US of A: 121; Ryan Lochte, 0



The Ugly American just got uglier.

Thanks to Ryan Lochte, a bemedalled American Olympic swimmer, who last week vandalized a toilet in Rio after coming intoxicated from a party, then urinated on a wall and later said he had been robbed at gunpoint by locals.

He was found to be lying but, apparently sensing that he would be exposed as a faker, fled Brazil, leaving his accomplices in the crime holding the proverbial empty bag.

The three other vandals were, like Lochte, gold-medal winning members of the US Olympic swimming team—Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen.

The chief vandal Lochte would later apologize for what he and his teammates had done to their Brazilian hosts, saying he was “immature,” the reason he destroyed property.

KMA, bro, you are 32 years old, so how can you even justify the ultimate insult to Rio?

The lesson for him from this dark episode in his otherwise illustrious career is that, well, crime does not pay and that he should put an end to the sense of entitlement that apparently many Americans carry in their backpacks, especially when they are in another country.

Organizers of the Rio Olympics had expected the worse to ruin their parade but look who acted and behaved like they were preparing for post-Olympic careers?

Totally condescending of Brazilian authorities, Lochte and his cohorts took Rio police for fools, telling them about the “robbery” during which, according to the him, one of the supposed assailants pointed a gun to his head.

The great US of A may have won the most number of medals (121) and the most number of gold ones (46) but only for Lochte and company to spoil what has been an overpowering show by American athletes.

With these four Ugly Americans, who needs terrorists to wreak havoc on Rio and its people, who needs allegedly performance drug-using athletes?

In Hollywood movies, the leading man (usually American) who arrives at some outpost in the Far East (that’s Asia for you) will ask, “Does anybody here speak English?”

The natives are supposed to speak the language of the visitors and damn you primitive, headhunting cannibals for not learning English in your jungle schools!

Lochte reportedly got furious when he and his three companions found the door of a toilet that they had wanted to use was locked.

What to do under the circumstances? Destroy the door, which they also reportedly did.

How dare you Brazilians leave the loo all boarded up when the four white Americans had to relieve themselves?

Well, seal all of them off at the sight of anyone remotely resembling Ryan Lochte.


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