US President-elect Trump will make Filipinos his best friends


IN his ignorance, Donald Trump lumped our country and us Filipinos with “Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Uzbekistan, Yemen” as terrorists. “We’re dealing with animals,” he said of us and the people of those other countries, before the US elections.

The mistake was grossly unjust and ironic, for we, the majority of Filipinos who are Christians and Roman Catholic, are in fact known to be the most pro-American Asians and, despite our Muslim fellow Filipinos in Mindanao, the least Islamic of the Malay-blood Southeast Asians.

Later, when he realized his mistake, Trump released a statement apologizing to Filipinos. He blamed his campaign interns for giving him wrong information that made him think ours is a Muslim country in the Middle East.

This shows how little most Americans in the United States know about the Philippines and our history. They are ignorant of the fact that the USA, which is the only virtual empire in terms of military, political, and economic might in existence today, had its first lessons in being an imperial power here in the Philippines.

Friends and advisers of Trump, now US President-elect, must quickly cure his ignorance of foreign affairs and the international economy before he assumes office on January 20. His lack of knowledge caused him to hold wrong notions that – based on his statements during the campaign about how he would act as US President – would make the Trump presidency disastrous for the world economy.

Experts say that Mr. Trump’s ideas would destroy the global markets, as in fact his victory at the polls made financial markets quake in fear.

His economic program would at first seemingly strengthen, but in the long run weaken, the US economy and consequently, the global economy.

Based on its study of candidate Donald Trump’s economic policy statements during the campaign, Moody’s Analytics created a model of the US economy as influenced by these Trump policies.

The result would be a USA that would break or amend present immigration and trade connections based on existing agreements and conventions, with the rest of the world, especially ties with China and Mexico. This would turn away foreign investors from America.

President-elect Trump had also promised the American public that he would lower taxes by as much as 35 percent and increase social and military spending and give millions of government jobs to Americans to end unemployment. Fulfilling these promises would probably bankrupt the US treasury—unless he added trillions of dollars to the US government’s debt burden.

Ultimately, the US economy would suffer a recession beginning in 2018. Poor Americans and the disappearing middle class would suffer the most. But of course the wealthy, including Mr. Trump and his family, would not—and would even benefit from these economic schemes.

The good thing is we, Filipinos, and other poorer countries would probably benefit.

When Mr. Trump imposes a 45 percent tariff on imports from China, US importers will turn to other countries, like the Philippines and other Asean states.

And because he will feel guilty about having maligned us Filipinos unjustly, he might even tell his economic managers to do something out of the ordinary to favor us.

God bless you, President Donald Trump.


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  1. At this point in time, everything that we think in the economy in the USA and in the world is a mere speculation. In the time President-elect Trump would begin to trumpet his conservative economic policy, there we would know its effect in the world economy.

  2. Yonkers, New York
    10 November 2016

    This Editorial in the Manila Times of 10 November must see the world through roseate glasses. For one, it completely ignores the FACT that the Philippines was just recently converted by Little Tyrant Rodrigo Duterte from a democratic to a Communist state.

    Not only that. When in his 18-21 October 2016 state visit to China, virtually genuflecting before his new master Chinese President XI JINPING, after he declared that “I’VE JUST REALIGNED MYSELF WITH YOUR IDEOLOGICAL FLOW” he added pointedly: “WE THREE AGAINST THE WORLD”–against the United States, the 27 members of the NATO, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and possibly also South Korea, India and Vietnam.

    How thus could Communist Philippines ever be “best friends” with its enemy, the United States of America?

    Its two best friends now are CHINA and RUSSIA.

    Somebody on Duterte’s staff should remind him this so he does not appear that STUPID.


  3. Trump is a shrewd real estate developer. He and his Filipino business partner, Jose Antonio hold real estate development projects in the Phi. Jose Antonio has been appointed special envoy to Washington under the Duterte administration.

  4. The outgoing democrats and their yellow allies in the RP are in a panic hard selling the media spin that Filipino “t&ts” will be deported by Trump. To be clear the Donald has made it clear that the illegal immigrants he will mainly target are Latinos who spread drug criminality and muslims because of the radical Islamist hiding among refugees who want to spread terrorism within US borders.

    Previously, being ignorant of the RP Trump, was bamboozeled into categorizing the entire Philippines as a radical Islamist terrorist state. When Trump gets to appoint his own state department people they will advise him factually about the Philippines.

    Also the recent Obama appointed Korean-American ambassador to the RP should be recalled and replaced immediately by a Filipino-American. Knowing the friction between Du30 and the Korean UN Secretary, Obama and the Democrats sent their choice as a clear insult and ploy to continue pressure on Du30.

    Trump understands that if the US does not interfere in Du30’s war on drugs the better for the RP, meaning less exodus of Filipinos to the US seeking a better life away from their corrupt ridden narco hell of a country.

  5. Trump has a very minimal knowledge of US economy. Same as Duterte. RP has triple the deficit and will require huge governmnent borrowings from domestic and foreign sources. Economy of RP and US will be negatively affected. I will predict that the ÜS monetary board will not increase their interest rates because this US election will plunge their economy downwards.

    • You are already wrong. The stock market is opening at record highs, reflecting the optimism of market watchers. What Trump will do is free up the billions of dollars that corporations have been sitting on during the Obama administration due to uncertainty. Any business major knows that when a business just sits on its profits, something is already seriously wrong. The US economy has been over regulated these last 8 years and will flourish when it is let loose. Democrats have become more akin to Communists than Capitalists in recent years and the people REJECT that. Today the White House, Senate, House and a majority of the Governorships are in Republican hands. Pretty strong statement by the people. The future is VERY bright.

  6. huh? wishful thinking? or hallucination? asa ka pa!

    yes, they had their “first lessons in being an imperial power here in the Philippines.” here, they first tasted the massacre of a people and how it pays. here, they tasted the subjugation of a people and how it empowers.

    on trump — fear mongers abound. don’t think he is that stupid, though. he did what he did to win. and he will do what he needs to do to stay in power.

  7. There is a lot of truth in what is written here. Not sure about the ultimate benefits to the Phils, but only time will tell ! We will see how du30 works with Trump. Both have similar personalities (both open talking reactionaries). If du30 wants to brand himself with China and Russia then Trump will let him and their will be a price to be paid for such. Let’s all hope that calm prevails in spirit of good relations.

  8. That’s the fault of your stupid president Duterte. Duterte’s tirades against America will soon be felt by the call center agents. This will be a big blow to the Philippines’s billion pesos income. Let your people get hungry as long as your children Sara, Paolo and your grandchildren are enjoying your ill-gotten wealth through smuggling. Your call center agents should start learning Mandarin and those stupid Chinese languages to get a job in China as domestic helpers and suffer the kind of treatment these Chinese emplyers usually do to the Filipinos. Chinese employers look down at Filipinos as animals. Let these Chinese in the Philippines go back to China. Do what the Indonesians and Vietnamese did to the Chinese in their countries.