US-PH relations could deteriorate if ‘Goldberg plot’ unfolds


    LAWMAKERS on Monday said the rift between Manila and Washington could only worsen if a blueprint to oust President Rodrigo Duterte, supposedly written by former US ambassador Philip Goldberg, actually unfolds.

    “If there is such a plan, that will further alienate and strain our relationship with each other as a country,” Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto 3rd.

    Sotto said it would be better if the US left the Philippines alone and did not interfere with the Duterte government.

    But Sotto believes Duterte will not ousted because the President has not been implicated in any corruption issue.

    “The people will accept a politician for most everything except stealing,” he added.

    Ako Bicol party-list Rep. Rodel Batocabe agrees with the view expressed in the supposed Goldberg paper that Congress would be divided on the issue of Charter change, but he added that the majority coalition would not break up because of it.

    “There is always a possibility that the US has some plan or two to destabilize a country especially if it is taking a direction against [US] interests,” he said.

    “As for the fear that Congress will be divided on Charter change, I have no doubt it will be since we are not just discussing an insignificant provision but a fundamental change,” Batocabe said.

    “But then I do not foresee that Charter change will cause the breakup of the coalition. The popularity of the President will be the major determinant on whether the coalition will hold or not,” he added.

    Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said “No one will admit ownership of the alleged ouster plot document.”

    “Until then, it remains part and parcel of a larger conspiracy theory. Ambassador Philip Goldberg already exited the Philippines, so therefore, we no longer have to deal with him. We have already in our midst a new and much more empathetic US Ambassador in His Excellency Sung Kim,” he added.


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    1. This discredited former ambassador is just rehashing his performance in Bolivia from 2006 to 2008 when he was declared persona non grata and expelled by the Bolivian government for similarly plotting the ouster of Bolivian President Evo Morales, by meddling in the internal political affairs of Bolivia, funding opposition leaders, employing critical “think-tanks” to defame and vilify the sitting government, and withholding or withdrawing US aid and financial assistance.

      President Evo Morales is also a socialist like Duterte, and maintains a strained relationship with the Roman Catholic Church, like Duterte. Morales remains Bolivia’s president to this day since January 2006. Obviously, Goldberg’s plotting of his ouster and replacement by a “friendlier” political figure failed miserably, as will happen to the current Goldberg “blueprint” he left behind for the Philippines. What a loser, this Goldberg!

    2. Sotto say’ US & PH relationship will Deteriorate… What a Moron.. its already deteriorating because you have a Moron President like you.

      • The USA has been almost been synonymous with ousting governments they think are a threat to their interests… Defending freedom has been their cassus belli (cause of war)on all countries..they will fabricate cases of human rights abuses on target countries and exaggerate those minor incidences of human right abuses…after, gather sympathies from US citezens through media, most natably is cnn ,so that they’ll agree to go to war….this strategy is used in iraq war…..the US ousted gaddaffi of libya ,and the US goverment and The media branded him as an abusive dictator…even tho he made libya very rich and improved the lives of libyans….libya is now a shithole after nato attacked a smaal country like libya…the us ..also toppled goverments in iran peru cuba and iraq..i wouldn’t be surprised if they are the one who orchestrated the ousting of marcos, do you know who shot ninoy at the tarmac to start the revolution….?…might be the us?maybe not…but its likely…..do you think the US is behind 9/11 attacks.unlikely.but that gave them a reason to attack iraq ,which threatened the US of switching to euros as payment for their oil instead of the dollar….coincedence probably..maybe not…i dont know anymore!!

    3. Just try to do that ouster move and i am the one of millions will rally behind DU30 … Let them do it and all hell break loose. I may not be a fan of DU30 but he is our President and i have a duty to protect him no matter what.


      Somebody from Mindanao recently stated that ousting President Duterte will be resisted strongly and courageously
      over their dead bodies. Well, we Ilocanos nationwide will also support Pres. Duterte over the dead bodies of HIS (DU30’s)
      enemies, SO BE IT???

      • Remember this : Ferdinand Marcos was an American ally. The Marcos family lived in Hawaii for Years and all of them like US more than Russia and China. They are friends of Senators and Congressman here in US. Do you really think the Ilocano’s will fight against US.. The Ilocano Community in US are all against Duterte’s way of government.

    5. C’mon! It so obvious to everyone, let alone the US.

      The clown president will destroy himself without any assistance. And quickly.

