainstream media’s lies and scurrilous attacks. Both have the most massively followed TV and radio programs in the US.

In the opening monologue of his daily TV-radio program, Sean Hannity on Wednesday Jan. 11 (yesterday here in Manila), called Mr. Trump’s press conference “the single greatest beat down of the alt-left, abusively biased mainstream media in the history of the country.”

He lauded president-elect Trump “for going after CNN and BuzzFeed over their unsubstantiated coverage of Trump’s deep ties with Russia.”

He said the mainstream media’s “going after Mr. Trump with unverified reports shows once again that journalism in America is dead.”

“Do you remember any instance where Barack Obama [a Democrat]was treated like this by the left-wing media?” Hannity asked, referring to mainstream media.

Hannity said that president-elect Trump [a Republican who is known to be a maverick who has distanced himself from the GOP bosses]must be prepared for increasingly hostile attacks from the “dishonest press” throughout his presidency. He also gave Mr. Trump this piece of advice: “You’ve got to ignore these people in the press. If that’s how they’re going to treat you, then they don’t deserve all the access they think they deserve.”

Their cruel treatment of Mr. Donald Trump has made mainstream media a villain to more than half of the American people. A well-deserved fall from grace.


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  1. Very true Mainstream Media are Biased and paid. Here, we have INQUIRER, ABS-CBN, GMA, RAPPLER who are very obvious with their Headlines and reports. Instead of reporting the positive side of the changes implemented by DU30 their banner stories are dramatic photos of known criminals preying innocent victims. Special reports portraying the current situation of families left dead by their addict or criminal relatives instead of the families of innocent victims and families of police and soldiers killed by these criminals. Du30 and Trump indeed have something in common

  2. Exactly a duplicate of what’s happening in Pinas, the way they threat Duterte because he’s a non-elite. But it’s a good thing that Du30 was an astute one. Nakakita ng katapat ang biased media in Trump & Duterte persona. Weather-weather lang talaga!

  3. there’s no difference of the MEDIA in this country-99% are all YELLOWISH supporting and rah rah boys club since 1986.Almost all the mainstream media are paid hacks and attack dogs of the YELLOW SHIT Dogs. Its because they pratically own all the broadsheets, broadcast media and the SURVEY firms.They couldnt accept that a lowly Digong thrashed a scion of the rich baron….candidate of the high and mighty.Now, they want to grab power again and again.Not anymore folks…..Makikita nila ang totoong MASA na lalaban na.