      Only fools like Sotto will believe this bogus “plot”. This article is written to cater to a wider audience. The kind that enjoys tele-fantasyas.


    6. Be vigilant, when rally start to grow there is a financier behind. When news keep trumpeting against the government repeatedly especially in ABS-CBN and Enquirer, sinister action is happening.

    7. Is it Goldbergg or Obama with the mad cow disease? Meddling with Philippine sovereignty. These American leaders bring shame to their nation….

    8. In his last 6 months in office PNOY suddenly hired an additional half a million job-order ENDOs into the government service. This is dangerous for Du30, why? Because the rank and file gov’t has been heavily infiltrated already with yellow appointees awaiting the orders for destabilization.

      The ENDO practice is illegal in the gov’t service, so to be safe Du30 must terminate all these PNOY ENDO political appointees ASAP and rehire, those needed through the regular CSC eligibility system. Terminate all these PNOY ENDOS that are a threat and drain the national budget and there will be more than enough money to hire an additional 100,000 regular police and soldiers, to defeat any coup or destabilization threat.

    9. Blimey!, I dont think they will succeed, imagine a plot hatched by a gay jewish, supporting a rookie and clueless VP, a sex crazed Senator cackling like a chicken bum, and a rich widow who never had one. There is more chance that D30 will be hit by a meteor than a plot hatched by these “fairies”.
      Duterte is the best thing that happened in your country, ive never seen any leader so much loved!

    10. But Sotto believes Duterte will not ousted because the President has not been implicated in any corruption issue.

      “The people will accept a politician for most everything except stealing,” he added.

      How does Sotto explain getting reelected after he was named as a Pork barrel thief by Napoles herself.

      Out of 40 past and present senators on the COA list and 20 on the Napoles list only 3 opposition senators charged.
      Aquino and De Lima allowed the liberal party and allies to keep the kickbacks and escape charges.

    11. Of course no one will admit who is behind the ouster plot but the majority of pinoys have an idea who. For the US to stage a coup because their ambassador was not a friend of the current president, that is very shallow. The results of a coup is tremendous, people will die and suffer, economy will go down, jobs will fluctuate, in short, everything comes to a standstill. Castro fought against their corrupt president with the help of the Cubans who were aching for reforms. A country should resolve its own problems and no other country should interfere, not even the US, unless the PEOPLE, NOT any political official, asks for help. the voice of the people supersedes the voice of the political officials because THEY ALWAYS HAVE A PERSONAL MOTIVE. Look at the country now, the killings increased not that all of them were killed because of raids on drug dens but there are other forces who took advantage of the situation. as my friend in a foreign country told me, it is scary because an old enemy could kill you and point a finger to the police. or anyone with a grudge against you can kill you and point the blame to the police. or, the opposition party could kill useless druggies and point a finger to duterte. or, a dirty police officer could kill someone who did not pay him his tong or drug money and point a finger to duterte. or, the senators, governors, generals, mayors, etc, can easily have people who can testify against their affiliation to the drug industry and the easiest excuse is, duterte.who makes all these possible? the media. The media who are paid good sums of money from the previous corruption, leeching of the Philippine economy, protection of drug lords, and the Yolanda funds. they are the ones destroying our country. We should be moving forward and slowly, immensely reduce if not totally eradicate corruption. But, a huge majority of politicians and the rich are involved in corrupt practices hence the opposition to the sincere efforts of the president to clean up the country. for heavens sake, who would oppose cleaning up our country IF YOU ARE NOT CORRUPT, IF YOU ARE NOT A DRUG PROTECTOR? if a person wants to improve our country and be at par with other Asian countries, all they have to do is help, make a simple contribution on how to proceed with the good works started by duterte, make suggestions, propose ideas. but what do the opposition do? NEGATIVE MEDIA AND A CRY TO OUST A SINCERE POOR LOVING PRESIDENT, THE ONLY UNCORRUPT PRESIDENT WE EVER HAVE! AND OUST HIM? THAT WILL BE A WAR.

      • Nice…we need to hold each other for Du30.. he love the country, He love the poeple, he love the law…equals to a HERO…


      • Priests, nuns, religious sect, lay people, academicians, peace loving pilipinos do not like extrajudicial killings! Death penalty should be installed in our constitution so that due process of law is always observed before a death sentence could be given to a criminal.